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I am in the fortunate position to be in receipt of EVP(Electronic Voice Phenomena) recordings by Victoria which in my opinion you can hear the unmistakable voice of Michael Jackson.  Before listening to the EVP’s I had no idea what I was going to hear……if anything.  I was amazed to find so much and it would appear that Michael is trying to reach the world to tell his story. Below I have added files, one file originates from the RAW files that I received from Victoria. With the rest of the files I have cut at points where I’ve heard Michael’s voice. During the clips below,  I believe Michael is present throughout the RAW file. Listen to the clips by pressing the play button.

Please be aware due to the Nature of EVP’s please be careful when opening as sometimes the white noise and static can be disturbing and loud.

I am in no doubt in what I have heard and who is trying to connect with us.

  Enjoy ~ Stuart Aikman

00.10 Save Me
00.17 Free
00.17 The Psychic
00.20 Trust Me
00.21 To Me
00.26 Vicky
00.30 Guilty
00.43 Why You
00.44 Sweet
00.49 Hear
00.54 Heather (EVP Analyst)
00.57 Cut
01.02 I Heard Our Tape
01.03 Stroke
01.04 Unknown
01.09 Michael
01.15 Vicky
01.16 Working A Lot
01.18 Please
01.24 Let Me
01.29 Sentence
01.29 Safe
01.37 Five
01.40 Death And Threat
01.43 Help Me
01.45 Just Checking
01.50 Album
01.53 Answer
02.03 For All Time
02.03 Mercy
02.10 That`s The Whole Tape
02.10 Wrath
02.14 His Name
02.16 Truth
02.18 Thank You
02.19 Stuart (EVP Editor)
02.36 You Need
02.27 You To Me
02.50 D C
03.25 I Love It
03.26 Sight
03.47 Death Threats
03.55 Michael Stays Here
Raw Audio File
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