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Many thanks for my email reading. Yes Dervish is my mum's side of the family. I have Goosebumps right now. I do not even know how to respond to it. I am in shock. Thank you so much!



Hi Victoria, I just had to write to tell you how utterly amazed I am by you, I have never in my life came across anybody like you before and I cannot stop thinking about you and what you told me. I don't understand how you do what you do but I can now guarantee you do it very well. I want to thank you for my very first phone reading that I had with you in August month, your reading was just incredible, you asked me nothing but knew so much about my personality, my family, my friends and my life. You actually gave me some invaluable information about a health issue, you knew without my telling you what was going on and how changing up my diet would ease things, you were right, you really helped me and I find myself with so much more energy these days. I was shocked when you spoke also of my Mother, you knew without me saying one word about her anxiety at the loss of her hair, you offered insight into this too, you told me that all will be well and her hair will be coming back to her, she followed your advice, and although early days we are all shocked to see some growth emerging again. I have waited and I have watched for your predictions to come to pass since that time. You told me that I was going to get another job around November time which was difficult to fathom as I wasn't even looking, you said it was coming to find me from a man with a familiar face and one whom I speak with at work regularly but he is in a different company. That was a possibility and very much in line with my working days. On the 4th day of November this situation actually transpired, it was just another regular day full of meetings and overseas conference calls, I went into one appointment and came out half hour later with a job offer, from a man that I have been working with for the past year, and you were right he is from a different company and offered me a higher pay scale just like you said he would. You saw so clearly my past, you saw current affairs around me and you saw this future job offering so clearly, so accurately it leaves me speechless. I am full up of questions and in time I think I want to know more about this other dimension that you are a part of , you have inspired me to look for more, to learn more and to be more. Thank you so very much



Dear Victoria, Thank you so much for your reading yesterday! It is insightful as well as accurate as always and I will reflect on what you said before making any decision. I want to also express my gratitude for your love and attention. Truly, I have never felt so relaxed in a reading before yesterday as I am usually tense and over anxious.



Hi Victoria, Thank you so much for the reading and for the speed of it!! I believe so strongly about how ones vibrational energy is a reflection on incoming positivity, and I really need to make sure I actually do this in practice, rather than in theory or just read about it. Thank you yet again, I am already feeling more calm and steadily will flow into my next chapter.



Hi Vic, great news you were so right, Thank you so much for your readings, for sticking to your outcome which was such a relief to me when things were bad. Sorry for all the strain I put on you. You and your guide are so special and I believe I found you for a reason. On Saturday morning I woke up to my daughter singing MJ songs. On Sunday me and her went for a walk she said to me guess who my favourite person in this world is. I said who. She replied Michael Jackson. I was astounded! Thank you for the signs, they keep coming. and my little one is constantly sings Annie are you ok. And talks about MJ all the time Love always



Hi Victoria, I have to say I read my email document 20 times and I'm currently on my 21st reading of it. So I want to say, the spirit you connected with is my Aunty and the reason she said Autumn is special for her is because she actually passed away this time, last year. It has been exactly one year. And another weird thing.... It is her 1 year anniversary today. 25/10/2018 she passed away and 25/10/2019 you done a reading for me and she showed herself. She is everything you described she was funny loving and she was a very experienced lady. I knew straight away that it was her when you mentioned a lady. I was like ohh she has found me . I feel as though you are my family, you have been able to connect to my late aunty and I didn't even ask about her, that's crazy yet so beautiful. Victoria I talk about you to everyone. I am recommending you left, right and centre . It has been years and years since I last messaged you, it was when you still had the text readings, and I retreated for a while as everything in my life was so content. Until recently I felt as though a little guidance would be lovely. You are worth every single penny I spent, Thank you so much. I can't thank you from my heart enough oh Victoria, you are such a precious darling human for me I cannot describe, I love you. I really do. Thank you



Hi Victoria, It was lovely speaking to you today and very comforting for me. Both my daughter and myself were delighted with our readings. I will let you know how things transpire. Thank you.



Hi Victoria I want to say thank you for always being part of my life- you have been part of it without even knowing , everything you said has happened, it feels like I just expected it all.



Dear Victoria, Sorry for the late reply, I have been thinking a lot about what you sent me. I would firstly like to thank you for the time you dedicated to my email reading. I am absolutely amazed and at loss for words to describe my emotions. There was so much truth, you are truly blessed and I can only thank you for giving me so much peace in my mind. I truly embraced every advice given from you and it will always be with me. I truly believe that I was meant to find you. You change peoples lives; Thank you, thank you, thank you so much again. I cannot wait to speak to you at some point. But until then, take care and I wish you all the best.



Dear Vicky, I just want to express my gratitude for a very reassuring, accurate and comforting phone reading. You have helped me catch a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. It is also a lovely feeling to know that Dad is watching over me and giving me the strength to carry on. Thank you so much for helping me.



Dear Victoria, I Just wanted to say thank you in abundance for your time today, your fresh perspective on things, guidance and reassurances. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy speaking with you, You are my voice of reason. Thank you for such uplifting messages re God and spirit guides, So beautiful. I felt such a strong vibration and I had a moment of release in a way of tears (but happy tears) and I released everything to the Universe, everything. I feel very blessed to have you in my life and forever grateful.



I love your email readings they make so much sense to me and they always make me so emotional! Thank you



Hi Victoria Thank you so much for my email reading it was beautifully written and brought valuable insight and assurance. I would like to thank you and your guide Michael for your guidance over the years and for shining your light upon my heart and soul. I am eternally grateful. God bless you both



Dear Victoria, I can't express how thankful I am. I read your reading a few times to really take in all the information. I've always admired the way you word your readings but this reading was beautiful. I laughed, I cried, and I reflected on it. (Obviously cried in the positive way). Just everything about it made me feel as if I was reading a chapter of my life story. I wish we lived closer as I know we would speak hours and hours over things like this, I could tell you so much. You've always been an inspiration to me. I'm sending you a big thank you and a virtual hug. And although time goes by and flies I remember you. Lots of love



Incredible reading Victoria, thank you so very much. It has given me some kind of peace.



Oh Victoria...if only you could see me now...I have tears in my eyes , your reading resonated with me so much.. Thank you for understanding me - you and your guide 'got me' straight away. The thought of working with spirit scares me a little, but maybe I'll be guided in what to do... Thank you so much Victoria, it is so good to know you and your guide understand me!...and I think I was guided to log on when I did, as I just KNEW you had written for me!



Thanks so much, Victoria! So beautifully written! Both the presentation ,the rims and font, but also the content. So full of love from our guides. Kindest regards from Latvia



Hi Victoria, I greatly appreciate our time this morning and the reading that you gave me was profound and inspirational, it is going to help me move forward much easier with piece of mind.



Victoria, this message is so overdue and I know you know how much you mean to me, but the world doesn't, so I want to say it now. You give me Goosebumps with everything you know, I can come to you with anything big or small and you help me find the solutions. You are brutally truthful when you need to be, never judgemental, and always give me love and understanding too. You have given me so much insight into events going on behind the scenes of what I can see before they have even transpired, and I have been still and watched predictions materialise right in from of me. There is no point in me wasting energy on doubting you anymore. It's clear that you care about me and all your clients, and that is the reason I am with you only, and have been for the last five years.



Hello Victoria, I had never experienced a medium before nor did I ever expect to, yet you came highly recommended and I have already been back twice now. You have shocked and surprised me, It was very clear from the start that you were actually talking to my mum, who passed away six years ago now. There is no other explanation on how you could have known the things that you did. I did go on after our latest call to find her book of poetry that she was reading before she passed away, and you were right about the last few pages being folded over and left unread. I read the end of the book to her like you asked me to do. You bought forth so many of mums memories of my time as a boy growing up and some things that you spoke about that I had actually forgotten all about until you said them. It was very emotional but you never rushed me along, your ability to communicate is outstanding, and I cannot Thank you enough for what you gave to me, I will be coming back to hear more.



Dear Victoria, your readings are invaluable to me and speaking to you always shows me that you are not of this world and have your feet firmly planted in the other realms, but forever merely touching back to this world for a time only. You are great at what you do, always exceptional.



Hi Victoria, Just a quick thank you for your call last Tuesday and all the valuable info you gave me from my late mum Marie. It was so beneficial and very comforting. It was lovely talking with you. I'll certainly book another call with you in the future as the quality of info you can access is amazing. I'll also certainly recommend you to my friends.



Dear Victoria, Just wanted to thank you for the reading and also wanted to say, it doesn't matter to me what the world might say about Michael, because, I know he cares and has a wonderful heart which is pure. I think you should continue to reach out to people, those who need you as Michael has chosen you for a reason :) Keep well, and I will be in touch. Thank you. Warm regards.



Hi Victoria, Thank you so much for our latest email reading it really has made a lot of sense to us both. We was both frightened over this fortune tellers reading but we can look at it as another lesson for us both now and as you said all readers are different in how they work so I can now totally understand what can happen with different readers. Thank you for helping us both.

S & C


Hi Victoria, I got a permanent job which starts in mid April! So your reading was correct. The pay is significantly more too and it is more of a manager role!!!



Good evening Vicky, Thank you very much for answering my questions in a generously long reading. You have put into words what I have been feeling lately and you never fail to restore my positive outlook on life. I shall make every effort to do so, as I know it is the key to a happy and fulfilling relationship. I very much appreciate your readings which have always provided me with the guidance and insight I need. What would I do without you!



Victoria, I'm not sure if you remember me, you've done several readings for me and we've talked about Michael. I'm so concerned about his spirit right now. Can you please tell him that I love him and support him. "Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons." - MJ. Thank you



Dear Victoria, I just checked my very first email to you and I had written it precisely on this day 7 of March 6 years ago. I am happy to say that today is 6 years anniversary of our warm and wonderful conversations: Thank you for those, Victoria. May I add that I found my very first email reading text from you 6 years ago and you say these words: " yet what is interesting to learn is that during her school years there will be an opportunity for her (L) to learn English language as well. Please remember and look for this, it is indicated that you will know of this choice at around her ninth year of age." L will turn nine in May: and you predicted this and it is opening up around us now.



Hi Vic, Thank you so much for your email reading, it is beautifully written and I am so grateful for all the effort you have clearly put into it. It is something I will re read many times. As I finished reading it I went into the kitchen and my led fence light outside opposite the kitchen window started flickering like CRAZY. For about a minute. I'd love to think that was Michael. I have thought about him much all day and played his music loudly to show him that I love and support him. Thank you for all you're help and guidance.



Many wonder why I would choose to have readings with a psychic, I cannot really tell them why I do and I recommend them to you Vic to experience you themselves. You are not just a psychic who can accurately describe what's around me perfectly, or go on to predict my future for me. Yet I cannot say that you are a counsellor for me either. It's fair to say that you have these qualities about you but you are so much more, it's so hard to describe you and what you give, but your different and your special. Your words and your heart somehow constantly steadies me and shows me that I do not have to fear things, I don't have to worry about where I am heading, the solutions will be there for me. You tell me things in such graphic detail that I do not need to be scared anymore and I need you in my life just because.



Victoria, Thank you so much for my email reading, which is very detailed and I'm sure took you some time to do. I was very touched that my Dad came through to you, and it gives me some peace that he is still around! You have helped me so much over the years Victoria, and I would like to thank you for that. You are a very kind and talented reader. I'm sure that I will be in touch again with you when I next need some reassurance. Thank you again



Dear Victoria, Thank you, I have received your email and read through it, you are an amazing lady with a true gift, thank you for your kind words and guidance it has helped me immensely. With greatest respect.



Hi Victoria, You did a telephone reading for me in 2013/14 and all that you told me was absolutely spot on. You told me that I would gain employment in a very quiet place and in 2016 I got hired to work in a Museum.



Hello Victoria, Thank you for all the email readings you have done for me, you have continued to be so very right with the things that you say, and you have answered so many questions for me that have really helped me understand things and it has helped me so much to see things much clearer.


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