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Dear Victoria, you are a Godsend and I am so grateful that I found you. When my life turned upside down you are the one person I turn to, for you help me to make sense of what is happening and this steadies me. Your ability has always been staggering, its uncanny for so many times the pain inside me is so bad I cannot even speak but yet you see right through my soul and know. You are not just a psychic, you have been my counsellor and my friend and the only person that I can tell all my thoughts and feelings to knowing you just get me without ever judging me. You and your readings change lives, Thank you so much for always being there for me.



Dear Victoria, I have been thinking about you today and what we talk about. I just want to say Thank you so much for everything. You are always so kind on the phone and in text. You have really opened my eyes to a world i didn't know existed, and a world of which I am so grateful to have discovered and be a part of. When you first spoke to me in April, you said my entire way of thinking would change, if I am honest I didn't believe you, but you are so right. I am a completely different woman to what I was last year. I am now starting to let my life unfold and trust my journey.



Your loyal commitment to your text service shocks me, I know you are very busy and I am always happy to wait. I have tried all the others but you are the best for you give real accurate answers and so much information, you have such a pure ability.



I have been having readings with Victoria for over 4 years now and I have always been happy with each and every reading. She has told me things that have been hard to believe but they have always come true. She has believed in me when I haven't believed in myself. Not only is she a gifted psychic, but also a true friend.



Hi Vic-I just wanted to say thanks so much for my reading-you always make me feel so much calmer-you are a lovely lady and THE best psychic-thanks for coming into my as always



Hi Victoria, Yesterday I was feeling a little deflated. I said to your guide Michael to give me a sign tonight so I can feel reassured. First time I ever asked him anything. When I came out of the house last night the footpath was dry apart from a circular patch. Something drew my eye over to it. When I went over to it I could see a shape of the heart in the paint. We had been painting my house in September & I think paint had dropped but I don't remember seeing this heart. I had been reading your story on your page just at the weekend & instantly my mind went back to the hearts in your pictures.



Dearest Vic ,Here I am looking at my beautiful baby girl now I see what you were seeing for the last two years. Vic I can never thank you enough in my hardest times it was your readings that saved me. You always brightened up my day especially when you would describe my future daughter to me. I thank you for your patience as I did question you a lot and did at times wonder if I would ever have this baby, but you were right all along. I'm so glad I found you, you're the most kindest caring person I've ever known and I think about you every single day.



You have done it again! We found the passport today, you were right, I looked through the cabinet again and found? a boarding pass from my sons last trip. You were also right that Dad was the last one to have it and he found the passport in a folder which was on the shelf behind the cabinet you saw. Finding the clues jogged his memory, thank you again.



I just wanted to tell you that everything you predicted regarding my recent situation with my ex boyfriend has happened just as you said. He found out that he did not have cancer and although he is dealing with some health issues, none of them are serious. He came to me and finally offered me clarity on the situation and explained why he broke up with me back in July and told me that he wanted to be back together. I would have never even held on to any hope in this situation if it hadn't been for the fact that you told me he would come back to me. Thank you so much for your amazing gift and the way that you always provide a calm and peaceful clarity even when things are difficult. I have recommended so many people to you at this point that I have lost count! I wouldn't do that if I didn't think you were an amazing lady. Xx



After one text messages from you I knew you were real for the level of detail in reply was so accurate it scared me. I have told others about you and will in due course be booking you for a phone reading.



Hi Victoria, thanks so much for finding time to read for me today, you came highly recommended by a friend and I can see why. I found your reading to be very informative and very accurate of how situations are around me now as well as past issues I have encountered. You are such an easy person to speak with and though I was very nervous I found you to be very down to earth with a voice that is very comforting. Certain parts of your truth was somewhat hard to hear but I know it was necessary for me in order to help me to move past the pain that I realise holds me back through life. I do intend to come back to you in the new year for more revelations and understanding of myself as I feel you are able to unlock my misery and help me to be whole again.



I have already in the past left testimonials to Victoria, but here is another one.....I have had readings with her for about 4 years now. She has always been consistent in what she says, and never wavers. I must admit to doubting at times, as things take so long to materialise, and I am impatient! However the major thing is beginning to happen concerning my love life.. she knows who I mean, and there have been times I have seriously doubted, and have almost constantly text her in between phone readings! She has always reassured me. Another thing she told me was to check my bank statements as there was something that was still coming out that shouldn't be. So I did, and couldn't find anything untoward, so i doubted again....but about a month later I had another statement through and double checked, to my amazement there was a monthly payment coming out that I thought I had cancelled many months before! She is just simply amazing, and I'm so glad I found her. Now i don't bother with any other psychics, as none can compare...their readings seem very feeble compared to hers. Thank you Victoria for putting up with me, and for being you. x



Hi Victoria, I just wanted to send you a little note to say thank you for all your help and guidance. Through your messages, and our phone reading, you have helped me to understand what I am feeling, given me reassurance when everything seemed out of control and given me hope that things will come together again for me in the future. You are also helping so much with this twin flame thing - it's exciting and frightening, and something I don't feel like I can talk to anyone else about. I am sure I will call on your guidance again about that one! I know you are so busy at the moment, but I just wanted to let you know that the time you take to answer my questions is greatly appreciated.



Victoria, Thank you so much for answering my text. Your psychic guidance has helped make me feel better about the situation I find myself in, as you were incredibly accurate. You have incredible psychic abilities, so continue to help people like you've helped me. Thank you very much



Dear Victoria, I would like once again to leave a testimony as when someone is doing a great job, you have to praise her. Victoria I have known you for few months now and everything you have ever said regarding my life just happened. I had some issues with my landlord and Victoria confirm to me that my landlord was really serious about the decision that she took but still she will calm down but to have a plan B. And that is what happened. I have been invited for a job interview which the position I never apply for and also no knowledge of the job but the day before my interview I sent an SMS to Victoria and explained the circumstances to her. she told me be yourself , they will like you, and also the timing and day of my interview are symbolic because numbers are important and ones or ten mean movement. And readers, I have been offered the position. Victoria you are outstanding I have to say. Everything she said came true. You are a special gifted creature. What's also great about you is that you actually listen to me and you help in so many ways. Sometimes when Victoria replies to me on text I keep telling her I do not understand some parts of her words and she always keeps calm and take time to explain again to me so I can fully understand. She Is amazing, She's not doing this job for money. Here is the reason why I said that. Because sometimes I'm run out of confirmation that I paid for SMS reading but Victoria will always, always answer back to me. I will say she's doing more than extra miles. Victoria is amazing . Believe me. Even my love life, my financial situation she was right. I told her since I knew her I cannot live without her. She's my angel ,she never tell me what I want to hear but what will help me with only the truth. Readers ,if you want to be blown away and not waste your money call Victoria and also the SMS service is great, even despite she received loads of message she always come back to me , apologise for the delays and tell me straight what she can see. I'm so glad to have you in my life . Thank you Victoria. Sorry if this testimony is too long but I have to say everything that I got within my heart. Sorry Once again thank you Victoria



Hi Vic , I got my promotion just like you said I would I am over the moon. You are right it is a challenge but like you said it will be worth it. I love talking to you, you are the best. You are so accurate with all you tell me but you're so funny too. Our last reading was brilliant , I love the way you argue with your guide over what parts of my life you will speak of first. To hear you from time to time dither is so amusing because you get so cross with yourself. I have come to know you so well and just love your natural way of working. I also want to tell you I am so glad that Kiki came up, we took her to the vets and your right, she has a nasty cut in her paw pad. I cannot believe we didn't see it sooner but she is okay, the vet did prescribed antibiotics so she will be better soon. Speak in the new year .



You have kept reassuring me that he would return to me calmer and more balanced and I finally see that happening. This connection is far greater than I ever imagined but you have always remained consistent in what you saw. Slowly things are unravelling showing me that a greater force is at work bigger than I ever realised. Thank you for your gift, consistent patience love and kindness towards me.



Hi Victoria, Just wanted to message you to say thank you so much for the reading you did for me at the end of July, you told me that my ex would be back in contact before the end of September and to be honest I didn't believe it would happen and it did in exactly the way you said with 3 messages to my phone, thank you so much I hope everything else comes true as well you are amazing .



Vic I have had all confirmed, baby is a girl had a 3d scan and saw image of her little face just like you saw, your right she is beautiful. You said there would be something very significant to do with my mum when I first saw baby face on screen and you were right again, it was mums ninth anniversary since her passing, your amazing.



Hi Victoria, Just a short email to say thank you again for the reading. It has made me realise things about myself that I was unsure about. Being told I should be surrounded by animals made my day!! :-) I have been doing what you told me to do and have been searching on the internet for the past few days. I think I have found something I would like to do, I am just not sure if I have the ability to do it! It is definitely out of my comfort zone but it is something I have always wanted to do. Let us hope all goes well!



Hi Victoria, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that you were correct about something's .....There was a huge "flurry of people" coming to look at the house! You were right! I just heard that there is a bidding war over our apartment. we are getting so much more than asking price!!!You mentioned that I would find myself around new homes in 8 days...we SOLD our house in 8 days!!!! We are currently in attorney review and then soon will go under contract. I did however receive a private listing for a perfect apartment 8 days from when I spoke to you last, (it's on 118th street) On the apartment you were speaking about, You said my mom would be there and I told you that she was not able to travel so you suggested it was the owner. YES! It was the owner who looks like my mom!!!!! There was a view of the river park tree tops, but no view of grass. However, my agent and I walked past a huge park of grass one block away to get to it! And grass in NYC is rare! The outside cat that you mentioned would be coming with me is making steps closer and closer into actually coming inside the door thresh hold! You were right AGAIN!YES! I was in fact told by my boss that I would be taking over the TV department from the guy who was let go! You have been telling me this for so long and I really couldn't see how it would be possible!!! I keep telling my mom about things you say and then they happen! Thinking about it, a lot of the things that are materializing lately are things you have told me are like two or three readings ago! I want to say that the first time we ever spoke, at the end of our reading you asked me who the older woman was with the two yappy little dogs in her arms.... and right there I knew I could trust you! How could you describe my mother so clearly on the first time we ever spoke! Thank you a million times over. You have helped me so much and through my readings with you I have learned to trust the universe and also to meditate and believe.



Hi Victoria, Just to let you know that I did get my car serviced and one of the things highlighted was my brake fluid is low, you said there was an issue with the brakes and possibly the fluid. Like you had said it's not a big issue and fortunately it is safe now but needs to be sorted before the winter months.



Hi, I'm going through certain stages in my life and was online looking for service contact numbers, when my feet started to itch. More my right than my left. So I Googled "right foot itch psychic meaning" and your website popped up. Wow - talk about synchronicity. Many of the symptoms you described I have experienced in the last few months, some more recently...and you are spot on! I just thought I'd write to tell you how your writing has reassured me that I'm not slowly going mad. The heart palpitations, itchy feet, sense of being close to an invisible being, change in sleep patterns, blurry eyesight, change in dietary habits, taking up a new cause, increased integrity, growing empathy towards my pets, serendipitous incidents and events, people turning up in my life out of the blue - it's all happening to me. And now I know this is because of my own spiritual awakening. Thank you!



Hi Victoria, I wanted to text you to tell you that you are amazing with your predictions. I got the job and you were also right about the payment I will receive, it is to be a lot more money than my previous job, and as you said I officially start mid-July. Also as you predicted I got offered the place to do my masters in September. I want to thank you as I feel you gave me luck. You are so gifted and a lovely and genuine person. I have spoken to other psychics in the past and feel they have been a waste of money, they have not been truthful. None that have been like you, I feel I can turn to you and trust you. Your work is just amazing and predictions always come true; I can not explain how you do it.



Dear Victoria, Thank you so much for your recent texts where you went into great depth to explain how things are and how they will be regarding the man that I am at present, apart from. I think back to when I had that first phone reading with you as I was completely blown away with your incredible gift and how you share it so generously with your texts. I was truly blessed to have been led to you as I guess so many others are. You are a loving, caring and compassionate friend and I pray that you will always be blessed with all things that bring joy and peace into your life. Love and Light



I have been to many Mediums, psychics and astrologers over the years but my three phone readings with Vic have been the most rewarding I have ever had. Her gifts are amazing; she is such a clear channel for spirit to come through. She is able to cross between our world and that of the spirit world so quickly and easily to bring my relatives who have passed away back to me. I find her to be so detailed in what she hears and sees and she takes much time to explain things. She really is very special.



I have just read your latest testimonials. It is incredible the amount of people you help and that every single one of us think you and MJ are amazing together. You must be glowing with positivity. So many people like me consider you a friend and love you. Like others you have put up with me going on and on.... I am still waiting for my biggest outcome but other little things you tell me make sense. I am so incredibly glad to have found you. Lots of love to you Vic and MJ.



Victoria, my boyfriend is always amazed at your talent, I sometimes tell him the things you say not everything just things I feel he should know and he's always so shocked as to how you know so much about him and he gets scared ha-ha I don't think he's used to these things but it just shows how much you do really know when it comes to him! Amazing x



Hi Vic, just to let you know all is going well and my five month scan reveals a healthy baby. Thank you so much, all my dreams are coming true, your visions are so accurate you`re simply the best. It was your readings that kept me going in dark times and I can never thank you enough.



Victoria, your ability is amazing and so accurate even down to the timeline of a contact I have been waiting for. You are so different from other psychics; it is like talking to your best friend, and information just flows so natural from you. I can be having the worst day of my life and your there to calm me and always make me see the bigger picture and to look for the positives in negative situations. I know I drive you mad but you always steer me though, you are my ray of sunshine and I love you.



My god you are spooky, I just had to text you I am in work watching the girls on the computer sitting around discussing how wonderful M was and I cannot help but smile and immediately think of you. Since I found you my life has become positive and so much better, I just know you are my lucky charm. I love your text service because you are so accurate and detailed with what you see. You have helped me so much and I have noticed your texts always come in at the right time when I need to hear you the most. Tell your guide he is marvellous, I am his biggest fan.



Dear Victoria, I'd like to thank you very much for your availability for me today! It was a tough reading at times, at the same time quite empowering and encouraging altogether. It's incredible gift to have found you, and its great there are people with such incredible talents like you to help others, moreover, in such a compassionate, delicate way as you do it! Thanks a lot again! Liels paldies! (As a psychic you certainly read all the world's languages! ;-))



Dear Victoria, Ever since l have spoken to you l started feeling better about myself and my life. You were so accurate in your reading and I really, really hope everything you told me will come true, it was my first and probably best reading l ever had because it was very positive. Thank you so much for your time and l am really glad l met you, even though the phone. I won't stop hoping that things will finally get sorted just as you said they will.



Victoria, you are such a gifted and humble person. It`s been a gruelling eight months for me but since I found you my life has changed for the better. The amount of information and insight you give on a single text is amazing. From locating a lost lock wheel nut to reassuring me about my health and loved ones. Your talent is amazing and you work so hard to reach out to all of us in your circle. I`ve had three readings with you and your reassuring and non-judgemental manner is beyond belief. I am in awe of you, and would like to take this opportunity to thank God for putting you in my life. You are a loving and generous person and put up with my incessant questions without complaining. Thank you so much for coming into my life



Hello Victoria, I don't know if you remember me but you did a phone reading for me about 5 years ago which my sister bought for me as a gift. Almost everything you told me was correct. I now have a beautiful daughter & a bigger house just as you told me. My boyfriend has joined up with an old acquaintance & his business is booming- just like you said! I will treat myself to another reading soon but I thought you might like to receive my feedback in the meantime.



Thank you so much, Victoria! It was a wonderful reading, and you are so caring, empathic and supportive with how you present the information that you're seeing! I'm so happy I had this opportunity to have a reading with you! I'm happy such people exist who can greatly help others on a spiritual level! Thanks a million!



I have been using the text service for over a year. You are always there when I need someone to talk too. Thank you for taking the time, even when I'm being unreasonable, you make things alright. You steer me on the right path through the twists and turns being very accurate on everything I ask. Hoping I will get to the nice end you keep telling me is coming. Thank you xx



Vick has been my rock for the past two years. She has seen everything that has happened quite clearly. When I have had my doubts it has happened but maybe not in the time frame given. But she's never far out! All that is going on in my life is complicated but she knows what is happening. A couple of major predictions I'm waiting upon, they have been forecast a while but I'm sure they will surface as everything else has. Best regards,



Victoria, you and your guide Michael have helped me so much. Many of your predictions have come to pass bringing me such peace of mind and hope. You teach me so much about myself and the world of spirit and your knowledge and empathy make me see through different eyes. It gives me such strength to know you are both there for me.



Victoria has touched my life and I will never be able to thank her or show my appreciation for how much she has given.



Victoria, you have the most incredible gift, the things you were able to tell me with no prompting by myself were astounding and completely accurate. I listened in awe of you for a whole hour and never said a word, I could not I was so totally blown away by you telling me the story of my life. You gave me many suggestions on how to deal with my love life and pinpointed certain weaknesses within my business and how best to rectify this in the hopes of it thriving again. I did not want the call to end and intend to book you for longer next time. I have recommended you to all my friends, you are the best.



After my husband passed away I decided to consult a medium for the first time and you Victoria come highly recommended from several of my friends. I found you to be warm and friendly with a very infectious laugh. You immediately put me at ease, and were able to connect with my husband straight away and told me he was waiting. There was so much my husband wanted to say and you passed it over with such love, it was very detailed and specific. I had lots of time to ask him questions and you answered without hesitation. The responses were most certainly from Paul, there is no way you could have known the personal and intimate details that were being discussed. I was left knowing without a doubt that your abilities are so real. I have since had another reading with you and the results were equally astounding. I want to thank you Victoria and your guide for bringing my darling husband back to me, I will certainly be calling you again and will of course continue to recommend you to all I come across.



Dearest Victoria, Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you for providing me with the comfort, assurance, direction & caution I get every single time I contact you. I feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with you. Every time I chat to you over the telephone, I feel as though I have known you for years!! I first contacted you in May 2013, you were able to tell me things in that first conversation with you which are all coming to pass gradually and even though I have full faith in your abilities, every single time something you have said proves true, I am still awed by it. I once asked you about whether or not my visa would be processed in time for me to travel to Australia; your response was that I needed to act fast as you see a delay. I received my processed visa within 4 days of applying so I was a bit thrown off balance by the delay you had mentioned, as it happened, our first leg of the journey was delayed due to fog which caused us to miss our connecting flight to Australia so we arrived a day later than we had supposed to. That was the delay you had predicted and needless to say, I was once again bowled over by your accuracy. I could go on mentioning all sorts of incidents which left me spellbound? The assurance you have provided me with during our first conversation has helped me develop into a person so much more confident than I ever had been. You had shed insight on aspects of my life which seemed unfathomable without me even having to bring up the subject which lead me to think about situations differently and thus brought about so much more peace not only in my home but in my mind too. But what impresses me even more than your incredible insight is your patience, honesty and obvious determination to help. I could never thank you enough Victoria. God bless you!!!



My dear Vic, its 4 and a half years since our first reading, and to this day I remember being totally astounded at what you told me - information so personal and relevant to me. You gave me strength and guidance to make the right decisions in the most difficult period of my life. You have me courage to go through with my divorce and saw I'd been badly treated - more importantly you saw a lovely man who you said had loved me from afar for a long time. I knew straight away who you were talking about as I had developed feelings for this man though was confused at the time. We've read every 6 months or so since then alongside many texts and you've never wavered in telling me he was the one for me! In each reading my situation has moved on just as you've said and so often this man has repeated words you've said to me! The most difficult thing has been timing but finally we are together!! I really can't find the words to express how much hope and strength you've given me during this time. You said he was the one and worth the wait - how right you've been. Vic I'm so glad our paths have crossed - you been there every step with me never judging or losing patience with me- I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I want to say to anyone who has doubts or is tired of waiting for their outcome that timing is the hardest thing but I hope my story gives you faith. Lots of love to you and your prince, dear Vic.



I have spent hundreds Victoria, spent thousands but you are the best.



Hi Victoria, just want you to know I got the job just like you said I would. I really cannot thank you enough for giving me the confidence to go for it. I really could not have done it without you. The interviews were so tough, but you managed to guide and prepare me for each one. To leave my family and friends to live and work in America is so scary but I know you will be there for me supporting me onwards. I love you Victoria.



Dear Victoria, I just wanted to thank you for the reading I had with you on Wednesday. I was totally blown away with all the information you gave me on my relationship problems. It was if you had looked into the very heart of both of us, how he was feeling and how I was feeling. Since we broke up I have been very sad. But after talking with you I felt so very peaceful and do believe that what you have predicted about the future will eventually manifest. I have had a lot of readings from psychics in the past but my time with you leaves me in awe of your wonderful gift. You are certainly the best and from now on if I feel in need I shall most definitely always return to you. You are one of those very special people one rarely meets so caring, sincere, kind and compassionate and I feel very blessed that our paths crossed. Finally, I have to tell you that I had been sleeping very badly since the break but after Wednesday night, I have been sleeping like a log!!Thank you lovely lady and may many blessings come your way.



Vic I love the text service, just knowing you are there is such a comfort to me and when I am low you always give me the strength to carry on.



Hi Victoria Just wanted to thank you for your reading earlier it was a lovely, positive reading and I was amazed at how u instantly picked up on everything I was questioning without me even asking!!...after having a few hours for it all to sink in properly I'm even more amazed! You spoke about my situation & the people involved as if you knew them personally because you was so accurate!! I'll definitely be in touch to let you know how it all pans out!Thanks again you were amazing!!



Hi Victoria, we last spoke in November last year, it was only my second time of having a reading on the phone, and I cannot tell you how glad I am it was with you. You see the first time I had a reading in this way it left me so despondent I actually tried you to see if there was any light at the end of the tunnel regarding my situation with my partner. You made me feel so much better about myself and where we were heading. I actually think you know him better than anybody else, as your accuracy regarding him as a person was so accurate. You gave me a reason to trust you, I had to let you know that everything you said would happen did it all just came to life exactly in the way you had predicted. All the feelings you said he would speak have came out, the job around him materialised, even that beautiful ring you saw and described so perfectly was the one he sent through on the phone just like you told me he would. It is incredible how much you know and I think you are pretty amazing, thank you so much.



Victoria is a wonderful psychic and goes above and beyond the call of duty. As our call was coming to an end she told me know she had another overseas appointment but she didn`t feel she had quite finished all the messages her guide wanted her to pass on so she actually arranged to call me back after her last calls of the day to finish off. She was true to her word and managed to tell me so much about my father who had been in spirit for many years now. She told me many things that only I and he knew of. Victoria has the most amazing gift, but it is her true desire to help those in need is priceless. I learnt so much from her through her guidance and I am so grateful to have been able to connect once more to my dad.



Victoria, I am so blessed to have found you. You work extremely hard to give such accuracy with your text replies; your gift is truly remarkable. I believe Michael chose you for a reason and it shows with everything you have done for me with our phone readings and text messages. He is lucky to have such a king hearted, caring psychic like you, as well as a special friend. You are both very talented and must have been bought together to provide a service to others. I am forever grateful for your help. You are and always will be my special friend nestled within my heart.



Hi Victoria, the queen of hearts is what you are to me; your speciality is bringing hearts together. My day is brightened when I receive a text from you.



Dearest Victoria, I would like to start by saying a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart! I truly am grateful to have found you. Your accuracy when you describe a person especially my concerned person really amazes me! You describe him so accurately! You really make me see things from his perspective and you have been a friend. I have spoken to others psychics but you are special. You are such a genuine positive person and really do care about each one of my issues. You never sugar coat anything either, and the text service is brilliant. You always give me so much detail. I really do appreciate the guidance you have given me; you do not understand how much you have helped me, thank you once again.



Victoria, Thank you for the help you have given to our family especially the work you have done with my daughter. You are completely amazing, and we all feel much better. The house feels like home again. Just a couple of sessions with you on the telephone, and some snapshots of the house and the disturbances are all gone, the cold spots, shadows, the knockings and the footsteps have not been back and you have given me so much information to protect myself and family from other unwanted energy and spirits. It has really worked.



Thank you for the amazing and truly healing reading before Christmas that we had about my mother. I cannot tell how much it calmed me down and how important everything that you said was. Later I was really laughing, because my mom told us that her glasses have been put to a good service. Then I spoke with my father who shyly admitted, that her glasses are on his nose at that moment!



Vic I love the text service its brilliant, it is the best out there. The detail you are able to pick up on just from my name is unbelievable. When I am having a very bad day I know you are there to settle me and always calm me down. I would be lost without you.



Victoria, you have a wonderful gift, I think you are amazing and I am forever thankful for knowing you. I think you are a living angel.



I'm sorry Vic, for doubting you all this time. I now have a stronger faith that life goes on after we pass over, and a deeper faith in you!



I just had to let you know, I just found my ring! Your words all made sense and you were so right it had fallen under the loo pipework.



Hi Vic, you were absolutely right as usual you just constantly amaze me with your ability and consistency. You have told me time and time again how things are going to turn out and I have to agree with you again because they are unfolding right before my very eyes the way you said they would. I am blessed to know you as you brighten my life with the touch of your heart.



You are the very best, and have such a pure gift to be able to speak with those that have passed over. Over our many telephone readings you have told me things no one else could have known except for the person I loved and who is no longer here with me. You bring light to my life and so much joy.



I have read with many psychics that have said things that could apply to anybody`s life. Then I stumbled across Victoria, the moment I hit the website I just knew she was right for me. This woman is AMAZING she is so accurate and precise with things that she says, it is really scary as you feel like she is there walking in your shoes! She sees things that nobody has ever picked up before, her visions are very accurate. Already two out of the three predictions given have already shown in my life. The biggest one was my boyfriend coming back to me, we had a big row and he said we were over. She told me not to worry, he did not mean it and would come back she said she could hear two knocks and when I opened it he would be there at my door to say sorry, but he would have his hands behind his back hiding something. Her ability to see stuff is crazy, she told me she saw he had been to Tesco because he had a carrier bag and she made me laugh so hard, she said I love Tesco and we need to see what he bought. She then rattled off all she saw in this bag. She said he had some flowers in it; he has never bought me flowers. She also said he had a pre-packed sandwich with lettuce in it, an apple and a chocolate bar that she thought was a snickers bar. She got it so right; he came back the next day. It was very surreal to watch what she had told me come to life and it actually left me very shaky because she saw it all including the contents of that bag, he actually had those flowers for me, I told him about that reading and took the bag off him, he had eaten the chocolate bar, but the wrappers was snickers. He also could not believe she knew what he bought, and was blown away that she had seen this only 24 hours before. Victoria is weird and wonderful, has x-ray eyes and has the greatest humour as well as a gentle compassion. Book your reading with her because she is lovely.



Hi Victoria, I have had readings from you via text now for three months and I find your ability staggering. The details are very specific and accurate in all parts of my life. I find you charming and now feel I can text like we are old friends. Do you remember when I tested your guide and asked you what I was doing at that moment? I still have that text; in fact I keep them all to refer back to. You said he does not like being tested so he is not talking but that he shows you bubbly water, sweets and Ronan Keating. How we laughed over that it was bang on, I was eating the kids jelly babies listening to Ronan Keating and was honestly thinking of a bath. You are a great team and have helped me such a lot, I would be lost without you.



My second time leaving you a comment :) you are just so talented and amazing it shocks me so much. It's nearly been 2 whole months that I have text you every single day and you've been putting up with me. You took me through my break up, showed me the light at the end of the tunnel and made me a stronger woman too. I have ticked off so many predictions. I know you hear it a lot but believe me when I say I'm your biggest fan on this!!! :) I just want to thank you for using your talent to help others. You could have kept it all to yourself, but you use it for people who need it. Going through hard times in life is not easy and it is nice to know Michael and Victoria are there for me, my angels and also my secret detectives ;)Thank you for helping others once again, Love you both. Xxx



Oh Vic you were so right again, pop this on the site as a testimonial of your accuracy. I should have listened when you told me you were anxious of me buying the car because you was worried over the gear box and the crunching noise. I thought it was just oil it needed but you were right again, it needs a new one just like you sensed; I am out of pocket and cannot afford it. I know you will be upset to hear this as you hate to be right when its bad news. It is a lesson learnt to think carefully when the oracle speaks, love you



Victoria, you are amazing you confirmed to me in minutes that there is an afterlife and I was left in no doubt they you are communicating with my loved ones that have passed over. I came to you to find my mum, and as you know she passed over after a long battle with cancer. What you had no way of knowing was our special words we had agreed on for after she died, so I would know it was her when I went to find her. The first thing you said to me was did I know that Beanz means Heinz, I was completely shocked, and you were embarrassed until I told you how important those words meant to me. You told me so many things that were accurate, it left me completely overwhelmed. It was very hard for me to take it all in so I must book with you again to see if my mum will come through once more. I want to say a huge thank you for giving me so much comfort that my mum is still around me. I have already recommended you to all my family & friends. You are a very special person.



Victoria you are so awesome, I just said a name and you told me things that have happened. You told me things that were to happen and already some have. You are very honest and friendly and I will recommend you to everyone!


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