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I have come across many readers in my life but never one as all seeing as you. Your gift is exceptional and you say it just how it is so clearly.



Thank you for everything you have done for me Victoria. You honestly have such a gift and you have always helped me so much through various stages of my life. Thank you for always being there for me and being my strong point.



No words can ever really truly express my depth of gratitude for how you and your guide have helped me come through some of the most intense experiences, challenges, lessons and growth of my life! over the months - and years!  As hard as things are, I was talking to my guides the other day to say how thankful I am to the precious special earth angels such as yourself, placed in my life path to help make these trials that much easier to navigate. So THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart Vic  You and your guide are truly one in a million! And i'm super lucky and very blessed to have you in my life.



Thank you so much!  I'm feeling more relaxed, as if I can allow myself to relax and let the worries go, because everything is OK, I'm heading in the right direction now. You are so very talented - amazing!



Hello dear Victoria, after the great loss I experienced, my path that intersected with you changed my perspective on death, as a mother I experienced the greatest pain in the world, I lost my 23-year-old beloved son unexpectedly, my pain will not pass, it will be with me for a lifetime, but the spiritual counselling I received turned my pain into patience, of course I have no knowledge about the spiritual world, I am not a person who believes in coincidence, I believe that I will be more informed on this path with you, I believe that you will be my guide in analysing the spiritual world. I have been thinking about my experience with you for days, I have been reading what you have written over and over again. I am very happy that you have been an intermediary between me and my child. I am grateful for the awareness of the spiritual world you have given me, for alleviating my pain.



Hello Victoria, I am very impressed and happy with your counselling.



Hello Victoria...thank you so much for your support...I really want to communicate with my son and I am thinking of moving forward in this pain is not going away but thanks to you I feel a little relieved...thank you



Hi Victoria, Hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that the case was finally dropped, and we are back together! You were so right. You never waived from what you saw. Thank you so much for helping me get through the last few months. After reading with you now for over 10 years, you still surprise me with your accuracy. In the nicest way, of course. MJ has been a huge help to me. Whenever I was really low, his songs would come on the radio! You are incredible. An absolute angel and I am so glad I found you and have you in my life. Thanking you doesn’t seem enough. Truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart.



I come to you always in my darkest times because I know that you bring the light back and always fill me with such life force.



Thank you Victoria for me reading, I have always wanted a psychic reading and just knew you would be the right person when I found your website online. I immediately felt very comfortable with you and found you to be very warm and non-judgemental.

I was so impressed with the immediate way that you were able to see what was happening in my life and gave me good, solid information to help me move forward. There was so much information and evidence about many other areas of my life also and I came off the phone, stunned, elated and very happy to have found you.



Victoria`s readings are so accurate that she astonishes me each and every time I have read with her. She just knows so many things, from the way that I think, feel and act, there is nobody that sees me the way that she can through her ability. She describes so clearly what sees that it is as though she is really there witnessing the events in my life. She gets to the point of the situation very quickly and without any input from me. I know her to be very direct but loving too, she soothes my soul and teaches me so many things that always resonate and makes me think deeply. I recommend her to many who need spiritual guidance in their lives, or those that need to hear from lost loved ones in spirit.



Your readings are always straight to the point. You always say what you see, even if it is something that I may not want to hear. I know I need to hear it and you have always been the one who finds a solution to my problems. You are my guiding light and I thank God that you are in my life.



I cannot believe what you are able to see, your ability is astonishing and you are a direct link to my guides and answers.



Your EVP recordings are amazing and your guides` voice is unmistakeable. Please, you have to do more of these, it is so great to hear him again.



I first met Victoria six years ago when she was here in Singapore and have had many telephone readings with her since that time. I have always found her to be uncannily accurate and straight to the point. She has never needed any prompting or information from me at all. She has helped me to overcome many life challenges as well as providing me with detailed reports upon my business matters, also with incredible accuracy. She is very professional and warm with a very good sense of humour and charm. I will recommend her highly, she brings me joy.



Thanks for reading with me this morning. I know I say this all the time but I'm really glad that I came across you all those years ago. You've lived through my darkest times with me and I'm forever grateful you're in my life and I have you to turn too when I can't speak to others.



Thank you so much for such a beautiful reassuring reading yesterday. In TIna Turner's words 'You're Simply the BEST!'



Hi Victoria, A huge thank you for your telephone reading yesterday, it was so lovely to connect with you again and  you really put my mind at ease and it’s like talking to a friend and confidante, I’m sure other people will have told you this before.



Dearest Victoria, Thank you so much for your time today, for your reassurances, honesty and wisdom. I will never forget the first time I spoke to you and what a profound impact it had on me and this was back in 2015. I’m positive there is past life connection here. Whatever it is, thank you for being “you”. My life is richer with you in my life.



Thank you for all your wonderful constant reassurance. I can't tell you how uplifting and empowering it is to speak to you at this tricky time in my life. I don't know how I would be getting through, if I had not been blessed with a special soul as extraordinarily gifted as you to help me understand and see my way forward.



Victoria, your reading was spot on!



Hello again Vicky,
I must thank you again for a very reassuring reading. I really
appreciate all the time you took to answer all my questions. You
are an incredibly talented and accurate psychic as you always see and
say things, the way they truly are. Your insight is so helpful and your
guidance is invaluable. I look forward to the next reading...



Hi Victoria, Thank you so much for the reading you gave me this week.  It was lovely to speak with you by telephone after all this time. You have given me a lot to think about and I feel very reassured that my future looks rosier.  I can’t wait for the next chapter…and I will let you know first when it happens, that’s a promise! Take care and thank you again, you are such a wonderful lady



To one of the most amazing souls I’m blessed to have in my life. You’re very special to those whose lives & hearts you have touched in wonderful ways. Thank you for being YOU




We really appreciate you, thank you for guiding us positively.

You used your time to help us and we really appreciate it.



Mighty huge Gratitude for a magnificent reading



I just wanted to say thank you for my last reading, you have a knack of making me feel at ease when I am anxious about things. You were so right about mothers legs we had an issue at the weekend where they failed her completely and myself and *** had to practically carry her upstairs to bed, I am so glad to have you as my guiding light, so thank you so much for being there when I need you. 



Hello Victoria, thank you so much for my email reading, it gives me great comfort to read what I have felt within and asked the Universe for. I will surely follow the guidance given with the possibility of my hopes and dreams coming true in the future.




Hi Victoria, thank you so much for this beautiful email reading. This means a lot to me and I appreciate every word.




Dear Victoria, I really appreciate and trust your readings and with your words, I feel guided and that is why I keep coming back.




Victoria is a bright shining light in dark places and I have found her to be correct with so many areas of my life, over the past two years she has regularly proved beyond doubt to me that she is communicating with my loved ones that have passed to the other side time after time after time. She is amazing.




Hello super fabulous Vic, thank you so much for such a beautiful and empowering reading as always. I truly cannot thank you and your wonderful guide enough, for every way that your phenomenal insights, wisdom and clarity have helped me to navigate this huge transformative time. You are a life enhancing remedy that makes peoples lives so much brighter. Until next time.




Everything that you said came to pass, everything is coming true as always.




Thank you for your very insightful reading. It is so very helpful to know what is going on behind the scenes. Your guidance is invaluable to me.




Thank you so much for your reading, you have confirmed everything to me I just wish I could speak to you for longer. I just want to thank you and I also forgot to mention that in the last reading you mentioned a new home / new house, you were right! You gave me every bit of hope and confidence and I wish i had come to you sooner.



Thank you dear Victoria for your reading, it was very lovely talk with you, beautiful, encouraging and warm and helpful. I am so glad to finally know the purpose of my life and now have more faith to believe in my intuition.



Thank you so much as always Victoria for giving me the best insight.



Dear Victoria, Just a short (but joyous) update! I got my PhD examiners' results today -- one with a P for pass (just as you said) and another with revisions. I've been meeting lots of new people with regard to my work too. Your readings have been remarkably spot on so far. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the assurance and calm feelings that everything will be ok in our past months of conversations.



Thank you so much Victoria this email reading is beautifully written I absolutely understand this.


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