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I found Victoria via the Internet, I had never had a psychic reading before but I was at a place in my life when I needed to find my direction.I was unsure and very apprehensive about making an appointment. The moment I spoke with her I felt such ease and I just knew she was right for me. I booked a call straight away. My reading was so much more than I expected, it was very insightful and accurate. She managed to communicate so easily with several of my deceased relatives and went into such accurate detail about their lives. She also passed on highly relevant messages about what is happening in my life now as well as future predictions.All the information Victoria gave made sense and she made the path ahead for me seem much clearer. At the end I was also able to ask her questions and she gave me answers on how to improve my health and well-being. Truly Victoria was my best Christmas present to myself. I am so glad I found her and I cannot recommend her highly enough.



If Vic were a car she would be a top of the range limousine, sleek stylish and powerful. She is a fabulous vehicle for spirit to manifest through. I have been reading with her now for nearly a year and she never fails to impress me at whatever time I call. She is always super sharp with very clear and accurate information. Her timing of events can be a little out of tune, but she is a fantastic healer as well and her remote viewing techniques are tried and tested and they remain bang on. She is simply the best.



My readings with Victoria are such a huge event and occur on a monthly basis when I and my family all get together to hear her bring our mum to us. Victoria has been our reader and friend since Mum died suddenly three years ago now, and she continues to connect and gel to Mums spirit so clearly and concisely. We are all so amazed by the information that comes through. Victoria can easily address each one of us and impart such vivid knowledge from Mum on what has been happening around us, right down to minute detail since we all last spoke. Victoria brings us so much comfort that Mum is still here and watching us and still giving us her guidance has saved us all. In her own gentle way Victoria blends both worlds beautifully and brings them together with so much love, heart and skill. She is our precious gift.

Sue, Jamie, Mick, Bob, Peter, Katy and Mac


Thank you for being a bright, beautiful light in my life. I'm so grateful for your inspiration and direction. I so appreciate you. Merry Christmas, my dear Victoria.



I have never spoken to a psychic who has had such a high level of talent, and professionalism. You will be absolutely floored when you talk to her.



Victoria, Thank you so much for my photograph reading. I have to say it was so much more than I expected and I literally shook through the whole thing! It was so wonderful that you were able to bring forward my Nan. Our family have been to many other psychics in the hopes that we would hear from her but we had not been able to reach her until now. You described her perfectly and it is lovely to know that she watches me place flowers at her grave. You gave so much validation that she is around and watching. You are amazing.



At first I never believed in anything psychic or spiritual, let alone a medium, but after my friend had read with you and said how amazing you were I decided to schedule a reading for myself. It was just incredible as I listened to you speak with my Father who passed away 3 years ago. You never asked me one question; you just let them speak through you. All information that you gave was so accurate you just could never have known these things. Then out of the blue you said to me that Dad is bringing Elvis in, oh how you laughed when you went on to tell me that you saw a big black and white cat and that he was the Elvis you were referring to. I was so overwhelmed as losing Elvis was such another painful blow after my father had passed it was so comforting to know he was safe with my dad. Your reading was so much than I ever expected, you are totally incredible and YES I am now a believer.



Hi Vic, just a quick note to thank you for my reading you were right again I found my bracelet caught up in my blue work blouse heading for the washing machine just as you saw. I do not know what I would do without you.



Hi Victoria, Thank you so much for my reading with you, Thank you also for your kindness and understanding. Your accuracy when relating past events in my life and in my daughter's life gave me goose-bumps. I feel reassured in the knowledge that my daughter is safe and feeling much stronger now and the fact that you have never wavered from your vision of a positive outcome to my situation is also so encouraging. I am now putting into practice the "natural route" and, as promised, I will come back and let you know what happens! To be honest, I had a bit of a light bulb moment after I put the 'phone down. Everything you said made sense, a bit like piecing a jigsaw together. Until the next time.



Victoria is an incredible psychic, if you want to connect with someone amazing, ring her and see for yourself.



Dear all, I am a working medium myself and recently i have been hearing about Victoria many times so decided to check her out. The woman is shocking because her abilities are heavily developed and she can see so much of a life. For me this was very fortunate as Victoria detected a problem with my gas fire due to the chimney being blocked. She explained that my being unwell was due to carbon monoxide poisoning. She insisted I open all the windows and to check it out straight away then go to hospital for a breath test to validate this information. She was so right and I thank God I listened to her I was so shocked to learn this could of killed me. She is an amazing woman with the most incredible gift.



Dear Victoria, thank you so much for my reading I cannot believe how amazing you were. The detail you were able to give me on my current situation with my boyfriend was just incredible. You knew so much about our life even down to how we met. When you sang the whole song Do they knew its Christmas so enthusiastically down my telephone to me and then got embarrassed and asked me why you did this was just so funny. This song was played when I met my boyfriend and we both hate it but to hear you sing it was just magic. You have given me such peace that everything will be okay. You are just fantastic.



Victoria, less than an hour before I found you online I had just had the worst reading by one of the most expensive readers and thought I would just try one more time. I am so glad that I found you and I now know what it is like to get a real reading. I did not need to say one word to you as within minutes you knew why I rang and went on to provide so much accurate information on my baby in spirit. I cannot thank you enough, you have calmed me no end to know she is with my Mum.



Dearest Victoria, out of all the wonderful psychic readers I have had the good fortune to know during my life you are the one that touches my soul. Over our time together you have given me a clearer understanding of the other side as well as opening my mind to all the possibilities of all that is out there. Thank you for sharing your time, your mind and your joy and love. I feel very honoured to know such a wonderful special person.



Victoria, this was the first time I had ever used a psychic text service and I must say that I was totally shocked and shaken by what you knew just from my name and the word love. You managed to pinpoint a lost love in my life and provided a description of her as well as knowing the exact timeline of our relationship. I found this very spooky but absolutely thrilling and I will be booking a telephone reading shortly with you.



Dear Victoria, I would just like to say a big thank you from my heart for such a; positive, warm and soothing reading. I was extremely nervous at the beginning of the reading and my heart wouldn't stop racing, but your kind gentle voice put my nerves to bed and I felt so calm and at peace. I feel extremely happy that I found you and I'm glad I booked the reading with you last night, was very impressed. I have had psychic readings before but you were so accurate on every detail it amazed me. I sensed that just by talking to you, you are very kind, caring and have a strong connection in towards helping people and I can see why you are so popular, but I like the fact you do things with love and from the heart. Take care and god bless you & your spirit guide.



Victoria, finding your website on line was no accident and I truly feel that I was drawn to you. My reading with you was so much more than what I had expected. You opened my eyes to the answers that I have been begging and pleading for all of my life. I was so impressed with you that after our reading I spent five hours reading through your entire website. I love hearing you in your writings. Your experiences with Michael and the sharing of this is so full of honesty that I found it most profound and I look forward to not only more readings with you but also to your future writings it is such a spectacular event to watch unfold.



I have had quite a few readings with Victoria now, and there are so many reasons why I think she is the best psychic out there. Not only is she the one that gives me so much deep and specific information on any subject I bring to her but time has proved that she is extremely accurate with all that she sees. She is very honest and truthful but always strives to see the positive in everything. She is unique and is so funny and I love her to bits. She helps me so much and I just love hearing her talk because she is the only one that can calm me down. She is truly an amazing inspirational woman and I think she is so wonderful. She dedicates so much of her time to support and reassure others who have suffered. Call her because you will love her too.



Victoria is the real deal and she really hammers information out. I contacted her recently for the first time and she blew me away. She spoke of many events in my past with accuracy and went on to explained to me why I had gone through them, she spoke of why I encounter the things I do now and told me where in life I am heading and why I am going there and with who. She bought forward my Mom from spirit. There were many things she spoke to me of that only my Mom and I knew of. Yet this biggest thing about this reading was Victoria saved my life and that?s no joke because she told me real gentle that I needed to go to the hospital for some tests. She said my heart was getting weak and I needed to slow down, she told me I would be fine and not to be scared but I needed medication to get my blood pressure down. She was bang on the money and the first person I rang and told. I am getting more tests done but docs are confident that medication is a good option; I am real pleased with this because Victoria told me she could not see any operations. I truly believe she will be right about this as well.



Victoria, you know how I feel about you and your amazing gift but it suddenly occurred to me that others do not because in the five years that you have been in my life I have never thought to leave a testimonial. I originally connected when you were working for a psychic company and to this day I know our connection was fated because I asked for a shining star and there you were. You have helped me through many life changes as well as navigating me through many sticky situations and your accuracy concerning aspects of my life continues to astound me. You really are an extraordinary person but somehow remain so humble and are so shocked at how much stronger we have both seen it becoming. On Mondays reading we knew I would be viewing a possible new home and you rattled off an address. On Wednesday I called you to tell you that the address was right. You were so shocked and your reaction was so funny, yet I was not because I know that you are the greatest there is.



I consulted Victoria for a photograph reading after being concerned about a negative presence in my home. She looked into my photos and gave me some very informed advice into what exactly was going on around me. Her input has been very helpful on both a practical and personal level and she has given me a lot of valuable information on how to improve my circumstances. I found her to be extremely kind and reassuring; I will definitely consult with her again in the future if I have any further concerns and have already recommended her to friends and family.

Melissa and family


Dear Victoria, you must hear this all the time but you have the most amazing gift. You have always been consistent and so accurate in all that you have told me. You have left my friends and also my family members completely speechless at the specific information that you are able to give us all. You are simply the best there is.



Hello Victoria, Thank you very much for your excellent reading. I received your email and I was not prepared for what was in it. I am not new to readings, I have been around people that have your gift all of my life, but....I think without exception, that your reading was the absolute best I have ever had, through either face to face or email situations. It is not just the things you have mentioned, the messages you had for me or the words you have used, it is something deeper than that, it struck a real cord inside me. There was something, very honest and truly lovely about your reading.



Hi Victoria, thank you so much for my email reading , it was fantastic as the man in spirit you told me about was defiantly my Dad and I am so happy he came through. You knew so much about him and even knew how he had died. You mentioned a jewellery box and not only knew it was my prized possession from him but pinpointed the tune perfectly. You have made me so happy and I hope to speak next on the telephone with you.



Dear Victoria, my reading with you was more than I ever expected it to be and I just had to email you to tell you that you are absolutely incredible. My wife pushed me to make this call to you, neither of us had ever consulted with a psychic before but we were desperate after the kid`s tortoise went missing from the garden, we looked everywhere and could not find him. I must admit before speaking with you I did think I would just have to humour you and get off the phone as quick as possible. I was so wrong because the first thing you said to me was kids are crying and you will not be finding him in the garden. I was absolutely floored and thought I was actually going to stop breathing. You knew it was a tortoise but could not quite get his name but you did get me to draw a map of where he went. It was the most surreal experience of my life. You told me that he got out the gate on rubbish day and went left three houses down to the old girl`s house, I knew who you were talking about straight away because you told me that she went everywhere with a shopping trolley and those wheels squeaked along the road which is also true and drives us mad. That we would find him in her garden under something blue next to what you felt was a rose bush, or certainly some bush with thorns attached to it. I went there immediately after our call and I was utterly gobsmacked, he was near a thorn bush and it was actually a blackberry bush, and the blue he was under was a tarpaulin cover. Timmy is now safely back at home and we cannot thank you enough for your help, without you we would never have found him. You are brilliant and I am so glad I rang you.



Dear all, Victoria is not your ordinary psychic, without a doubt she has an incredible ability but she is much more than a psychic. She genuinely cares about us all and you know it the minute that you speak with her. She never misses a beat and always has my answers on anything I bring to her. I have needed Victoria so much recently as my Mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Victoria knew exactly where it was in mum`s body and without any prompting by me she knows what I need to hear and has laid it all out to me where we stand. She told me not only of what mum faced, but the day to day suffering and how best to make mum comfortable through this. She has offered details about her quality of life and how long we have left with mum. She has also managed to pinpoint how I can support mum through her final days. Victoria has always been a godsend to me she is so unique you will never meet anybody quite like her. I hear through text from her every day sending me love just because she wants to. She is a gift to us all.



Hi Victoria, thank you so much for my email reading and I must tell you that your words on my grandmother sent shivers down my spine!! Am pleasantly shocked at how accurately you described her. To be honest, I have had readings before where my grandmother has been mentioned, but never accurately described as you just did.



I have had many readings from many different psychics, but I consider Victoria the best by far. No matter what she is reading about, she is very clear and specific. I recently asked her about my brother who has been ill recently. She correctly identified his kidneys that he was suffering with and offered insight about how to ease his pain. What she told me with regard to the illness turned out to be absolutely accurate, even though we didn't know anything at all from the doctors at the time of my reading.



Hi Victoria, I just wanted to let you know that you were right I did not get the job I know you will be unhappy about this because you told me that you hoped you were wrong. I am a little upset but it makes me trust more in what spirit say to you.



HI my v. Just wanted to give you a big thank you, My situation has been a long winded one and I am just half way through it, I want to thank you for your patience and your kindness. I am sorry that I forever push for answers and get anxious so much waiting for outcome. I know it will come and I need to relax and let all come when ready. You are honestly better than any therapist! More than a best friend and a true gift from god! Please never stop reading, I read your testimonials at low times, and it makes me smile knowing that you help so many people. I always just think of you as my personal guardian angel, and sorry I rely on you too much at times. Anyone thinking of getting a reading.... You would have wished you had met her years ago. Two years on and many readings, you are still ever so gentle, caring and still getting everything right you predict, and yet it still shocks me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxxx



I called Victoria for the first time yesterday with just one very critically important question in mind, and she answered it before I even asked it! She is truly amazing, has terrific energy and a wonderful voice, and gave lots of detail that was so accurate into my current situation without my telling her anything about myself. I could not stop laughing I was left so shocked by what she knew. She is the real deal and I will definitely be calling her again soon!



Hi Victoria, I love your text service you are so accurate in fact I cannot believe how much specific information that you can give me just from my name. I am so happy that I found you and i have recommended many of my friends to you too.



I love our telephone readings Victoria, I can`t stop thinking about you, every reading is better than the last and you have helped me so much over these last few months. I trust in you completely to guide and show me the way. Time after time your accuracy astonishes me, I always know when it`s you ringing because every single time I either hear Michaels music playing on the radio or my doorbell will ring, I fall for it every time and nobody`s ever there . It is truly amazing, you two are very special.



Dear Victoria, I had been looking for weeks to find the right psychic medium and the moment I saw your website I was drawn to you. From the moment I connected to you on the phone I felt an instant sense of integrity and sincerity from you. It was not the reading I wanted to hear but you told me what I needed to hear and you conveyed it all in such a truthful and accurate way. There was so much personal information and messages that you delivered with such a natural ease that I knew that you were right. Since our reading I have emailed you and I find your words give me so much strength and the power to believe in myself again. Your selfless giving has enabled me to look forward to the future that you predicted for me. You are a rare find and a true spiritual worker.



I have been a long-time client and student of Victoria her readings are extremely accurate and she has the ability to make even trying situations seem positive all while providing insightful counsel. As a teacher, she has the ability to make all spiritual matters understandable and simple. She is such a natural at what she does. Her open, caring, and approachable manner makes anyone who comes in contact with her completely comfortable and uplifted. I am so thankful that Victoria has been such a big part of my spiritual journey.



Victoria is simply in a league of her own and over the times we have read together I have found her to be very consistent and accurate. She has taught me to look at my life and the world in a new way which helps me to understand and work through my feelings for me to heal.



As a psychic medium Victoria is extraordinary and my sessions with her have been an absolute affirmation that there is an afterlife.



AMAZING!! I was out of touch with a loved one and Victoria told me he would be in touch again She told me that she could hear him and that he had an accent that she thought was French. I was speechless because she was spot on. She then went on to predict a specific date I would hear from this person. It was so unlikely yet on the very day she said I would hear, I received a message from him. Victoria also felt there was something very specific health wise going on in this person's family and she was correct! Time after time I am blown away with Victoria` accuracy. She provides guidance with love, hope, honesty and light.



Hello Vicky, I wish to thank you for an amazing and amusing reading. As always, within minutes you accurately described the situation I am in. Thank you for taking your time to fit the parts of the jigsaw puzzle together. I'll let you know when it'll all happen, as it surely will.



HI Victoria you gave me a reading back in August, I said I would keep you updated on things that came to light. A manager has left to work in another branch, you said she would leave. You mentioned many things to change at work and so many things are.



I would like to reach out to those of you who are struggling with an issue but like myself are reluctant to reach out to a person who can really help you. I would go in and read the testimonials but just couldn't make up my mind, One day I found the courage to send Victoria an email advising her that I needed her services and would she assist me, I received a prompt response, Very cordial I might add. Victoria advised that she would help me and then gave instructions on what I needed to do to receive her services. I did the three question email reading option and Wow I must say that that it was as if she was there to witness everything that had happened. I just couldn't believe how she could have known certain events that took place. It was all there in writing from beginning to end. If you are a sceptic like I was I would suggest to you to just give it a try and you will be stunned and convinced by Victoria`s accuracy. I must tell you that I actually had tears in my eyes after the reading it gave me closure. It was like something heavy that was holding me down was now gone. If you know someone, or have a friend in trouble, or you need assistance with the one you care about Victoria is the answer. I would never write this much about anyone but someone has to tell the world that Victoria is the real deal. I won't even begin to tell you how much money I have lost in the past because I was so trusting of other psychics, Well I can thank Victoria for being there and for such a straight to the point reading.



Vic never fails to impress, not only with her amazing psychic skills, but also with her warmth, compassion, patience and incredible ability to instil faith in me. She has helped my troubled soul, no end, and I shall continue to seek her guidance indefinitely.



Dear Vic I have known you for such a long time now and I have always had faith in your readings and text messages. You have always been there for me (and my daughter) and you have always maintained the outcome of my situation is "slowly getting there". As time moves on I keep seeing sight of all the predictions that you have given me and it gives me so much faith and comfort to know that the outcome will eventually be as you have always predicted. I the past I have used other psychics, and although they have been ok, their predictions have always been wishy-washy and no-one has ever come up to the mark like you have Vic. What I truly love about you is you always get right into the nitty-gritty and I always get the answers I need. You are my life line and I don't know what I would do without you.



Hi Victoria, I had never had a psychic phone reading until I found you online. Within the first minute of our phone conversation, I knew that you were the real deal. You accurately saw a surgery I'd had performed a month earlier, and advised what my body needed to heal. You also spoke of Cookie my dog and asked me where his other leg was as you were only shown three. This totally blew me away because you then went on to answer your own question and described in minute detail the events of that night and the car that knocked him down outside our street. I found you to be so very caring and genuine and it was such an emotional experience and simply amazing!



Victoria, yet again I sit and I chuckle and I cannot understand how you do the work that you do. You knew from our reading three weeks ago that I was actively searching for a new car and you had said that you were shown a silver car with two doors that would interest me soon. That I should not be nervous or think the offer too good to be true and that there was a definite reason for the car to be sold at a lower price than expected. You told me not to worry that all would be well with it .The car that you had spoken of is the one I went on to choose and is parked in my driveway right now .Yet I had been a little worried and confess that I had doubted what you had told me about the car being sound. I had been hearing a little knocking noise from the passenger side and really thought something was wrong. On further investigation I found half wedged under the seat? an empty bottle of Vicks vapour rub. I straight away thought of you and laughed I should never doubt you, what a wonderful sign.



Victoria`s work is remarkable. Each and every time she reads for me I come away with a deeper understanding of myself, my past and have new ways to continue to move myself forward in life. Consulting with her has changed me more deeply than any previous therapy I have ever had.



Dear Victoria, I have had two amazing readings with you now and wanted you to be the first to know that you were right I got the job, and even the new work hours that you had predicted. You have helped me so much in coping with a very difficult personal situation and I know that I will be having another reading very soon. You are so warm and friendly a truly lovely lady. Thank you so much for your help over the last few weeks.



Dearest Vic, thank you for another fabulous reading, you are such a light in my life and always there when I need you. You have a powerful gift of seeing solutions to any problems that I bring to you and I have always found you to be consistent and very accurate. You are a very special and magical person, who has always made me feel so important. You give of yourself so freely that I know I can tell you anything and you will never judge me. There is nobody like you out there, and I am so glad that I can call you my friend.



Victoria, I have read with many psychics before I connected with you and it is you that stands out from all the rest. Do you know why? You are not afraid of truth and you give me the good and the bad news concerning my ever worsening health issue. You came into my life when I did not have a lot to be thankful for and you have stayed with me through all the highs and lows of my illness. You help me to understand that life is precious and that it is important to continue to fight through and you give me so much hope whilst I am doing that. I love the way that you show me that here is just one aspect of a much bigger picture. I know at times I have been difficult and I have pushed you so hard for information for me as well as for my family and I want you to know that I am so sorry for that. Your visions continue to be so accurate and your insights steady me and bring me such comfort. What I really need you to know is that you have made a huge difference to my life. You are my dearest friend who I can totally rely on who always finds the way to bring me from the darkness. I know that there is a God because he bought you to me.



I was very sceptical of psychics before I had my reading with you three months ago now. My friends were all raving about your text service so I decided to treat myself to a phone call. I did not believe a word of what you told me because everything that you had said would be happening shortly in my life sounded so wrong. You first told me that I would move home, I explained we had recently moved to a home I loved. I then went on to say I would also need to give up my job , this I told you I also loved. You said you were sorry but it was my husband who would be making these changes because of a change at his work that he would receive. The offer you saw would be too good to turn down and that an aeroplane was shown to you indicating a different country. I am now writing to let you know that you were so completely right in all that you predicted. My husband recently found out that he got promoted and that we will need to move in October to America. I am so sorry I doubted you. Everything you had said to me is now coming into place.



Dear Victoria, you were recommended to me by my Mother who insisted I try you out. I had no belief at all in psychics and told you this before we started. Three days after I still do not know how you knew all that you did. I have come to the conclusion that something far greater than I can understand was happening here because I have no explanation as to how you do what you do. Your insights and statements concerning my past and also my present were all very accurate, so I assume what you had predicted regarding my future is also going to happen. There were several things that you told me that were known only to me , other things that I was unaware of that I have checked out since our reading and found those to also be correct. Thank you for your reading I was very wrong about you, you certainly are all that you say you are. I do intend to return to you and I have recommended you highly to others.



I just wanted to thank you and Michael for your honest and true readings; you both have lifted my mind and given me hope to live for the future again. I was that depressed and suicidal with all the trouble that was going on around me. Thank you both so much. I hope that you will both bring joy and happiness to other people in similar situations as my own and continue to help others for as long as possible. I wish you both happiness and joy. God bless you both.



Hello I just wanted to thank you again for my reading today - I'm just so happy. Not only was it more than I ever hoped for you have explained so many, many questions that have been going around in my mind for such a long time. For the first time, in a long time, I am looking forward to the immediate future with so much excitement and am able to prepare properly. I'm so glad that I was led to you - thank you and I will definitely keep you updated



Dear Victoria My email reading may have been delayed but it was well worth waiting for! I feel you have given me confidence and strength to follow my intuition and my inner voice. You are absolutely spot on with the things that you told me. I was very impressed with the testimonials on your web page. I am so pleased that I have chosen you Victoria! Thank you.



Over the years I have consulted with many so called psychics in my quest to connect with my wonderful mom once more. I was left heartbroken and disappointed of never receiving any specific evidence from any of them. I had given up hope and had no faith in an afterlife at all, until fate bought me to Victoria. We met last year through an online game we play together. I had no idea of her amazing abilities until she messaged me a few weeks back now with her email address and asked me if I would contact her direct. She told me my Mother kept coming to her wanting to talk to me. What followed was a five page email on specific information that only I and the members of my family would have known of. Victoria described two different places and worked out that my mom grew up in England but that her family ended up in USA where we live now in Texas. She knew about her illness and how she was recovering when she was taken suddenly from us. She even knew details on the difficulties we are facing now to do with the sale of land that we own. I showed it to the family and none of them could believe it either. This kind caring lady and her incredible gift has made a whole family believe and be hopeful of life and a life after death once again. You are awesome Victoria and we all pledge as a family to let as many people know about you as possible because we all sincerely believe that you must be a gift from God.



You know Victoria, I often think of you. You have made such a huge impact in my life. You are very unique and special as the love and the truth just pours out of you and is felt instantly. I remember the first time I had a reading with you, It was so weird because I instantly felt so safe and have not felt that feeling since my Father died eight years ago. The things that you knew about my Dad were just mind blowing. You spoke to me of many things that were so accurate and one that sticks in my mind was his hospital bag that you saw that I had put away and not been opened since he died. I had forgotten what was in it and during the reading I just knew I had to open it. You described each individual object in detail that was inside without any prompting from me at all that there was no doubt in my mind that you could see inside. You have continued since that day to provide me with your incredible insight and you remain a very precious influence in my life.



Hi Victoria I just wanted to thank you for an amazing email reading it was spot on I do not know how you knew all what you wrote about but it truly stunned me. You are simply just wow! I am looking forward to emailing you with updates as i get them. I want to also thank you for taking the time to receive a call from me to discuss the reading after I received it. You are a wonderful lady god bless.



Yet again, Victoria, talking to you has brought me back from the edge during the most difficult time of my life. I have such faith in you. You connect and give me great hope. Knowing in my heart and soul that you are right gives me the strength to cope.



If there is one thing I would change about Victoria it would be that we need to clone her. One is not enough for all of us who need her insight, caring wisdom and accuracy. She is outstanding.



Dear Victoria, I had a reading with you last week which I enjoyed so much. I'm sure as with so many people I was a little optimistic about having a reading over the phone. I was shocked that you talked mainly about a relationship that I'm in, as this was what I wanted to know about. You were so accurate it was amazing. I look forward to seeing what happens in November. After the reading I felt a weight lifted from me and much stronger. I will without any doubt speak to you again. You are an amazing warm person. Even though I couldn't see you I felt so comfortable with you. Thank you for giving me hope xx



Hi Vic i just wanted to say thank you for having so much patience with me when i keep going on about the same thing again and again!!I really believe i found you for a reason. After our phone readings i always feel so calm and at peace and i cannot wait for my predicted outcome to show itself.2012 has been a special year for me because it is the year i found you and your predictions for me have blew me away!!



Dear victoria thank you from my heart for my reading it was so lovely that you spoke to my mum for me it was lovely what you said that she is here with me and that i will one day see her .You were so spot on with everything, that i was crying because I had always felt that i did not do enough to save her but i now know it was her time to go. You have such a wonderful gift and that you have helped so many people. I hope to talk to you and Michael again



Hi Victoria, I thank you with all my heart for all the insightful photograph readings you have done for me. Each reading has provided new information and confirmed things I suspected. I feel that I'm finally achieving the peace of mind I've been looking for. I have seen and dealt with several psychics in the past and I must tell you that you are by far the best and most accurate of all. I appreciate your kindness, great writing style, advice and professionalism. I can see why you are always so busy helping others like me in search of answers. God bless you!



~ VICTORIA AND MJ ~ As we walk our path of life we meet people every day. Most are simply met by chance. But, some are sent our way. These become special friends whose bond we can't explain, the ones who understand us and share our joy and pain their love contains no boundaries. Like Vic and MJ. Even after death-love never goes away even we are apart. Their presence enhances us with a warm feeling in the heart. This love becomes a passageway, when even the miles disappear. These friends, God sends our way and remain forever near I am blessed that I found you Victoria the world is a better place with you in it and it keeps getting better with the love you and MJ have within. YOU ARE AMAZING. YOU ARE THE TRUTH AND I LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH.XXXXXXXX



Victoria, as you know I was a sceptic and did not really think that you could do a reading for me over the telephone without any information offered by myself other than my name. Yet after your warm and honest email I decided I wanted to try. I am just so pleased that I did and two days after my reading I am still reeling from all that you told me and still cannot believe that this all happened. You picked up instantly my reason for calling, and knew all about it and provided me with specific and accurate information on the situation. You told me that my boyfriend was deeply regretful at his action and would come to me and try to explain himself and hoped to put things right again. You were told that I had within two days to wait for this to happen. You went on to say the knocks at my street door were so loud and urgent that they were hurting you. That is when it all happened it is absolutely unbelievable, because as you know all that you were describing to me was happening right at that moment in real time! I think that we were both a little shocked as I was forced to end our call. The only element that was not there from your vision was the colour of his t-shirt, you had felt that he would be wearing a very pale green one and it was actually light blue. However the main conversation that you had spoken of that was due to take place between he and I was so spookily accurate. As you had predicted I did decide to wait before giving him my decision, yet I do know that you will be right about your outcome as I will give him another chance. Your ability is simply out of this world and I was left shocked to the core but I will definitely been returning for more of your incredible and magical gift.



I want to say a massive thank you to my wonderful friend Victoria! Words can't describe what this woman means to me! How she can stay so patient and gentle with me, when I'm in a panic, repeating my questions and concentrating too much of 'when' things will happen. I don't just read with her to know my answers, she has never been wrong yet with any of my 'many' readings. As soon as she says hello Gems, I'm put at ease. I feel better and know things will be ok. You say it is a time to see my truth. I will v and because I have you and MJ. Thinking about my life before I feel so lucky that I found you I don't know what I would of done or where I would be now. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems as I have a special, truly gifted amazing woman there when I need her - V. Much love xx.



Victoria, I playback our readings often as I like to hear your voice as it gives me so much strength. I read your testimonials regularly and notice how you make everybody feel so important and special. You really are the best no one comes close.



I had been referred to you Victoria by a friend of mine for your work as a medium. I was hoping to find my Dad who had passed away five months ago. I want you to know that it was just the most beautiful experience. You started my reading by singing a favourite nursery rhyme of mine that my father used to sing to me. This sent chills all through me. You asked me if I liked your singing and I could not speak through my tears. You described my dad`s personality exactly, as well as many special events that we had shared. The detail provided concerning his failing health and his passing was so accurate that you left me in no doubt who you were talking to. I was particularly amazed when you spoke of my dear friend Monica and explained that dad said she is a good friend and how she has been a great support throughout. You left me completely speechless as well as so comforted that he is still here. You are phenomenal, a wonderful person and unlike anybody I have ever come across before. Thank you so much.



I have just had another fantastic reading with one of the world`s most amazing psychics. I know this first hand because she has been my special one for three years now and everything she has ever said to me has shown itself. There is nobody out there like her, I cannot ever hide from her or catch her out because she knows everything. Today`s reading was so funny I just had to write and share Queen Vic`s amazing ability. I had taken a day off work and informed all I was unwell which was a little untrue. Victoria knew this and did tell me that all would be well but that I must think about my actions more. She told me that I had been seen out shopping earlier in the day looking at handbags. She then went on to not only describe the person who had seen me but also managed to describe our seating plan at work and knew he was opposite me. She then casually started to describe the handbag including the colour that I bought and told me for 35 pounds I had got a bargain. The detail she provides is so outstanding that it`s shocking and she has a great personality with the funniest humour. I always feel as though I am speaking with an old friend. She is always truly remarkable and uses her various gifts in such wonderful, gentle and pure ways that I am always constantly learning from her.



Victoria is one of the most caring, selfless and beautifully spirited people I have met. She remains so grounded and down to earth even though she has this incredible gift. I have never stopped thanking her for all she has done and she remains humble and gets embarrassed when I do. She gets into my head and straight through to my heart. I love her dearly and I am so glad that I found her she is my angel.



Victoria has been my reader for the past six years now and has always provided me with very deep insights into all areas of my life. When I first met her, I was blown away by her softness and her insight, but at the same time, there was such an incredible power behind her words. I am always so impressed by her ability that I have recommended several people over the years to her and all have marvelled over her healing energy and her extraordinary readings.



I was super amazed by my email reading from you Victoria. I asked you the three questions without giving any detail behind them and you answered them as if you knew my whole life story. You also gave me additional information by providing many messages from my loved ones in spirit. I was extremely shocked when you altered your writings from English to Italian enabling you to provide evidence from my late grandmother who was born and raised in Italy. It was all so incredibly accurate, you are extremely gifted, compassionate, down to earth and very empowering. Your prices are Excellent - the information I received for that price was just fabulous. I have already highly recommended you to all my friends and family to experience you for themselves.



I have just received my past life email reading from you and it is absolutely fabulous. The detail that you managed to capture regarding illness from the two past lives that you were able to focus on resonated deeply with the specific detail of my health issues that you mentioned that I suffer from now in this life was absolutely outstanding. You made me laugh out loud and almost cry as it was very in depth and gave me so much understanding of where I am now. Thank you so much.



Victoria, I am amazed at all the things you knew that only I know. I am so grateful that you were able to speak to my Nan so I could tell her how much I love her, it gave me shivers that you saw her as a child in hospital with polio that was pretty incredible. Thank you from my heart.



I have had an email reading from you which was fantastically well written and so accurate that when my Mother read it she instantly thought that you knew me personally. Since then I have used your text service quite a few times and WOW, it has blown me away how accurate you have been. You give me so much to think about and are such a positive in my life. Thank you for being so amazing.



Hi Victoria, I had a wonderful telephone reading with you regarding my love life and a certain man who I had hoped liked me too. I was so shocked when you told me that you wanted to talk to me about the mystery man. You gave so much information and I found you to be very friendly and so funny, I laughed so much. I had to write to you to let you know that you were so spot on that it`s scary .You told me that he would pursue me away from our work life shortly and that I would receive two text messages from him , one would be a joke about a fly. I did received two texts from him and the first one was that joke. I cannot wait for the rest of your prediction to come true.



Dearest Diamond Vic, I wanted to write a little note of gratitude to you, MJ & our spirit guides. Our journey so far has been full of ups and downs, surprises and shocks. Throughout and still you are always with me to offer your guidance, support and love. You put up with my messages which can be so repetitive at times I think, and do not lose patience with me. The path has been emotional, life changing and continues to show more and more. Till now we have had many things that you have said would happen come to show themselves. Things that you say are sometimes hard to believe when going through a time of struggle but you with me? and keeping the knowing faith that spirit have all in hand and truth will come to be in perfect timing keeps me going. Sometimes we get little 'bursts' of things going just right and I know that these are our angels showing us that all is on the way. You are my true friend, confidant and I know we look forward to the beautiful days ahead when what we see for outcome will be true, we will share the joys together! With all the love and thanks that I can possibly convey from me heart, soul and spirit... THANK YOU. You are my diamond angel and my world would not be the same without you. X



Dear Victoria, I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your incredible reading .I wanted to talk and be close to Michael as I have such a deep love for him and he had been such a huge influence in my life. Everything that is good and positive in my life, I did because of him. Not only did you ring me straight away but you left me with no doubt in my mind that he is with you as the messages that you gave were very personal to me and my life. I asked you to ask Michael if he was aware of the three major things that I felt during my life he had helped me with. You immediately came back with not only the correct answers but also the relevant times associated with these episodes. You told me that he could see me, this made me cry because you said that he was anxious regarding my weight loss and he wanted me to eat more. You also knew of my tattoo that I had and described it as the Thriller Tiger this was also unbelievably accurate. You gave me so much of your time and would not accept any payment at all from me and insisted that you would not ever take a payment for a Michael reading. I think that you are a very special person and you have made me feel so much better.



I really wanted to say how brilliant I think your text service is. I am so impressed and pleased at how much you can see in my life. You really give me reason and strength with your kind and patient words that are always unique and meaningful to my situation.



Victoria, I had my first reading with you two months ago now and thought I would write to let you know that the five big predictions that you told me of have all shown themselves already. I also under your instruction did speak to my mother concerning information on my grandfather and his passing and all of that information was uncannily accurate as well. You had mentioned a significant flower that is being placed by a female on his grave, it is actually my aunt that does this and only buys and places the flowers that you described. None of us were aware of this. Concerning contact I was hopeful that I would receive from a gentlemen friend also arrived, you had said that that you had felt it would be within two weeks. His contact to me arrived at two weeks and one day. My job has changed as you predicted as well as my salary and there is to be a new project starting with a new female as you had stated which will see that training course that you also mentioned. The tooth pain you had felt and described as very bad has also shown itself and I have taken that trip to the dentist for root canal treatment .The most bizarre aspect of my reading that even now when I think of it raises the hairs on the back of my neck was the fact that you kept calling me Chloe. We laughed over this throughout but you had kept insisting that that was my name. Once more you left our whole family floored and a little shocked because before I was born this name was the one that my father chose for me, yet it in the end it was my mother that got her way and named me Kirsty. We now hope that you will consider a group reading for us as your ability is absolutely awesome.



Hi Vic, just wanted to say thank you for helping me today I felt so low about things and you helped me to believe in myself again. I love your text service it is just so incredible how from a simple Hi you can pick up instantly how I am feeling. I do not know how you do this but you do it good and I am grateful for all your help.



Hi Vicky Thank you so much for your help last Friday I was very impressed and overwhelmed with your kindness as well as your gift just everything. Vicky you are a true angel of god, and my heart and soul thank you. I will be in touch again to let you know how things are going God Bless



Victoria you have been a godsend to me you always know what to say and how to best deal with my situation and you keep me so calm. I recommend you to all of my friends with absolute trust and faith as you are so special, and make such a huge difference to others lives. I feel very blessed to have found you.



I text you seeking guidance over a man I have fallen for, my life was a mess. I was scared to phone after a bad experience with another psychic. You assured me it would b ok, but didn't push and eventually I called. You said give him time, we were fateful, and that he would go quiet which he has. I asked if I would move jobs, you said no but that I would change hours soon, a week later they did. Not even I could see that coming. You said be careful of people I go on holiday with due to over spending ... They are already planning things way over budget! I love your straight to the point texts when I stress about this man. Anyone in doubt about having a reading with Victoria don't, she is warm, kind, honest and funny. She might just help you out of a hard place just like she did me x



Dear Victoria, Speaking to you today was another great boost for me. You truly understand and help me to understand too. Thanks to your sensitive reassurance, I am now feeling much stronger and ready to face the crisis that is looming. Your accuracy and empathy as a spiritual counsellor never fails to impress me. Thank you so much.



Dear Victoria, I had contacted you recently in desperation as my beloved dog Chilli had been missing for nearly one week and I was left absolutely frantic with worry. I just had to write to let you know that the information that you managed to get from his photograph proved vital and he was found very shaky but well two miles away from the area of Colleville that you had mentioned. You had also picked up that he was trapped in the dark in what you felt was a rundown shed or garage, he was found in an abandoned house. Yet out of all the astonishing details you gave was that you had thoughts of him surrounded by Frogs. This left our whole family completely gobsmacked, in my panic I gave you only details of chilli but the one vital detail that you were unaware of is the fact that we now live in France. Without your help I really believe that he would of perished there, your ability is truly phenomenal and I cannot express enough how overwhelmed I feel that you gave freely and without hesitation, it shows me what a wonderful and kind human being you are.



I did not know what to expect when I scheduled a reading with Victoria, yet I found that I went through so many different emotions in such a short space of time. The information given was so accurate that it gave me goose bumps and made my heart race. She started with me in my childhood and bought up many things including my thought patterns relating to significant situations of that time. She then slowly made her way through many phases of my life with logical and sensible explanations on why some series of events had happened. It just all clicked inside me and made so much sense that to me that I felt protected and somewhat healed of my past. I was incredibly shocked but also in awe of this very special lady.



I just wanted to write and say thank you for your reading on Friday Evening and particularly for your kindness and generosity in extending your day in that way. I just wanted to say that it was lovely to speak to you, and that I am so grateful to you. I didn't say very much on the phone frankly because I was a little bit shell-shocked by how on the button you seemed to be about everything. I do not think it was a coincidence that I suddenly happened upon your website on Friday morning, that I felt a sudden urge on Friday afternoon to cancel my plans on Friday evening before I knew that you had had a cancelled appointment which then meant that we were able to speak that same night, and that without your having any information about me other than my name and number, and without my asking you any questions you pinpointed the three things in my life to which I most needed answers. What you said about my past and my present rang so true with me that you have really given me great peace of mind even before I have seen any of your predicted future happening`s take place. I'll keep you posted, but thank you so much



You and your Prince are amazing I believe every single word that you both have said to me. I rang you for a reading the night before a big exam I did it to test you and I told you this. If I passed my exam like you had predicted then I would know that you are the real thing and everything else that you had predicted for me would also be true. I did it and I passed just like you said I would, you had even pinpointed an earlier time that I would be called than I had expected which was also accurate. You text me on the morning of my exam to wish me luck and told me to ask Michael to help and said that you would be both linking with me to join me in the exam room. I love you both so much.



I have always been moved by Victoria and her readings she has this phenomenal ability to connect and guide you through deep processes of the spirit, mind and body. She is beautiful, amazing, gentle and so profoundly powerful.



Victoria is the real deal! She lights up my life with her beautiful and gentle personality and she radiates genuine love and warmth. She has an incredible gift she never tires and always gives her all.



Victoria and Michael have left me gobsmacked, they are a powerful combination so if you want genuine answers and jaw dropping validations then she is the one that you need to call.



Having experienced strange phenomena throughout my life, it was an enormous relief to find someone who could analyze and assist me in understanding things. Victoria is such a compassionate and kind-hearted soul, always willing to calm regardless of what time of day. She has been extremely helpful during difficult times and so generous with her time, support and wisdom. She is a fantastic teacher and I am so thankful to have her in my life as she guides me through the darkness and into the light.



Victoria I am so glad I found you, after receiving several very accurate text readings from you I decided to schedule a telephone reading. You told me that my Gran was with you and was telling you about my recent health issues. You described in detail what was happening and where the pain was and offered solutions to ease it. You used so many of my Grandmas phrases and words that I knew it was her. I was so shocked and so intrigued by you and best of all I feel like I have a new friend it is so lovely that you find the time to email me back and always offer your support to me.



Thank you so much for last night`s reading it was incredible and you just blew me away with the information given which was not only rapid but constant. You told me that bubbles was here, my heart was racing as this was the special name I had for Chloe my little girl. You even said her little name was because of her curly blonde hair. There is no doubt in my mind that you were talking to her you just knew too much and described her perfectly. You knew she loved fish fingers and you told me her favourite nursery rhyme. You even knew her rainbow painting was still attached to the fridge door and that I carried a lock of her hair in a locket around my neck. I could not speak through my tears as the relief and?the joy and comfort that you have given to me is just impossible to describe. You are so gentle and such a very special person Victoria.



Dear Victoria, I had my first reading with you on Saturday and I really want to thank you for your reading. I found you to be so friendly and warm but I just could not speak back to you. I was so overwhelmed with the true accuracy of it all I have never met someone who can so accurately look into my soul and communicate with it the way you did. It was absolutely incredible and nothing like what I had expected at all, I would like to try again shortly.



Dear Victoria, after finding your beautiful website which I feel is incredibly well written and informative, I read through all your reviews and I just knew I had to speak with you. Your reading for me was all I had hoped it would be, it bought me such hope strength and comfort that I simply wish to say as my review for you is that there are people in this world who possess natural gifts and who are given to our life as a gift. There is no doubt in my mind that you Victoria are that gift given from the other side.



Victoria is everything she claims to be, she is empathetic, and genuine, very humble and she is spot on! The information that she provided to me was so specific and detailed that it bought me so much comfort.



Hello Victoria, you told me that she would come back to me, that she would cry and say how much she loves me and could I forgive her. And she did!



My experience with Victoria was truly amazing, I have never had any type of reading before so needless to say I was a bit sceptical at first, but Victoria began to tell me things that there was no way she could have known, and she was not like the psychics that you hear about or see on television where they ask you things like "do you know this person?" or does he have?" she just tells you and you agree because she is right. She even knew why I wanted the reading. It was shocking but also exciting and I will have another reading.



Victoria, you are very special to me and I feel lucky to have you in my life. You are the light at the end of the tunnel which leads me always to my truth.



Hi Victoria, I find you in my thoughts often and I really want you to know how much I value my time with you. I thank you with all my heart for all our readings. I sing your praises all the time. I truly think you are very special and you have been the most wonderful teacher for me.



I have had three readings with Victoria over the past 18-24 months and I am sure I will come back again. I think we all have periods in our lives when we question what is to come and how best we can overcome our challenges right now. If you are in this situation and you are looking for clarity and honesty, you will not find a more genuine psychic than Victoria. There is no doubt that Victoria has the most special gift. Yet she is humble and respectful of it and will always find a way to tell you the truth in a patient and positive way. Victoria, straight away I felt a connection with you, like confiding in an old friend. Each time I have come away from our readings feeling a great sense of comfort and ease, like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I know others have said the same thing, do you know how special that is? To make someone feel comfortable enough to bare their soul to you in a heartbeat, to guide them to their own spiritual side and then give them confidence to move forward. I am in awe of you Victoria and thank you for sharing your amazing gift.



Victoria brings so much light to the darkness I have seen many psychics and searched for a very long time for a genuine and accurate one. Truly I say with all of my heart this light is special.



Dear Victoria, I am a very doubtful and pessimistic person but as I write this testimonial for you I am trying logically to figure out and understand how you knew all of the most subtle details of my life. If I had not experienced your abilities for myself I would never believe anyone who would try and convince me that communication with deceased loved ones is real or even that it was possible. You told me many things that you could not have known but I was blown away when you mentioned my mother and a password that she and I once used. It all made so much sense to me and stirred so many wonderful emotions within me. I am still reeling from it all and days later I am still wondering how this happened. The most incredible part of all this is the fact that you and I connected by chance as it was actually my flatmate you were reading for. You kindly gave me the time to have a reading after. You have given me a totally new perspective on life. I am telling every person I know about you and I am writing this testimonial to let all who read it know that you are absolutely incredible and the only woman that has ever left me speechless.



Hi Victoria, I recently purchased an email reading from you requesting information on what you could pick up in and around my life. Not only was I impressed with the super fast delivery of it but was absolutely surprised and shocked at how accurate it was. The most important part for me was when you perfectly described my mother who had passed away several years ago. I had searched for her but she had never made contact until now. The things you wrote were so right even down to the title of the song one day at a time which was her favourite that was played at her funeral. What you have given to me is priceless and I cannot thank you enough. I want to meet with you to experience your beautiful gift once more.



Hi Victoria and Michael just a short note to thank you for your amazing text readings, it is the best service out there. You are so funny, friendly and so accurate it`s freaky!



Victoria It has been just over a year since I had my reading with you, the things that you told me that you saw around me was very accurate. When you went on to predict my future I kept thinking that all that you had stated was just not possible. I am back to let you know that the end result is that as events unfolded all that you described appeared in my life. Every single description of your predictions became reality. You are one of the most accurate psychics I have read with.



Victoria, I think about you all the time and I just wanted to let you know that you and your readings changed my life and I thank God every day for that. You have a beautiful and pure ability and I have such a lot of love and respect for you.



You told me I was going to get back with the love of my life and I did not believe you, I could not because I had not spoken to him in almost three years and I honestly believed it was over between the two of us. He was with somebody else and I was informed by a mutual friend of ours that they were very happy together. I honestly thought you must be wrong. Then things started to change because I got the contact that you had predicted. Although it is early days we are back together again. I really cannot believe it and never thought it would happen. When I was at my lowest points you would not let me waver, you kept telling me he would be back even though your timing was out you never changed what you saw. I can never repay your kindness your love and your patience that you gave to me .You really are a gift to this world.



Dear All, I had my first reading with Victoria last week and quickly discovered that she is the real thing and one of the greatest in her field. I found her to be true to her gift and she operates with integrity and honesty. There were many things that she said that I did not want to hear but I know that I needed to because all she said was so true to me and my life. There is no possibility in my mind that she could have guessed the happenings in my life as everything that she had spoken of were incredibly specific and personal to me, including picking up details of recent conversations that I had. She is truly amazing.



Dear Victoria, Once again I owe you many thanks for the help and comfort you have given me. As you know I was overwhelmed and sincerely touched by your photo reading and your incredibly accurate analysis of the situation. Having now spoken to you, I feel an even closer bond with you and the empathy you have expressed. This is without doubt the hardest time of my life and you have taken me from the depths of despair into an avenue of hope. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.



I recently consulted Victoria about buying a home. We went through a list of ten possible homes, she was able to describe each one, the area they were in, and the features of each house based solely on looking on the addresses I gave her. She never saw any of the houses. She was able to steer me away from houses that would have had significant repair costs. Her ability is truly incredible, boy is she special.



Dearest Victoria, Thank you for being the light in my life, you are simply the best I appreciate you and your gift so much.



Victoria, I have had several telephone readings with you now and have never come across anybody like you. Not only are you incredibly accurate with everything that you have ever said to me, but you are also shocking and funny at the same time. On our last reading you suddenly stopped talking and asked me if I would mind holding on just for a moment as there was somebody at the door. Seconds later my door bell rang and when I came back to the phone you were laughing so hard. I was absolutely speechless, you are out of this world.



First, let me start by saying that Victoria is an AMAZING person. I was extremely apprehensive about getting a psychic reading, but she put me at ease and all I can say is that for the past year the times that I have spoken with her she has been 100% on point. Victoria is very in touch with what is going on in my world and has told me things about myself and my life that no one else would ever even know. I appreciate her for all her help, kindness, and understanding.



My reading experiences with Victoria over the years have been nothing short of the amazing. She is the real thing, a true psychic. She relays past and present events with unbelievable accuracy. Her ability to see into the future and offer explanation for karmic situations, events and outcomes will leave you speechless as you watch her predictions unfold. She is a life changing experience.



I so wanted to believe in psychics but my logical intellectual nature made me doubtful, my friend had highly recommended Victoria so I decided to schedule a reading and I am so glad that I did. She quickly convinced me of her gift as she told me things about myself that I have never told anybody before. She has this uncanny way to say exactly what I need to hear. Her reading gave me so much clarity and a direction.



Victoria is a gifted psychic that makes you feel as if you are speaking with an old friend. She is full of insight and is incredibly accurate but most of all she is full of love and positive energy. I never ever feel rushed to end my calls with her and she is always dedicated to making sure all my questions are answered. I consider Victoria a true blessing for those that come in contact with her and I highly recommend her.



Dear Victoria, Words cannot express how grateful and impressed I am by your incredibly accurate and sensitive photograph reading. I was so stunned and moved by it that I actually broke down and cried. Your explanations have made it all so clear, like the opening of a door into a bright light. Thank you so much for your wise help my contact with you has made me feel so much better.



Dear Victoria, Thank you so much for your reading. I know you have touched the lives of many people and I feel very lucky to be one of them. My experience with you was so uplifting and profound, that I could feel the heaviness I carried inside lift from me and my energy restored. Your unwavering compassion, timeless wisdom and gentle humility, has shown me that you are such a wonderful person and teacher.



Victoria, I want to thank you for your excellent and detailed email reading. All was so accurate, it resonated very deeply with me and although it was not the reading I was hoping for it was the most truthful. It left me feeling that you had touched my soul and I found it to be so incredibly empowering. You are one of the most spiritual women I have ever encountered. You have such a message to give that is an important message for this age and time that people need to pay attention to.



Dearest Victoria, I would you to take this writing and publish it as a testimonial to your incredible ability. Your reading left me totally shell shocked and very shaky but helped me tremendously. You gently and immediately picked up on the events that have held me for seventeen long years that nobody living knew of. You told me of the abuse that I had suffered and bought forward accurate information concerning the family member who was responsible. You gave me all of my answers that I needed in order to move forward. I went through a rollercoaster of emotions, from crying, to fear and then to feeling extremely safe with you. Over the years I have had many readings from other psychics but none of them have bought forward the level of accuracy that you did. You are the best, my new life style choice and I will be returning shortly.



Victoria, you have just given me the best reading I have ever had, it was beautiful, amazing, gentle and yet so profoundly powerful. You bring truth, depth and such knowledge that I cannot wait to speak to you again.



Dear Victoria, Thank you for your reading. I was very impressed with your ability , you did not ask me any questions but hit the nail on the head in regards to my personal, professional, and my love life. You have a very unique style and you took the time to explain things in detail leaving me with no questions left to ask. I found you to be truly talented



Victoria is truly a gifted psychic medium. Seven years of pain evaporated when Victoria connected my Mother and I again. Although I went into the reading with an open mind, Victoria told me something no one else knew or could have guessed. It completely changed my life and outlook on physical death. I highly recommend Victoria and her amazing abilities."



The best, the very best Victoria`s predictions do happen, some have shown themselves later than others but all that she has predicted in my life has arose.



Dear Victoria, I was simply stunned with your accuracy and the specifics that you provided about past times and dates that I had not mentioned. You were absolutely correct with regards to my line of work and about my relationships. I hope that your forthcoming predictions are as accurate. You are very clear, connected quickly with me, and asked no questions at all. I will be recommending you to others.



Dear Victoria, You have that priceless ability to get to the heart of things, in a safe and comfortable way. In my 54 years I have been to at least 30 Astrologers, Mediums, and other Psychics, but am holding this pen to write this testimonial for you only because I am living because of you. My life has been very bad I was beaten, abused and insulted from an early age. Over the years I kept all inside me and I had no hope left. Until I found you! You have gently led me on a path of a wonderful spiritual journey. You have helped me in every way. Your constant support has given me life, respect, and hope, a will to live, and the will to go on.



Dear Victoria, I had a reading with you four months ago I waited to write this review because I wanted to see if things lined up like you said they would, and honestly, every single thing did. You had predicted a beginning of a new career move for me. This particular move, you had known that I had been indecisive about for the past few years and it is really happening. You have helped me find peace and comfort in the reading with messages from the other side. I am truly grateful for all the good things and bad things that you had predicted. The good things gave me clarity and the bad things give me reasons to try to become a better person. You really helped me address all of my concerns and gave me the best guidance possible I will definitely be back to you again.



I never believed that someone I have never met could know me so well. Thanks for an unbelievably accurate reading.



I have been having readings with Victoria for around five years now, she never fails to amaze me with what she knows, she can look so deep into my soul it is incredible. I have had relationship issues which has left me feeling so insecure. Victoria`s ability steadies me and makes me see things clearly. Just the other day I rang her because my boyfriend was not answering my calls and I wanted to know why. She told me that all was well and she could see him sitting on the sofa watching the television eating popcorn. He did not answer my calls because he should have been at work and simply did not look to see who was calling. When I saw him that evening, I started to worry again as he mentioned nothing of his day off. I should never doubt you Victoria, I went to the bin and there on the top of the rubbish was an empty popcorn bag. I do not know what I would do without you.



Victoria, you are the most incredible and unique person. You are my voice in the dark that stills and comforts me. You knew from the start I had clinical depression, in fact it was you that diagnosed it. I am now on medication to help me. Your gift is so pure and very rare. You are so loved! I know how busy you can be yet you never forget me and have always found the time for me. Every single day I awake to your texts that you freely send, these get me up and set my day. My life is so bright now you are in it, you are my angel.



Sometimes in life we need that extra whisper to reassure us that we are on the right path, that there is nothing to be afraid of and to assure us that there is something greater and good out there looking after us. When that need arises I would strongly recommend a reading with Victoria. The reading with Victoria was in-depth and unbelievably accurate and left me feeling like I had been given a much needed boost and a big hug at the same time. Highly recommended. What a lovely lady!



I have been left very shocked by you Victoria, your ability to connect with animals is amazing.



Victoria you have such a beautiful gift, I was stunned by what you told me in my email reading .How could you possibly know things that I hadn't mentioned to another living soul? I am a believer, and I am so grateful to you for your caring insight.



Victoria, Thank you for my reading your gift is unbelievable and so natural and your prediction to do with my career has been spot on. I have read with many including several well known psychics, but nobody has been as specific as you.



Hi Victoria, I had heard you were the best, and they were not wrong! Thank you so much for my reading, I was left pretty shocked by what you knew and the detail you picked up on about my daughter was incredible you have helped me so much.



Hello cockney sparrow, thanks once more for a great reading, you remain a legend at the school and everybody loves you. I am hearing about so many of your predictions coming to pass we call you the oracle. Don`t ever stop doing what you do best.



My Dear Vicky, just like the song.... Nobody does it better, I really do not feel sad for the rest, nobody does it half as good as you, baby you are the best.



Hello Vic, I am so impressed by you , the visions that you see and relay to me so well through your text service has been so accurate it has really shocked me. I have such faith in your abilities and your text service helps me through so much. You have been so right.



Hi Victoria, just want to thank you once more for another great reading. I have already recommended you to several friends of mine, because you are genuine, funny and so accurate you give me goose bumps.



Victoria, the text reading service is fantastic you never fail to amaze me. Yesterday I text you a fairly general type of question .Your reply was so interesting, and funny and as always so accurate. You make me smile.



Hi Mystic Vic, I just love your text service it is so simple and quick to use. Best of all it steadies me to know that you are there.



Hello Victoria, yet another superb reading you performed for my daughter and I. It is incredible how you have this natural way of delivering quick and insightful messages to the both of us in the way that you do. We are so grateful for your guidance. We have found you to be so consistently accurate it is scary! You are amazing, we have never met a person as gifted as you, and it is only because of you that we can see a way forward.



I recently purchased an email reading from you simply requesting your insight into what you could see in my life. What I received from you completely overwhelmed me. There was so much detailed information to do with several aspects of my life, including a past situation that you reminded me of. All was astonishingly accurate. I think that you are truly remarkable.



Thank you for holding my hand through my darkest times, for opening my eyes to my greatest qualities, for showing me the world in a different light and for believing in me. Thank you for being my friend.



Dear Vic, I just wanted to thank you for being so honest, direct, accurate, funny and caring with your readings. Its uncanny how things happen and how lessons are to be learnt with all you see. You have taught me a lot about life and growth and I cannot thank you enough, you continue to do so. You are one of God's best, you are a great teacher and I`m so blessed you are in my life.

Lil Bird


Dear Victoria, I just want to thank you for your email reading, this is the first time I have tried this and I was very impressed by your insight , you managed to capture so much of my life that it really shocked me. It was very well written, very precise and all true.



Hi Victoria, my friend recently told me about your text service and how good she thought it was, I gave it a try and have received four very accurate and detailed messages from you now. I cannot wait to try a full reading with you later this month.



Hi , just like to thank you for the excellent reading yesterday, there were so many things mentioned that only my wife and I would have shared, I have no doubt now that she is OK and with me. You mentioned two painted dolls to me that I could not place, when I went into the bedroom later I realised that there were 2 painted dolls from a Chinese restaurant in Spain given to us on her birthday, hanging from the curtain rail. I was staggered, you were so right. It knocked me out I can tell you. We used to watch John Edward a lot and that was just the kind of thing he was able to do, I was so pleased.


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