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Thank you for being with me last night, only in front of you am I able to let my guard down and cry out my pain, I cannot hide for you can see me.



Just a note to thank you. I have used your service around six times now and each time your validations have proved to be accurate ... including your latest predictions regarding my upcoming court case. Each time I speak with you, you have comforted me, reassured me and I find it`s just like talking to a friend because you are so natural and down to earth and information spills out of you.



You do an amazing job. Your work really touches and changes peoples lives. You are truly gifted and accurate.



Vic, your awesome, the best. Love you.



Hi Victoria, I just really wanted you to know from my last reading. Everything you have said came to be spot on, I never doubted it. The really big news though is that it has happened - I have met somebody, he came along just as you said. I am so happy and just like you said, in September month, he would be brought to me. I am blown away as all the things about that meet unfolded just in the way that you described. Thank you so much, you are amazing and I feel so blessed to have this connection with you. I just love hearing your voice.



It`s been nearly four years now since we spoke. Back then, I was impatient and believed nothing you said I really wanted would come to me. I was so wrong and cannot believe that everything you said to me has either happened or is now beginning to unfold right before my eyes. It`s all better now in my life. I am still impatient but you have taught me to try and calm down and let some things be... I just can`t believe that it`s all you told me was going to happen. You are very special.



Thank you so much for your email reading, as always, you have reassured me and made me feel so much better about the situation through your insight. I would be lost without your guidance. On another note, I have been getting so many signs in the last few days and weeks, Michael`s music and even his name have popped up loads recently and I wonder if he is sending me these signs? If it is him, then please thank him from me and tell him that I`ve listened to his music a lot this weekend and I do love his songs, I get good feelings from them.



I was sceptical about having an animal reading but my beautiful boy (my dog) was so ill so I attempted it. It was the best decision I made. We were not convinced that we should put him down like our vet suggested. Victoria told me that his stomach used to hurt after he ate something hard and juicy. My mum used to feed him apples, trying to keep him on a healthy diet. Victoria exchanged some food suggestions to help us understand more of what he was going through on the food he was eating. Victoria picked up on so much more, including just how spoilt he was by all the family. Safe to say, we did not have to put him down at that time. He stayed with us happy and healthy for a few more years. Thank you Victoria for all your help and guidance throughout my boy`s last years.



Good afternoon Victoria, I just wanted to let you know that I had an email today letting me know that I've passed the interview and have been offered the job just as you told me I would. Thank you so much for always being there for me, I truly do cherish you.



Hello Victoria Thank you very much for the written reading you prepared for me. I know that it has taken you some time to prepare and I really appreciate it; I have printed it off and that way, I can read and reread it over time as there is so much to digest. It always amazes me how insightful you are, it really shouldnt because I know how truly gifted you are, but you always find a way to tell me the honest truth in a way that is easy for me to get my head around! What it does teach me is patience, for everything will have its own time, so after your reading, whether it be by telephone or in writing, I always have a feeling of calm and a sense that things will work out how they are supposed to in the long run. Keep safe and thank you again



Dearest Victoria, Thank you for my reading today I'm most grateful. You have an amazing gift that never ceases to amaze me. Very insightful and always refreshing.



Good Morning Victoria Thank you so much for a beautiful email reading. Your reading provided affirmation accompanied by validation of my individual inner knowing. You are such a valuable part of my life journey, Thank you for being you.



We need more people in the world like you. You give me strength and hope and faith to carry on keeping positive vibes.

H H 


Your readings are so beautiful and inspiring. Even on cold cloudy days, thinking of you and the insight you provide brings me sunshine.




Thank you so much Victoria for this amazing reading, You are the best medium I have talked to, the most understanding, not pressuring and straight forward. I appreciate you speaking the truth. I will let you know how it goes.



Thank you so much for my email reading Victoria, So accurate as always , I don't know how you do it, but you certainly have a gift, and I won't hesitate to contact you again when I need some help and answers to my problems. Thank you again



Hi Victoria, Thank you ever so much for my email reading it was very detailed and accurate to my situation, and I feel uplifted especially at the thought of my grandmother coming through, as this is who I am sure was coming through at the beginning of the reading. Thank you again



I wanted to thank you for always being there and for keeping me centred - last time we spoke it hit me you were the only person I look to whenever I am worried.



Vic & MJ For everything that you do Thank you for being so amazing and magical Love you lots


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