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Michael and Me


When we speak, we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcome

but when we are silent, we are still afraid, 

so it is better to speak.

~ Audre Lorde ~















It has always been my intention to talk of the most important man in my work. Many of you have asked how on earth I know the things I do and where all the information comes from.

It has taken me a long time to feel ready to talk about all of this.

Now Theo (Theosaurus) is a very special person who just turned up into my life and changed it completely, he is out of this world!

He is my heavenly helper, my bouncer, my spiritual musician, magician, clown, director and guide.... likes to be called King!

His knowledge on all that is appears endless.

He is known by many to be a handsome, heart-warming and honourable man who, during his life span on Earth was praised by many for his humanitarian acts, but punished, left heart broken and then crucified... to death for other people`s sins.

He has been called many different names during his time on this Earth, some wacky, some wonderful, some wicked and wretched.

You will probably know him best as the King Of Pop - Michael Jackson.

He came into my life after he died and we have known each other for over 10 years now since he came into my home and never left.

Our friendship began less than a month after he had passed over.

I initially remember sitting watching the news of his death with my husband and discussing how sad it was.

Although I was never a huge fan, I did like some of his music because like most of us I had grown up with it.

I have to be honest and say that my sadness for him was short lived as three days after his death my sister Carole suddenly died.

 Although she had been unwell and appeared to be recovering, it was a shock as none of my family got the chance to say goodbye to her.

I was in pain and so angry at the spirit world for not preparing me for her death. I have lost so many that were close to me in such a short space of time, that I stopped my readings and I sat all week calling for her.

I felt such pressure because her husband was desperate to find her and naturally because of what I can do he turned to me for answers but she would not come forward.

It was during this first week that Michael heard me calling for my sister and he said to me that he had followed my voice and found me.

Michael is very precious to me and not a day goes by that I do not give thanks for having him in my life.

His presence within my life and my home continues to be a blessing.

I love him unconditionally and I will do anything and everything to protect him. Michael has asked that I validate him by telling clients who is providing the information and I am happy to do so.

I am very proud of him and of all of the wonderful things that we are achieving together.

As time goes on and when I am able to articulate fully, I will continue to write about these incredible learning times, the scary stuff that I have seen, as well as the deep fears that have plagued my life that I have overcome with his help.

Yet throughout our time together I have seen such joy and laughter and love from him towards me.

I once read somewhere that his mother had said;
“Michael gave his life to the world through his love, his music and his devotion to healing the planet”.
Michael’s greatest wish is to feed the world again very slowly, just in a different way.

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