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Dear Victoria, I often think of you and the few readings you provided for me, my two dogs and my mom. She also sends her regards to you. When I think about how grateful I am in my life and I count my blessings, I also think of a handful of people I met in my lifetime so far. And I truly can count you to the people who are God send and I consider extra extra super ordinary. Meeting you and a very few other of those special people, that is what makes life worth living and that I think I did something right, to attract people like you on my path. Thank you for all your support and I look forward to talking to you again in the New Year. With love from Austin, Tx. 



Hello my dearest friend, Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, for your patience, guidance and all the understanding of the world. You are a gem.



Dear Victoria, I want to say how deeply moved I was to receive your wonderful reply to the three questions for an email reading. Thank you for giving me such clear evidence about ****, my brother and ****, my sister; I have read and re-read your reply in which you mention characteristics of theirs that are instantly recognisable. You are so right about the restless energy that he was while in this life. It is a great comfort to know now that the "blockages" you mention holding him up no longer apply. I can "see" or sense him enjoying talking to you, Victoria, and greatly appreciating you! I treasure what you say about ****. I do so again when you write about ****. It is wonderful that you begin by referring to a profusion of flowers. I have on my screen some of **** exquisite water-colour flower paintings of a delicacy I could never hope to achieve if I took up painting. You are right about one of her other interests being the Latin language. She had an admiration for that particular language. Perhaps your feeling that she was always "in a hurry", that she was a "no-nonsense kind of person" who "hasn't got all day" derived from the energy of her delight and excitement on finding two souls who shared her enthusiasm for learning Latin! Perhaps what came across to you as impatience was indeed impatience, but not, I feel sure, with you, Victoria! I think, fired up with what you told her about your guide teaching you wonderful words like "imber" and "salve" (you say she was laughing and smiling) she was impatiently waiting to meet you face to face and take you ever faster and further down the Latin-exploring path! Thank you, dear Victoria, for putting before me so much of what is typical of ****. Whenever I re-read your email I experience again the reality of her, and that is deeply satisfying. I wish there were time to tell you how remarkable and informative I found your readings of **** and ****, and also your explanation of the importance of dreams and of what they reveal. However I shall reluctantly have to end here, with my heart-felt thanks to you for your loving reassurance and your revelatory readings, and for the help and guidance of your wonderful guide. Thank you Victoria.



Dearest Victoria, Thank you for all this year`s guidance and for simply being the best in all you do.



Dear Victoria, Thank you once again for earlier, I was so looking forward to just hearing your voice. Thank you for your time, big thanks to your spirit guides, thank you for reassurances. Please do take care of yourself. Without you remaining pillars will crumble.



Victoria, I appreciate your intense insight to my queries. Thank you very much. God Bless.



I am delighted with my reading and very much reassured by all your advice and guidance. Please tell your guide how much I love him and I love you very much too. I pray God continues to give you strength to be able to do your great work.



Hello Victoria, I just wanted to give some feedback regarding what you said in our last meeting. I went to the interview you mentioned for the new job and got hired. But before I received the job admission notification, I thought I didn't get the offer because I felt I performed poorly during the interview. This occurred around mid-Sept, and it wasn't until mid-Oct that I learned of my admission. And it happened within the time frame you had predicted. Right now I am already started working at the new company and I don't feel as stressed as I was at my previous job. I have a lot to learn for this new position, but I'm optimistic and determined to do it. I just want to say thank you for encouraging me to go forward during that moment! You always give me positive energy and strength to believe more in myself. Also, the other points that you mentioned about my ex-boyfriend and my new co-workers did also happen.




Hello again Vicky, I want to thank you once again for the reading this evening. I much appreciate your kindness and generosity. It is so very comforting and reassuring to talk to you. Once again, you put my "troubled" mind at rest. Your insight and your talent are just amazing!




Hello Victoria. Thank you so much for the email reading you sent to me. You have no idea (or maybe you do) the relief I felt when I read it.  Obviously we have never met, but I do feel from your words and your incredible gifts, that you know me. I read just the other day (or maybe Spirit guided me) a Buddhist quote, not to pull on the things I’m attracted to, nor to push away the things that I don’t like.  I guess, like you say, it’s all about finding an inner peace and letting things flow in their own way. Thank you for your advice and visions and sentient gifts, they are always very healing to me. Take care, with love



Hello again Vicky, Once again, thank you so much for a most insightful reading and all the
time you took to answer all my questions. You put my "wondering" mind at rest and your guidance is more than valuable. I look forward to our next reading. All good wishes



Thank you very much for the reading.  It was very impressive. The layout of the reading is well presented. It was so impressive that I will be buying another email reading from you later on today! Kind regards



Victoria, incredible reading as always. So very grateful. Thank you,



Hi Victoria, I have had numerous readings with you over the past 10 years or so, but haven't had one for quite a while.. You were always steadfast in your belief that ***, my twin soul, would eventually return....well, you were right. It's always good to get validated in work, whatever that may be. I just wanted to let you know he has kind of 'confessed' his feelings to me after many years and is coming here from abroad in a couple of weeks. My twin flame journey has been strange in a way, many up and downs, more downs than ups, but it instigated the spiritual journey I have been on and I'm so grateful for that. I am not the same person I was beforehand. In a way *** and myself have come full circle and now I feel our relationship is 'calmer' than it once was. So, you were right in your conviction of us ending up together. The difficulties haven't completely gone but I'm hopeful we can see them through together.

Thank you Victoria.



Dear Victoria, Just wanted to say a big thank you for your time today, insights and the giggles. Thank you for reassurances which aligned with my initial intuition 



Hello again Victoria, When I first contacted you,. My mood was heavy and oppressed. Many thanks for your insightful reading - and may I say, what a powerful reading. I've read it several times.... I feel much more definite in myself, assertive in purpose and your words totally enhance this. Many thanks once again.



Hi Victoria, Thank you very much for my reading, I feel that this is so spot on. You are amazing. Many thanks again



Hello Victoria, I just wanted to say I’m so grateful and lucky to have these readings with you. Thank you so much for today



Victoria came into my life when I hit rock bottom. I just walked away from a relationship and work was stressful. When we met, I just asked for an “open” session as I was sceptical what could a psychic help in a one-hour reading! Victoria quickly picked up a male presence and told me that I had not gotten over this relationship. She went on to mention specific incidents in my life as if she was “there”! This was scary! Ever since that fateful day 9 years ago, Victoria has been my confidante and my friend, more than a psychic. Whenever I had problems in my work or family, she was always able to “see” what was happening and provided advice. Most recently, she even helped me find my lost cat! She puts in more than what she charged for every email reading or call and has not increased her fees for the past years. I tried sending her “extra” payment for her work but she politely rejected me; saying it wasn’t right that I should pay more than anybody since she wanted to keep prices as low as possible so that clients could afford.. Victoria is my “light at the end of the tunnel” and I can’t imagine how my life would have turned out without her.



Hi Victoria, I just wanted to thank you very much for todays reading. It made things a lot clearer for me as well as giving me some hope.



Hi Victoria, What a fantastic reading! Wow! So much has resonated with those words, and my sister offering comfort during this time gives me renewed strength. Thank you so much! I will keep you posted 



Hello Victoria,  thankyou so much for the wonderful reading really have given me so much clarity and focus help me to see clearly with **** and will keep you updated on everything will book a longer reading and hopefully will discuss more . Thankyou once again.  God bless you and Michael. Kind regards



Dearest Victoria, I wanted to say thank you for today! Thank you for existing. Thank you for your gift and insight and uplifting conversation. Thank you and the spirit world for reassurances for which I’m most grateful for - no matter what tomorrow brings!



Hi Fabulous Victoria, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For a wonderful soul-enriching, uplifting and empowering reading, I'm just going to relax and process everything we were talking about, but I feel so at peace at heart level and ready for what's coming in re the final events with **** and also in my own alignment with this new centre of power I feel  within myself and with my work. I will keep you posted on updates too! Much love and infinite blessing to you always. Keep shining!, You and your guide are truly spectacular.



Hello again, I just wanted to thank you again for a lovely reading. I much appreciate
the time you gave me to answer all my questions. As always, the reading had a very settling effect on me and your advice is so helpful. I'm already looking forward to the next reading. Take care and all good wishes



Victoria- What an amazing reading. Thank you so very much. So grateful to have found you.



Honestly Victoria, I feel like your reading today saved me from something that could have ended up being quite toxic for me in my future. The awareness and clear perspective I now have regarding the situation we spoke about is priceless.

I'm forever grateful! 



Hi Dearest Victoria,

Thank you so very much indeed for the most wonderful enlightening reading that I have had in the longest time. All the information that you have disclosed has really empowered me to progress into the future feeling more focused and positive. I simply cannot thank you enough. Thank you also for making me feel calm and relaxed during the reading as I was so hyper anxious at the start. 

YOU are the BEST!!!!! I most definitely will be calling on you again in the future.

Huge appreciation for your precious time and energy.

I am totally super grateful.



Thank you for your email reading. I really do love reading your work and although I never confirmed anything on the phone as I didn't want to lead the conversation EVERYTHING you have ever said or written to me was completely spot on. Thank you.




Hi Victoria. Thank you so much for this, you are spot on with absolutely everything. Thank you for a great reading.




Hi Vic, I can honestly say you are my rock. I`ve known you for 9 years now and during that time you`ve been my strength and support in many dark times. I trust your word implicitly, you never stray from your outcome, sometimes things do take time. At these points I`ve never given up, then it happens, just like you said it would! Losing my mum, I feel at times like I`ve turned to you for advice with my darkest secrets and struggles. You`ve never judged me when I`ve judged myself. I always leave our readings feeling calmer and with that glimmer of hope. I can`t thank you enough. You simply are amazing and I am so thankful. Your name appeared when I was searching for psychics all those years ago. No doubt we will speak again soon. Until then, thanks Vic x




My grief following my cat`s sudden death was unbearable. Victoria immediately connected and without me asking anything told me she had found Henry. She then went on to tell me things that only I would know. She gave me so much comfort and all the answers that I needed from Henry and what happened. Not only is Victoria very accurate, she is also immensely compassionate. It was absolutely superb and I would highly recommend her services.




You are a beautiful soul and truly a superstar psychic beyond comparison.




You are the best Psychic ever, there is no one like you in the whole world. You are so amazing.



Total shock, you have been amazing.  You are amazing in what you do and 100 percent correct. Nobody has ever told me as much as you have. You`re lovely and gifted Victoria, the only shock for me was how much you knew. I trust my guides and the universe a lot.




Hi Psychic Victoria, thanks so much for the reading, you were spot on.




Thank you so much for my reading. Your services came highly recommended by a friend who felt that you could help me. I didn`t know what to expect and I have never encountered anybody quite like you before and I am left simply amazed by you.




Thank you for your beautiful words. I have been looking into crystals, I will look into the ones you suggested.



Thank you so much for your time today and as always I am blown away with your reading. Be back soon.



Hi Vicky,  just want to let you know how much I appreciate you. I can`t tell you how much you have lifted my spirits... an odd thing but M just came up on the radio as I began to write this!




Hey Victoria, I have to let you know how spot on you are. I had my happy news around work, I was in shock that all you said he would say, he did by using some or similar words. I really don`t know how you do it but I thank you so much really and for reassuring me.



Hello Vicky, thank you once again for an excellent reading and for taking much time to answer all my questions. It is just amazing how you pick up and know all about the situations and people in my life. Your insight and advice is invaluable.




Hi Victoria, Thank you so much for my reading. As you may remember, your services came to me highly recommended by a friend of mine. I have never done this before and didn`t quite know what to expect, but speaking to you surpassed anything that I thought could happen. As soon as I answered your call, my mind went completely blank and all I could do was ask you to talk to me. The things that you knew about me, my parents, my friends and even my work astounded me. You even managed to remind me of things that I had forgotten. You made me see my life so much clearer, and you helped me so much.

I have listened to the recording that I took many times over processing all things that were spoken of. I came back again soon after and booked for a 2 hour session for myself and my partner and it happened all over again, there was so much information that you could not have known but you did. We know now beyond any doubt that there is no death as we know it, they are all talking to you. My partner hoped to hear from his mum, and you made that happen, you brought forward 5 other members of his immediate family too very accurately with meaningful messages for him. We have never encountered anybody quite like you ever before, you have a true gift to heal the grief, we are simply amazed by you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your time and information.



Thank you so much for your time today, I really enjoyed our conversation and I would like to recommend your services to my friends and anyone that I feel would benefit from talking to you.



Victoria, I have had some amazing readings with you, I no doubt will have many more and wherever life takes us, I will always be grateful that we found each other. You are an amazing person with the most incredible gift. Much love.




Dear Victoria, I wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful readings today for myself and my dog. You are a wonderful mystic and such a warm hearted woman. No doubt we will speak again.




Thank you Victoria for giving me that glimmer of hope to hold onto. Thank you and your guide for being there.


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