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Hi Victoria, Re: positive feedback about you and your readings. I've found your readings accurate, positive, enjoyable and have given me hope for the future, you have a great and positive attitude towards how you conduct your readings and in general. I've used other psychic services in the past, where accuracy and positivity from them are few and far between these days. Thank god for you!



Hi Victoria, Thank you for the gift of your insight over the years, I am truly grateful. You have taught me so much, for which I am eternally grateful.



Hi Victoria, I just want to take this moment to say a big thank you for getting me through the last 3 years, your vision and your belief was always there and for me through some tough moments. You are amazing at your job and so gifted. May god bless you for just being you.



I just wanted to say thank you so much for making contact with my little girl. It was comforting to read your words as I am experienced the most powerful loss and guilt I have ever felt. The personal things that you were able to tell me made perfect sense to me, you described things so accurately . Thank you so much Victoria for giving me a light at the end of what is a very dark tunnel currently.



Hi Victoria, I had to share my great news with you, I received my offer yesterday from my new job offer. After our last call I was filled with a sense of calm which has really helped to fully believe this would happen and stay focused. I cannot wait to share my wedding pictures with you, Thank you so much for your amazing insight and even more than that I love your voice and talking to you, you have such a lovely way of connecting.



Hi Victoria, I had a reading with you over the phone quite a while back now, you really helped and encouraged me during me reading and kept some hope in me. You told me about psychic abilities I had in me but at the time of the reading I did not understand as I had a very busy, very busy messy head. Yet now I am currently undergoing a lot of spiritual work learning more things and putting them into practice as well as overcoming the things in my head. I have just been reading about your story with? Michael, it sounds like you two have a beautiful relationship. You are a very strong lady and by looking at other people's comments you and Michael have helped a lot of other people too. You left a very good impact on me and it is deeply appreciated.



You were so right in all that you saw, I have never stopped believing you. and everything you have told me over these past three years have come true. Thank you for always being there for me.



When you have a conversation with Victoria, you will never doubt anything ever again. The spirit world, all of this stuff is real.



Dear Victoria, Thank you so much for your reading; I already read it twice and I will do it again and again. Such a wonderful one! I hoped my Dad came and there he was . I felt an incredible calm and serenity. Thank you so much, you are really gifted. Thank you also for passing my love to Michael, I am so glad about it. You will definitely hear from me again but since now thank you very much.



Thank you so so much for my reading. I have never received a reading like it. You have gone into everything with so much detail and have given me back that hope and belief that I needed. You have put my mind at ease as I was starting to feel so doubtful but all the things that you knew has made me realise to carry on and stay positive about it all. This week I have been feeling low but this reading has lifted me back up.



Dear Victoria, I want to thank you for the reading we had on Thursday. As usual, it's spot-on and accurate. I'm grateful for your insights and analysis; providing the clarity I needed to reflect and make decisions.



Hi Victoria, I spoke to you couple weeks ago, you were referred to me by my friend. This was my first reading with you and it took me. 6 to 8 months to pluck up the courage and contact you. I now guess it was because of the reality check and being told what the truth actually is. Before I spoke to you I always used to come to work on Mondays and still be upset or in tears, racking my brain's, what did I do and what can I do to make it right etc. Since our conversation, I am no longer in tears on Mondays, no longer stressing about what i can do to make things right, and I keep positive remembering what you said. You have really helped me, and I am slowly planning my life, and try my hardest to move forward. Thank you



Over the years I have read with several different psychics and I have loved them all. Yet Victoria is the one that remains the Rolls Royce of psychics.



Thank you once again for your beautiful reading, you always try to give me hope and encouragement. When all is dark and doom in my life, you never fail to offer a little glimpse of hope....



Hello Victoria, Thank you so much for your very detailed email reading,it is so helpful to have a document which you can refer to time and again, there is a lot to digest but it is fascinating and encouraging to see that I am moving in the right direction. It is good to know that whatever curveballs life throws, I will be able to deal with them, so thank you for your reassurance. The twists and turns of life are there for a reason and it has taken me till now to realise that. We never stop learning about ourselves do we?



Thank you so so much for the reading, I do not know where to start but the reading was so insightful and really helped me find peace, not just about my personal life, but more about what your guide wanted me to know about the cycles of life, lessons, reasoning and the unfolding of our life path. Thank you for your true guidance and reassurance which is what I really needed especially the beginning of this year!



Hi Victoria, It's always been a joy to receive your reading. Thank you for your beautiful writing and encouragement. The reason why I have preference over your email reading is that I can read them over and over again. In times of difficulties, your words are my light.



I found Victoria to have a very warm and mystical energy, she was able to provide many vital pieces of information that she could never of known or guessed. There wasn't one piece of information that didn't make sense to me. I knew that if she picked up on these important facts, then I could trust in her psychic predictions. After my reading I researched the finer details of what Victoria had divulged to me, and I was amazed at just how accurate she had been, even correctly predicting exact past time frames. She has a wonderful and caring energy, delivering messages with conviction. Her level of accuracy and ability to tap into the minds of others is clear, most importantly she confirmed my own thoughts and feelings. Her superior spiritual knowledge was evident throughout this reading. She opened the reading by describing one of my main Spirit Guides , down to their hair colour, energy, purpose for their assistance and was even able to give over a name. I was very intrigued as it matched the exact same description given to me previously by another psychic reader. I could have spoken to Victoria all day long, she made me feel so inspired and empowered. Victoria mentioned that often after experiencing one of her readings, her clients are shown hearts in a string of strange scenarios and when they least expect it. The hearts are a gift and acknowledgement from her guide. Only two hours after she told me this, I was given a pack of love hearts which I never usually eat ! The messages on those love hearts further validated the sign and even repeated a significant word that Victoria told me to act on. A very symbolic and rare song at this very moment also came on the radio, which was all the validation that I needed! Victoria truly is the real thing!


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