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Hello Victoria, I would like to say thank you. I have never met a genuine, accurate medium than you Victoria. On the 26th of November, I contacted you regarding a home move as I was looking for a flat to rent desperately. You confirmed that I'm going to sign a new tenancy the weekend and guess what. Things happen so easily that I was shocked. As I have lost the previous week, some money for failing references. But if I had met you before, I knew that I wouldn't lose this money. But nevertheless, I found you and you gave me accurate predictions. I'm so grateful for all your help. You are a true and pure gift. Many thanks as well for the guidance in my relationship. May God bless you, I recommend Victoria 100% and you won't regret it. Wish you all the best and I miss you so much during this Christmas. I need answers to some questions, Happy New Year 2014. May God bless you in abundance.



My dearest Victoria, I had been through a lifetime of psychics before I found you. The validations you give me concerning my health issues were like no other I had experienced. You are never afraid to give me the good news with the bad and I thank you for your brutal honesty at times. You are the best I have ever come across and nobody comes close. I know I have not been easy to work with this year, but you have been so patient, loving and gentle with me, you really have kept me afloat and given me strength and hope, you really have changed my life, I love you.



Victoria, back in August you made a very specific prediction regarding a work opportunity that you had said would appear at some point in December month, from a person I had known from a previous job. You were able to give exact details of who he was and told me that although he was not still attached to the same company, you had said that he would contact me to offer me work. At the time it didn't seem possible as I had explained to you that we had lost touch, you knew that and told me that it mattered not that we had not communicated for the past two years, this time factor you gave was also true,? he would remember me and? out of the blue contact via the computer. This has just happened! I am very shocked but wanted to offer this as a testimonial to you for your site, you are the real deal, incredibly gifted and kind and ethical.



Finding you Victoria has truly been a gift, you have been incredibly informative and accurate. You have been so helpful with my recurrent health issues that I now find myself in better health with so much more energy, in my private life you have been able to show me a much deeper understanding of myself as well as the people around me, I have learnt so much from you about my life as well as spiritual ways of life, you give me such strength with your guidance.



Hey Victoria I just want to leave you a testimonial for todays phone call!! I have been using your text a psychic service for nearly 7 months now, and you have always been spot on with everything you have said. Today we finally spoke on the phone! You were so cute, and you said I sounded nothing like you expected hahaha same for you! But I totally LOVE your accent!! You brightened my mood. I felt so comfortable talking to you and everything you said about my (ex) partner was spot on. Everything you predict seems like will happen, and the fact even things you predicted yesterday through text are happening today. After our reading I bumped into an old friend of mine called Victoria. I hadn`t seen her since June! It is all a sign. You are truly amazing. I hope you will be expecting a text from me soon, as I just cannot stay away from you!! You take all my problems away from me. You are not scared to tell the truth, and even if it is something bad you make me see the positive side of it. Thanks for being the only one there to support me, and I will let you know how the rest of your predictions turn out. Thanks for putting up with me all this time, you are amazing xxx



You are pure love and have given & taught me the most precious gift of all, One of Unconditional Love. God bless you always.



Psychic Victoria is not only charming; she is uncannily accurate in her readings. Unlike some psychics who consider their gift more of a job than a calling. Vic speaks from the heart and it is obvious that she cares. She is a source of truth and guidance and professionalism, she is so gifted and talented.

Chris C


I have had several readings with Victoria & I must say her accuracy regarding current situations have been 100% correct. I am very impressed! Not only is she accurate beyond belief, but she is so warm, caring, patient & knowledgeable. She is the real deal, and already so many of her predictions have come to light, she is the best.



Hi Victoria, I Just wanted to thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for such a lovely inspirational eye opening reading today. How you know what you do is beyond me. For those who don't believe need to quick time phone, e mail or simply get in touch with you as people will be in for a Shocker of a surprise, you are a different level of psychic totally! It's almost like you write the script and then relay it back to us. Amazing!! Top draw service!! There are psychics and then there is YOU, different level BY MILES, and thank you thank you thank you xxx



I have the pleasure of reading with this lovely lady for nearly 4 years. She is amazing and always spot -on, some thing's take a little longer to see but all but predictions have shown, it`s all about timing. If I need a bit of clarity on a situation I use her text service which is easy if I want a private word while I'm elsewhere and a phone call would not be appropriate. I have recommended her to friends who have relayed how accurate she was. She and MJ always make me feel better and I love them both. She is honest and truthful and won't give false hope. I automatically clicked with Vicky and she answers all my questions and things I'm thinking before I open my mouth to speak. She is not judgemental and sees things from a different vantage point which helps give clarity to situations. She instinctively knows when I need a pick me up or am alone and sends me a quick text and we have a little girly chat, she is the best.



Victoria has this amazing gift that is from god, she is completely unique in her style of reading and the moment I hear her voice I am calm again, she soothes and heals me like no other. It is as though she watches over me from afar and she makes me feel safe. She really is my best friend.



Victoria, I find your text service the best one out there. It is the perfect way for me to reach out to you when I cannot get the privacy that I need in the home for a call. Your answers are very specific and your talent is so very accurate. It comforts me to know that through my testing times that you are there to guide me.



Victoria, your ability is awesome and you remain as crystal clear and accurate as the first time we ever read together. I would be lost without you and consider you a blessing to my life. You have a very special place in my heart.



I've had a lot of readings. Never have I talked to a psychic who is more accurate, direct, yet compassionate and empowering all at the same time.



Victoria is a light in the dark and I am so thankful that I found her when I needed her the most. Her clarity of vision and her ability to communicate what she sees has given me more faith in the process of life. She has become very important to me and I would urge anyone who wants an honest reading to speak to her. She will not always tell you what you want to hear, but often what you need to hear.



Victoria, from the first moment I stumbled across your website I was lost and read everything on there over many hours. Your story about you and Michael Jackson left me humbled and gave me a true sense of inspiration; I just knew I had to get a reading from you. I found you to be simply the most accurate psychic reader I have ever come across. When I answered your call the first thing you said to me was Hi honey I am home, it made the hair on the back of my neck rise as I had not heard this said to me for many years now. I knew you were speaking with my mother, you knew so many things you could never have known , including the fact that she insisted on keeping her money inside her underwear in the third drawer down which only myself and my sister knew of. Over the next hour you gave me the most incredible journey back through my past which certainly answered many questions for me. Everything you said to me had such a huge impact on me and I hear your words every day, it has made me think hard about how I should try to live my life whilst I am here. You made me believe and you have given me hope and faith to carry on. You are a very bright light in this world Victoria and I so appreciate you and your guide in helping me to find my peace again.



Victoria you are such an inspiration to anyone who has been fortunate to have crossed your path. You restored my faith again when I needed it the most. It has been a very lonely road with some of the experiences I have had and it has been an honour to of shared them with you. You have helped me gain clarity and insight into my experiences and I don't feel alone anymore now I have you there for that reassurance when I need it the most. You truly are an angel on earth and I will be forever grateful to you for all that you have done and continue to do. I pray that your visions about a certain someone come true. It would be a dream come true and I will be at peace. (For a while lol) Your experiences are truly amazing and i am 100% behind you with love and support. You have gone through so much to grasp this amazing gift you have and I think you are incredible with the amount of people you manage to reach out to on a daily basis. You truly are all our angel and I will be eternally grateful to you. If you are thinking of a reading....please look no further as you have arrived to the most sincere compassionate woman i know with such an honest gift and insight. You are a beautiful soul Victoria. May your light continue to shine over the world Love you love you.



I just have to say your reading was incredible! You are the real deal and have such an incredible gift.



Hi Mystic, I love your psychic text readings and look forward to your replies as they are all so accurate. You gave me lots of help recently with preparing for exams, knowing what to expect really eased my worry. I have referred many of my friends to you and we talk about you all the time. It is weird that you pick up on the fact that we all connected, I do not know how you do it but you are the best and we love you.



I have been reading with Vic or should i say this wonderful lady has been putting up with me for at least 8 months now. I have been through every up and down regarding a relationship you could imagine and still am, but this wonderful lady and Michael still have my back every time even though i drive her crazy normally on a daily basis with questions, usually that all sound the same yet she is patient but honest with me. She has a beautiful soul and works so hard to help everyone that comes into her life. She has been blessed with an incredible gift and yet remains humble with her feet firmly on the ground. I am so glad she is in my life and is my friend; i honestly do not know what i would do without her xx



Victoria, thank you so much for your help, you should be on prescription. You calm me and make me smile when I am stuck in a dark place.



Victoria, your insight is truly amazing; the details you are able to provide in my current situation have been incredibly accurate. I have been left deeply shocked to see your predictions come to my life in exactly the way that you saw them. The gift of the locket that you saw in our previous reading, that you felt was to be given as a peace offering by my partner with the intricate woven detail that you had described looked to you like noughts and crosses was exactly right and is now around my neck. You were even able to describe the photograph he had chosen to put inside it, you were again so accurate as it was the one I had first thought of taken in Spain last summer and there was a fountain behind us. You are a very special lady with the most incredible god given gift, who I find to be very humble and very caring. God bless you.



Hi Victoria just wanted to thank you for a lovely phone reading earlier today as you have made me feel alive again. I am totally amazed at your findings, totally. You are so extraordinarily gifted and warm caring and patient in delivering your readings that it blows me away. In my eye that is top draw stuff!! Victoria you have something that other psychics crave for and believe me they are many planets behind!! Thank you again Victoria you truly are just Wow, thank you xxx



Vic, I love our readings and to receive your calls in the mornings sets me up and makes my day. Your insights calm me and I have learnt to trust that whatever situations arise I will cope with them because I know through you what to expect and that helps me so much. You have always been my inspiration and you give me strength to continue onwards. You mean so much to me.



When I first contacted Victoria last year I was in such a bad place, my life was over. She knew that drink had lost me my business, my home and my wife even though I tried to hide it from her. I was at rock bottom and I did not want to be here anymore. Yet she pushed through my pain and showed me the way forward encouraging me onward and bit by bit I am getting my life back together. She has made me see that no matter how hard life is it is worth living. Victoria is blessed with a gift that brings incredible hope and inspiration into my life and I am so grateful she is my friend.



Victoria, I love your text service the information that you provide is really mind blowing, you are so detailed and very accurate.



I've had several readings with you, and what I like most about you is that your honest and stick to what you believe in, even when I've driven you insane with the same questions over and over again. I've never been told any differently, I'm still waiting for my outcome but truly in my time of madness, doubting myself and the world around me you managed to help me understand the ups and downs of my situation, I hope to share my final outcome with you because it will truly be something I could not have gotten through without your help and reassurance.



I have been in touch with Victoria for the last 6 months now, I use the text service so much lol. She helps to reassure me when I give up hope and at times I feel I would be a bit lost without her calming words. She works incredibly hard and I do not think people realise how exhausting it can be to give so much time and energy to everyone here in need so from all of us on here, thanks Victoria, you really are a gem x



You are a true blessing in my life, a spiritual guide in its truest form. You have given me strength at the times when my life has been challenging. You have provided joy with your readings resulting in me crying tears of happiness. I look forward to many more readings.



Victoria, I am sure you hear this all the time but you are simply so precious to me. I have never met a reader like you and I have found you to be so accurate in what you see it is incredible. Everything you have predicted for my life I have watched unfold and come to pass, I trust you completely and feel very safe with you in my life. I thank you for your time, patience and love.



Dear Victoria, I want to thank you for my incredible reading. Any doubts I had about an afterlife vanished very quickly into the reading. You bought forward my mum and told me she showed you lilies, this is her name. You then went on to tell me that mum is so pleased with Danny`s tattoo that he had done in memory of her, you knew it was footprints in the sand. There is no way you could have known this or anything else that you told me about. You knew she passed away with a brain tumour and describe her final day so accurately it really was as if you were there. You even knew about my new job including my recent salary change. It is just unbelievable but you have given me faith to believe my future looks positive. I cannot believe I found you and am so glad I did, I have been telling everybody about you and my reading and they cannot believe it either but they all want readings from you. You are the best.



I consider Victoria a gift from the Universe to humanity. I have had the pleasure of her readings on a regular basis for nearly two years now. I have tried many other psychics before meeting Victoria but have no need to visit anybody else as she is simply the best. I have bought many different situations to her over our time of readings and have found her to be accurate, spiritual and insightful at all times. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone and could promise she will always exceed whatever your expectations are. Her level of spiritual attainment is profound and a reading from her is indeed an awakening.



Victoria, firstly I would just like to say - Thank you! Your psychic abilities are truly amazing, the first time I spoke to you was through your text service, the accuracy from just a few names and dates of births were amazing, unbelievable in fact - I was blown away and had to go back for more which yet again blew me away . . .I had a reading with you a few weeks later you were funny, understanding and very professional. The information you gave me on a certain situation was truly incredible I went away feeling calm and my mind put at rest knowing this is not my imagination. The second reading was again truly incredible. You started by saying I have a lady here but she's singing " amazing Grace how sweet la la la la", this was my Nan, who loved this song and was called Grace! ! ! ! ! You are amazing at what you do and predictions have come to pass in my situation like you said, I love speaking with you through text . . I have been having readings with Victoria since January, she is the best out there in my eyes . . . . lots of hugs

Floppy Hat


Dear Victoria, you are amazing and your energy is so gentle and pure. Your readings always give me strength and you restore my faith in God that I so desperately need. I find reading with you and Michael one of the most powerful things I have ever done, and I am learning so much from your wisdom. Your visions are so detailed and accurate; you are my angel and have helped me so much.



Dearest friend, this review is so overdue but it has taken me such a while to find the words. I have never met a more sincere medium than you Victoria I find you so truly dedicated to your work and helping others to develop medium ship. Right from the moment of finding you it was very obvious to me that you have a natural gift in helping others. You have proved to me over and over again that there is life after physical death. I have learnt so much from you whilst you have been helping me to enhance my own abilities. You are a wonderful teacher and you have encouraged me to go at my own pace and in my own time. You provided me with the tools to help me to find myself, at the deepest and most truthful level. I want to take this opportunity Victoria to say Thank You; for believing in me and I know without your constant care and patience I would never have achieved as much as I have in my inner and outer worlds without your love, guidance and friendship.



Victoria, I have had many psychic readings over the years and I have read with them all from Sylvia Brown, Sally Morgan, Lisa Williams, John Edwards and so many more. Yet it is you that I find the most gifted and talented psychic medium for me. After three years of your readings I refuse to be read by anybody else as I find you so very accurate in all that you see. Your working style is very unique, natural, honest and gentle. You take time to fully explain situations in specific detail and you have been so spot on it is simply outstanding to watch many of your predictions show themselves in my life. You remain so down to earth, caring and have a wonderful humour. I hope you know how important you are to me.

Natalie F


You are an angel of love Victoria; I hope you truly know the help your gift gives us all. You are amazing.



You are my little pocket angel Vic, come rain or shine you are always there for me and just hearing your voice is enough to settle me. I really do not know what I would do without you; you have become my trusted friend.



Hi Victoria, I got the job just as you said I would, your visions were so accurate from start to finish. I did indeed get the two interviews you spoke of and the first was through the telephone like you said. I did need to pass green to get to interview, it was actually a park and you were so right it did not rain but was indeed sunny. Three people did interview me as predicted, one man and two women. The most shocking part of all was you had said that I would need to wait outside for a while but that I would not be alone; another would wait beside me to keep me company. You said she would offer me a sweet, this was mad because you were so right and although it freaked me out it was pretty amazing you saw all this. Thank you so much for all your help and I will come back again.



Hi Victoria, I just have to tell you that the accuracy of your readings via text have been amazing, you have bought so much clarity into my life.



Victoria, I am very shocked, I have found your ability and accuracy of events in my life truly staggering. I found you via your brilliant text service, every single situation, as well as every single action, feeling and fear you have given me regarding a special person in my life has been confirmed now by him. You told me he would come to me and tell me these things face to face and he did it. You have a true and pure gift and I am so grateful for all your help, patience and insight. When others told me to give up it was you that gave me strength and reason to continue and I am so glad I found you.



There is something very magical in a Victoria reading, her ability is out of this world



Victoria is extraordinarily gifted, very patient, and very warm and has incredible insight. I am very glad I found her.



Oh Vic I have never been as lost for words as I am now. I still cannot believe it, we are all in shock. You are a special one of God from God, you and Michael. All this time you never changed what you saw, time passed and I was doubtful but you were right all along. Without the hope you gave me I would have crumbled, I am so glad I found you and I just cannot thank you enough.



You are very special Victoria; you have an uncanny ability to educate the world



Victoria is the most understanding and loveliest woman out there. Not only is she 100% accurate but she also tells it how it is, whether you want to hear it or not. The insight I have received from Victoria is amazing and there is no way she would have found it out other than being remarkably gifted. She always goes over her time limit on phone readings just to make sure your 100% happy and she?s always there no matter how impatient you are. She's just like a good friend, Always there to listen and to help guide you. I recommend her 100%! Thank you Victoria!



Thank you and your amazing guide for an incredible reading experience, you both know me better than I do.



Hi Victoria ;) needed desperately to message you after such an eye opening amazing unbelievable phone reading I just had with you. How you know all you said is mind blowing!! And the accuracy is scary!! You have totally blown me away and settled my mind, you are just simply miles ahead of any psychic I have come across and thank god I found you .I find you lovely, wonderful and one very special lady. Thank you for bringing so much calm into my life finally I would recommend you to the world if I had it my way!



Victoria has a remarkable insight and accuracy into what your future holds, I felt completely relaxed and calm after both readings, and felt like I had known Victoria for years down to her warmth and honesty .A genuinely talented psychic , who gave me so much hope through a difficult time.



Victoria is a lovely person with an amazing gift. My reading with her was incredible; she summed up the people in my life and how I am feeling without me saying a word.



Forget the rest; Vic is the best psychic you will ever come across



You are an amazing psychic Victoria, your insight has changed my life completely and you continue to be as accurate as the first day I spoke with you. Throughout our time together you have become a friend and we have watched together your many predictions come to life, some good and some bad yet throughout my life you have remained a fantastic support and are my light in the darkness. I am so thankful for you.



Victoria, is an accurate, honest, patient, non- judgemental, friendly, caring, sympathetic, positive, forgiving, Inspiring, beautiful, generous, hard working person. Thank you for everything, I don't need to say anymore as I know as you know how important you are to me and to everybody else who was lucky enough to find u xx



I just wanted to tell you how incredibly gifted you are and your reading was astonishing. I have consulted with others in the past, but your reading has been more accurate than any other. I have to admit when you first called I thought you were a bit odd and I really didn`t know how to react as you burst out singing happy birthday to me. I had you on loud speaker for the family to hear and their faces were a picture to see. We all stopped laughing pretty quickly when you told me that Daddy sends birthday wishes to Lucy Diamond. Not only could you not have known my father passed away last autumn or indeed my birthday was three days away but nobody but family members knew this name was something only my dad called me. His favourite song was the Beatles track Lucy in the sky with Diamonds. Specific and accurate information just flew and you were able to see so many things about me and my life. It was like you were looking through my heart and my thoughts. Three weeks after our appointment four out of eight predictions have come to pass. I got the new job you spoke about, you were right when you said I would pass beautiful flowers to get there, I do as I walk through the park to work. You told me on my first day I would see a big smiley face and hearts around numbers. I share a desk with a lady who has a sticker on her computer of a big sunny smiley face. The hearts you saw were around numbers on a calendar on the wall. You spoke of new shoes I would buy and you warned me they were too high and I would fall, you could see grazes on my knees. I should have listened more because I did buy shoes, the heels were high and one was faulty because you were right again I fell and cut my knee on pavement. You told me you saw train tracks and said that when I am to see them, I will face a big dilemma in love between two. You were completely right again I was at Victoria station when I received a text from another man telling me finally after two years how much he liked me and would I go out with him. Since your reading I have realized that there are things in this world we do not understand, I try to have an open mind and an open heart and now, doors are opening for me as I never thought they would. You're truly incredible, the best I have ever come across and I cannot wait to speak to you again.



Victoria`s talent to look so deeply into any situation I bring to her has been astoundingly accurate. Her ability to guide me through difficulties, especially in my relationship area, has given me hope and strength. I am always amazed when things happen as she had predicted!



HI Victoria/Michael, I just want to say how much I love the text service, really look forward to receiving your texts and each one is very detailed and accurate. I feel very safe that no matter what is on my mind or what worries me you always calm me down. I truly feel your messages give me so much strength as well as making me realise by looking at other angles how I can navigate through issues. You are my guardian angels and I am thankful to have found you.



Victoria, you were so right again, I asked you on text why he was quiet and is he coming back or is it over. Your reply was, do not worry he is on his way, he is with three other people, all boys and when he gets off the plane he will contact you. There is a problem with his mobile and it must be a big issue because it not with him at all. He came back and told me that he lost his phone halfway through his holiday. I already knew he had gone with three mates to Spain but you told me this, I did not tell you. That is what I love about our texts because they are real and your information is accurate.



Victoria, thank you for your reading, we are now moving and it has all gone through exactly the way you said it would. It was indeed the fourth couple that you saw that have bought the house, the little dog you mentioned was indeed with them when they came for their viewing. We also have an August date just as you predicted and just as you mentioned sitting outside the house are huge pink blossom trees as you saw. In the back garden there is indeed an apple tree, and whilst selling our house we took your advice and lowered just a little and we are happy with the results. Thank you so much for your help it truly was invaluable, I will return to you again and in the meantime I will continue to tell all my friends and family how very talented you are.



Hi Victoria, I want to thank you for my reading I really enjoyed it, your gift is truly incredible and every single detail was precise as well as accurate. There is absolutely no way you could have known any aspect of my life at all yet you spoke of it as though you were there. The things you knew and saw of my childhood and especially cherished possessions you managed to pinpoint as my favourites whilst I was growing up was staggering. You just about bought out every single emotion inside me with what you knew, I just didn`t want it to end and I could have listened to you speak all day, You have this rare gift of mixing so much fact and truth with such a lot of spiritual information I am completely hooked on you.



Victoria, we all have a lot to say about you, but words cannot justify how much I appreciate you. You have been a system of support to me and I know without you I would have just let myself break. You are the hope with which I get continue to get through my days, no matter how big the grey cloud is. Your words never fail to disappoint and you honestly are the most genuine and accurate psychic out there! I will definitely continue to give everyone my feedback on you because you deserve the most recognition. Thank you for being you.



Team V & M, you`re just too good it actually freaks me out in a good way of course. The best team in the land, no the whole freakin world, what a fantastic duo. You have helped me so much and I am up there with your many fans. Every time I read your texts I get goose bumps I am glad to have such accurate insights through texts and phone readings. You do wonderful work and you are way too humble and modest. Mike was an earth angel in physical form and still is continuing to provide amazing help is truly mind blowing. What an amazing gift you both are to everyone whose lives you touch.

Lindy Lou


I love you psychic Victoria, I can be having terrible days and feel so lost but the minute I hear your voice I am calm again. It is as though you communicate with my heart as well as my spirit and you always make me see however hard life is to look for the positives in it. From the minute I get on the line you pick up what is wrong or what I need to talk about. You always tell me the truth as it is in a very clear way that I can understand. You always know what is going on with me and Sally and you never judge me and you have helped me to walk away and move forward and although it breaks my heart to do this I know you are right and its right for me. You are a great friend, an inspiration as well as the best psychic there is.



I have just had a reading with victoria and had to leave a message for anyone thinking of using her just do it! She will be so helpful and clear on any topic. She started by asking if I had questions or if I just wanted her to start. I chose for her to start, she started with my work, life, finances, daughters, and then my husband and future answering all the questions I had. She was so helpful and knew so much about my situations. She also knew time frames and prepared my life ahead, how amazing to be pre warned already for the times ahead. Her advice is so honest and godly and I am so happy I spoke with her and will come back again for a catch up soon. If you are thinking of having her to help you then you are thinking in a very good and productive way .Thank you so much victoria



Hello Victoria, I would like to say a huge Thank you for my phone reading .I actually cried tears of joy when I put down the phone. The insight you provided into my life was amazing, and I feel truly blessed not only to be in a twin flame union but to have found you to find out the core of my situation. I feel empowered and overflowing with joy and love for my life.



Victoria, you have helped me so much and I really appreciate your reassurance through such a difficult time of my life. You have given me strength and I really do not think I would have come this far without you. As much as I love my family and friends that couldn`t help me like you.



You are without a doubt real and completely and utterly amazing. I found you through your text service three months ago now. I have challenge and tested you to the max, I have used different mobile numbers and different names to try to catch you out, I have enlisted the help of my friends to text many different kinds of questions to you on my behalf, I have pretended to be a woman to try to fool you, I have even just text the word help and yet you still know it is me. I am ashamed of myself and I am sorry because you have been so very kind and understanding of my behaviour , you are my angel and constantly help me with my problems.



I have been in touch with Victoria through the text service for quite some time now. Her predictions have shown and I have learnt to have hope as well as patience because of her through the hardest times. Her services and work are accurate and her kind and gentle nature is something I have never come across before. She is truly a dedicated individual and I just want to say thank you so much Vic for keeping me going all these months.



I had to let you know how thankful I am to have been introduced to you. You have made things so easy for me. You're very comforting. You have truly shown me how to believe, trust and have faith. All of my experiences we have spoken of have happened or have started happening. You have never asked me for anything extra, but yet each reading we have had has been lengthy and you never asked for more, which lets me know that your heart is genuine, you're not about money and that your work is real. You've been such a great coach for me and have inspired me in so many ways. People need to know you're real and the work and answers you provide are real. Victoria you are truly a gift. You truly give your clients hope. I have tried other readers, different type of work, but nothing restored my faith like our readings. Once again you're greatly appreciated and thank you for helping me.



Victoria, what can I say, I do not usually leave testimonials but I was that impressed and this is by far the best reading that I've ever had. I had set questions before we started the call but you were that good that you took the lead and directed the conversation and managed to answer them all without me even needing to tell you what was on my mind. You understood the situation so well between me and my ex and really helped me focus on the bigger picture. The breakup never really made sense and I've been unexplainably upset about this for far too long. You confirmed what I felt all along, which is that we are twin flames and even better that we will reunite again. What's more exciting is that you've told me it will happen ...I will keep you updated! Your oversight is just incredible and you deliver with such perfect timing and sensitivity that i couldn`t help by feeling so calm. I wish I found you years ago....But I'm glad to have connected and we will be speaking again!! Thank you for allowing extra time to explain my situation property, you had a genuine desire to finish the call with me feeling better than finish the call because my time had run out... That to me sums up how sincere you are. You and Michael are amazing, thank you x



Victoria both you and Michael are such an amazing team, I have watched time after time not only the predictions you give come to pass with amazing accuracy, but the fact that between my readings, references to you or Michael keep showing up in my life. These signs are so frequent I just cannot ignore them. Michael Jacksons name pop ups around me in everyday conversations as well as in numerous work meetings and is becoming a regular happening. With you too I constantly receive the uncanny sign of seeing your name in unusual places, in the past week alone with work I have been sent to Victoria Park, Victoria Avenue as well as Victoria station. The most amazing sign was received just yesterday which prompted my writing to you and it appeared during my working hours , I was writing a review when my computer froze and went black when it came back on there was an image of Victoria Falls. It is totally unbelievable and made me smile; I like to think its Michaels way of telling me how he loves you and what a great duo you both are and to trust and believe.?



Hi Victoria, Thank you once again for sharing so much of your spiritual knowledge with me, I always find your readings so tremendously enlightening. I have shared my experience of you with my sisters and they too are delighted that you made a connection to our dear parents and managed to bring forth such wonderful information .You are a natural teacher and communicator and I will continue to spread the word about your incredible talents.



Sometimes you meet a person and you just know how special they are, Victoria you are that person, and are such are a ray of light for me in the darkness. I have been reading with you now for nearly two years and over that time I have received some harsh truths that I have watched play out just as you said they would. Yet through your gentleness you fixed me and helped me to understand and navigate through my feelings and have put me on the road to healing. As a psychic medium, you are extraordinary and remain authentic as well as amazingly accurate.



I just wanted to thank you for the reading you did for me last week. I had been to other psychics in the past and they were able to give me some wonderful life advice, but sadly none of them were able to give me my greatest wish which was to connect to my husband Andy who died four years ago. There is definitely a difference between a psychic and a medium. You found him immediately and I was overjoyed to hear from him. The details you were able to give me were incredible. Even his personality came through and his way of speaking, including specific words he used often. I know without a doubt that it was him and I feel such comfort knowing that he is still around me and involved in my life. I will be forever grateful to you for helping me to have that the chance to speak to him and tell him how I feel and how much I love him. You are a very special person Victoria you have eased my pain and I feel ready now to move forward as I know he remains with me.



Thank you Victoria for your beautiful heart, I came to you for help with my daughter who is psychic but had no idea how to deal with all the visions she was receiving. Her mood swings and temper were affecting the whole family unit and I was desperate as well as scared and at a loss as to how I could help her. You have spent many hours talking to her, answering her questions, helping her to be in control of her ability and patiently explaining how your world works. There has been such an improvement so quickly with her as she feels safe with you and your support, you are just so good with her and life is so much calmer as the boys are now less afraid of their sister and the house.



I have been a little slow in writing this review to you, victoria because I, quite frankly, have been at a loss for adequate words to describe the incredible reading I had with you. I believe after taking some time out to ponder the information you gave me, I can now stand, in testament to your amazing talent. I had initially chosen to pre booked and receive a 20 minute phone consultation from you with the view of extending our time if I wished to and if your availability permitted this. From only my first name and that of my partners you then went on to describe the story of our life, how we had met, how we had felt towards each other, the difficult situations that we had encountered due to conflicting religious aspects, the pain and the joy and every single aspect I had remembered as well as many situations I had forgotten. The details were very intricate and specific and many things you spoke of concerning my personal thoughts that I had kept within you knew about. We spoke of past life connections and you managed to describe two very different life settings that had featured for us. You pinpointed certain health issues that we suffer with in this lifetime that you actually picked up had affecting us in lifetimes before. You gave a very significant country that we are both drawn to and described our life and relationship back then that fitted exactly to the roles we appear to have fallen into again in this life. We spoke of the purpose of my connection to him, the karmic ties, the patterns and the conclusion. You knew and described the dreams that have recently been plaguing me and we discussed their meanings. Four whole hours you were on the telephone with me as I pushed you for more information, I just simply could not let you go. You gave all of yourself to me and at the end I could hear your voice cracking and knew you were so drained and could just about manage to utter goodbye. Victoria you are absolutely priceless, there is no way you could have known these intricate details other than through a god given gift that is so sharp and so beautiful that it was a pleasure to experience you and what you do at work. You have made me feel better than any councillor ever had. You gave me the answers that I yearned for to help me make sense of all this. I thank you sincerely from my heart and just have to come back again and again.



Hi Victoria, back in January I thought you were a lovely crazy woman with a great sense of humour but no real ability as a psychic. You told me that after unlucky times in love I would meet a wonderful new man, who looked a little like Brad Pitt but when I met him he would be dressed up like Tarzan. You then went on to say that eventually I would join him in a business venture and you felt it had a link to a possible health food shop. In all honesty I never thought I would be back to you let alone write a review on my experience with you. You were absolutely incredibly right and I am totally gobsmacked. I met him on a night out and he does look similar to Brad Pitt he is actually a kisser-gram and dresses up not only as Tarzan but also as a wrestler. We have been out three times now. The health shop you saw is linked to his Father and he will be taking over this business also. The only flaw with your reading was you had said he would arrive around April and I actually met him end of May. I told him about you and he couldn`t believe it either, you give me chills at how accurate you were and I have recommended you to all of my friends and family.



Victoria is a wonderful psychic medium as well as a gifted healer and I have been working with her now for just over a year. I am still so amazed at how spot-on her readings are, she has the ability to channel exactly what you need to hear without asking any questions or saying a word. It may not always be what you want to hear, but you can rest assured knowing it's what you need to hear (the truth) - good or bad. In addition to being a gifted reader, Victoria is the only medium I know who integrates energy work into all of her readings. By the time your session is finished, you feel so much lighter, balanced and more relaxed - the way you should feel, in fact, she is so dedicated to her work that even if our reading time runs out and she still has messages for me, she will continue to deliver them. She is pure love and light, and I can honestly say I have never met a reader quite like her before.



Hi Victoria, you had come highly recommended by a friend of mine and I must say that I was so incredibly impressed with my experience with you. I had a bit of anxiety when I first thought about getting a psychic reading, mainly because I went to another psychic previously (a tarot reader), The information was presented (by this other psychic) in such a way that I felt like my life had been written out for me, and there was no way to change what was about to happen. I left feeling completely exhausted, and really tense and nervous of what was apparently in store for me. When I spoke to you over the phone, however, right from the very first moment of speaking to you, my tension eased and I was immediately comfortable and felt very safe with you. You answered all my questions at length, and gave me the feeling of empowerment. You taught me about how lives can go on many different paths, based on our daily actions. Speaking to you was truly, like a breath of fresh air, and I highly recommend you to anyone who would like some insight into their lives to enable them to move forward with confidence, and a feeling of empowerment. Thank you so much for helping me on my way, I do intend to call you again, you are a wonderful person.



Dear Victoria, I've had other readings with psychics and the information other psychics gave me turned out to be very inaccurate. Then I had my first reading with you. Everything that you said to me made perfect sense and I was able to validate it all. You then were able to make contact with my mother who passed away 17 years ago. You gave me direct information that you could never have known , you told me in specific detail the one thing that only close family members knew of and that was a loose brick we had in my childhood home within a cupboard that we stored things in, you even knew what room it was in. That was my proof that she continues on. After a long search for a great psychic, I've finally found you.



I have been receiving readings from Victoria for three years now and for me she has never been wrong with what she says to me regarding the outcomes of situations. The times and small details sometimes change, but when she says something is going to happen, I have to believe her because I have seen. I must say that if you want the truth you have to be ready for the answers as she will give you exactly what she has yet she has always made me see the positives in negative situations and empowered me to keep going. She will set you straight and empower you rather than make you dependent and take all your money, she is the best.



Dear Victoria, I have to say my minds blown away with how accurate and shocking your reading was. I never said a word but simply asked you what you saw. You were able to describe instantly and perfectly not only me as a person but my boyfriends personality as well as the complicated situation we are in, and managed to provide the solution around it. I found you to be very sincere and so honest and so lovely, you had given all of this specific information without batting an eyelid but when you gave me my boyfriends name you were so overjoyed and could not believe it. I have been to many mediums and psychics but never have I felt so peaceful and enlightened like I did with you. I will call you again.



Dear Victoria, I wanted to share my experience with you to help the very short time we've formed an amazing connection. I've had 4 readings from you in the past 6 weeks and refuse to take my services anywhere else having experienced a varied number of psychics both within the UK and the US. You continually deliver your readings with the most professionalism possible but also have the ability to be so friendly and personable. Every reading I've had with you has left me feeling stronger and more positive. Your accuracy and honesty is so very credible that I cannot recommend you highly enough, so much so I will continue to turn to you for guidance within every aspect of my life as I trust you with it. Please continue to help others by being you...I very much urge people to come to you for a friendly, honest and accurate service....and would like to say a heartfelt thank you for all your time and just for being you.



I was very sceptical about psychics until a friend of mine had a reading with you, we both watched stunned as your predictions started to come true. So I decided to book a reading with you, before I asked one question, you told me that you wanted no background information at all, that you wanted to prove to me that you were real. The first thing you said to me was how lovely I looked in my new glasses and that they suited my face better and although my eyesight had changed the headaches would stop now. That got the hairs on the back of my neck standing! You said that would be a relief as my migraines caused pressure and pain for me. You then started to talk of the other pain within me concerning my Mother, you knew she was 65 years old and told me although her heart was weak the docs will fix it with medication and that I was not to worry she would be home from hospital soon because her twin sister who is deceased was telling you that it was not her time to go, but Hilda says hello and sends her love. I nearly fell off the chair. There was no way that you could have possibly known any of that. The information just kept coming and was just so accurate that at one point I thought that you either cannot be of this world or I was dreaming this. The whole reading was absolutely incredible. I will be back to you and for anybody reading this, call this woman.



Dear Vic, Only three weeks ago you told me, you see opportunities coming my way- not me looking for them! Also you said you don't see me staying at my current job for long! Bang! Two days later I received a call from a lady inviting me for an interview! The interview went so smooth I was invited to go to London to meet the Regional Manager! The lady herself spotted me somewhere and instantly thought I could be perfect for the position and I got the job! You were so right! They offered me more money which will help me with investing and in developing my own clothing line! And the work hours are better so I will have more time to focus on what I love! This happened only within three weeks of our last reading which was in April. I think you are amazing and you know what you are doing. Your outcomes are so right! I know you are truthful and I deeply trust you and believe you! You are so patient with me and I am thankful for this. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for guidance. You helped me a lot through my hard time! Thank you!



Dearest Victoria, I first spoke to you about two years ago and out of all the psychics I read with, it was you that remained in my heart. I have never forgotten how gentle your energy is or what a beautiful soul you have. When we first connected you had known I had suffered a miscarriage and every doctor I had been too had told me that my 44 years was really against me and I needed to think carefully about giving up on having a child but I just couldn't let go of the feeling that this little girl was meant to come into my life. I found you on the internet when the pain in me was so bad. You told me the doctors were wrong and that you could see a baby and went on to describe her to me, you said she would be born strong and healthy without much hair but would have my husband`s nose. You gave me hope and took a little pain away from me. You were so right my angel , my baby is now five months old and when I first held her in my arms I cried and cried and I thought of you . I could see exactly what you saw; we named her Victoria because without the hope that you gave me to keep trying she would never have come to this world. When she is older I will tell her all about you, and the beautiful work that is you.



This lady is a shining light for me in times of darkness after my relationship suddenly ended, until I knew she existed my life was a disaster. Whenever i feel anxious or afraid i always contact her, as she is the only one i can speak to of my situation. She never fails me, and although at times i drive this poor lady crazy with dozens of questions she is patient and always puts my mind at ease. The detail she provides is fantastic. Forget wrestling, Vic and Michael makes the tag team of the century xxx



WOW. You give me goose bumps you are so very accurate in all that you see.



Victoria I just feel the need to tell you how I adore you and how your words have inspired me to keep moving into my place of peace. I think of you often and I carry you within me when I need the strength to keep going.



Victoria, even before I had booked my telephone call with you I just knew that you were special. I had searched the web far and wide for up to a week before finding you. I was actually looking for some tyres for my car when your website popped up which was very bizarre. I was drawn to it and to you so I called you. I wanted to have a conversation with my horse Tilly; I didn't really expect that you could actually do this though, and when I told you this you laughed and said you did not know either as you had never spoken to a horse before. You asked me for a photograph of Tilly and we booked for later that day. You tuned in to her right away and you told me that she was born in Scotland which she was. You also knew that she had two previous owners before me. You said she told you that she is happy and contented with me but would like to jump more which I noted. You went on to tell me that she remembered eating something that made her tummy hurt, and she could not eat. It made her tired and wobbly. That was so very true, it happened just over a year ago now and made her so unwell. You knew that eating these weeds as you put it had affected her liver and that she had received medication from the vet. That was also correct and I knew exactly what you were talking about because she had eaten ragwort which is very dangerous for horses. I had felt so guilty over this and obviously cleared it all away .Yet you told me that Tilly says it was an accident and it is all okay and that I must not get upset anymore as she wants me to know that she loves being with me . You went on to say many illuminating things that were all so true including the fact that Tilly thanks me for the new blanket I recently bought her, she said how soft it was. I found this experience absolutely wonderful and you left me completely reassured that I am doing everything right now to make Tilly happy.



I can honestly say no one compares, I have met many mediums in the last year after joining a development circle, many egos too! Victoria would put them all to shame, I have yet to meet anyone so accurate and she plays her gifts down FAR too much!!



Dear Victoria, I want to thank you for my reading I am so amazed by you, you managed to connect with my Dad and we shared memories with him about our family. It was extremely comforting to not only talk about our past together, but to know that is still aware of things that are currently going on in all of our lives. I am so appreciative of your gift.



Dearest Victoria, here it is the testimonial we both wanted to see. I have got to know you well through our many years of readings and know from experience that whatever you say you see in my life has and will continue to come to pass. You have said many things to me that have shocked and surprised me from the biggest predictions to the smallest minute detail and I have watched them all show themselves. I am sitting here writing this with a glass of champagne in my hand in the house I never thought I would be able to keep. It has been over two years of being in this limbo; everything was against me that what you were seeing just did not fit. Yet you were adamant throughout that whole time and slowly and unbelievably I started to watch your prediction start to show. You kept me sane and on track and have been there throughout the lowest times of my life. I hope you will be there through my happiest times too. I never believed I would be here right now, yet you saw it all minute by minute detail its totally incredible and so are you. I know you so well you are squirming that I am writing about you this way, you are so humble that it is funny, you go so quiet when I praise you because you simply cannot see what you bring to peoples lives. You are the very best in your field; you work so hard to get it right because you care. You tell me that anybody that works hard can do this that may be true to some degree but not like you because you have a god given gift. You have the biggest heart and I am so glad to call you my friend.



Omg you have an amazing gift, it is so shocking all the things you know and the detail you provide from a simple text are out of this world. I so appreciate you.



Victoria, you have the most incredible gift I have ever encountered, I have read with many over the years but have never encountered anybody like you. We initially contacted you for your skill in human/animal communication with Sylvester our cat and her recent behaviour issues. You told us that he was telling you first that he was eight years old which was correct. You then went on to talk of a series of events in the house that that taken place in the past four weeks that had caused him upset which had led him to use our sofa as his toilet tray. You said he was telling you one of his grievances was the new litter we had been using during this time frame and that he disliked it and wanted it changed. You told us about his signals that he uses right before jumping to the sofa, and during this week we have managed to capture his warning signs and take him to the litter tray and this appears to be working. We also learnt that he detests Gabriella our sons parrot we are looking after for a short while. We have now taken her to a different room as you had suggested. The most amazing part of this communication was the fact that you told us the cat was telling you his mouth hurts and is in pain with a bad tooth. That he tried to tell us this, we could not see but after a trip to the vets you were right his back tooth was swollen around the gum. You managed to provide all this over the telephone; you have left the whole family amazed and Sylvester is now much happier, you are simply incredible and amazing thank you so very much.

The Flint Family


This woman is incredible, what she gives during a reading is every part of herself. The experience is intimate, uplifting, intense, and very healing. She answered all my questions and made me really understand what I am going through. What my past life was all about, how I needed to look at the past in order to see where I was heading, and how I can move forward in a healthy way. Victoria has this amazing ability to make the connection to those past lives, and was really able to hone in on the things that were upsetting me and holding me back. I now feel less alone and less crazy. My feelings and my life feel much more identifiable and much more understandable. I just love her.



After trying many psychics for answers and clarity on things and being left disappointed, i stumbled upon victoria. I got a few small readings from her via the text service. She answered in detail and brought such relief to my mind. She has spoken of a few things that have not yet come to pass but I am very positive and hopeful as she has helped so many others before me. She is a lovely lady, truly gifted and will help you. I will not be going elsewhere again. Thank you victoria xxx



What a team you and Michael are, you two never fail to amaze me. Every single thing you have ever spoken to me about has come to pass. Since I found you my life has got so much better. I am never scared anymore and you have given me the confidence to be who I want to be. I passed just like you told me I would, I am so proud of myself and I hope you two are proud of me as well. I love you both so much.



Victoria I am so glad I found you, your text service is fantastic and you are my angel. You have spent so much time in the lonely night time hours given freely of your time to support and keep me going; you have been my lifeline and are just so special.



Firstly you should know that you have found the most incredibly gifted and accurate reader with amazing remote viewing skills that I have ever come across. No wishy washy answers here. Victoria gives incredibly detailed readings with no information needed other that your name. Coupled with her empathy and her everlasting patience I believe you will never need another spiritual reader ever again. In times of chaos, panic and tears, speaking with Victoria is also incredibly calming. I found Victoria on line because I wanted a reader I had not been to before. I did not know what type of reading I wanted so I emailed her with my relationship question but was deliberately vague. We decided on a telephone reading. There were many things I had not told Victoria in respect of my question but then I did not need to. What Victoria told me just floored me. She spoke in incredible and accurate detail about our past circumstances. I had barely spoken at this point. She told me that I was not supposed to get over him because we were fateful. He was coming back and that he was my twin soul. One thing I have learnt over the last few years is that not every spiritual reader is able to read fateful occurrences/twin soul relationships with accuracy and with the appropriate understanding. Outcomes CAN be predicted but timings simply CANNOT with these relationships and anyone who tries to do this simply does not understand the dynamics, but Victoria really DOES understand. Over a series of readings; Victoria has spoken extremely accurately about our past and given me reasons why things happened as they did. She has explained to me about our specific situation and given me very precise details about when we reconnect. However, what she cannot tell me is the exact time. Because we are fateful, we can only come together after specific lessons have been learnt BUT it will show on our timelines. With this in mind, I should happily be updating Victoria soon and ticking off future predictions.



Victoria, you are an incredible person with an incredible gift. Your insight has given me so much strength and faith during a traumatic time in my life. I can never thank you enough



Dear Victoria, I have recently been going through such a terrible time after the loss of my beloved dog Rebel ,he was my best friend and I love and miss him so much that I could not get through a day without crying. It was my sister that suggested I find a psychic to see if it could help to ease my pain. That is when I found you on line, I immediately called you and although you had said you wanted his photo beforehand just to be sure that you could find him I was optimistic. When you rang me and told me that you felt confident you could help I was so happy, and although I did not know what to expect it turned out to be the most fantastic experience of my life. To hear you gently speak to my boy was joyful and from the very start your words to me made me realize that it was him. Rebels unique personality shone through our entire conversation and I could feel that he was really with us. You started from when he was a puppy and knew he was from a litter of five; you knew he was the one that choose me. You told me all about our household and how he felt about us all, and how he interacted with Molly cat. You spoke of past health complaints that he had suffered with as well as talking from his point of view about the lead up to his passing. You made me understand so much more about him and especially how he felt about things. I was so grateful to hear that he did not blame me for putting him to sleep. You finished by telling me that he wanted to say that he loved his household and the people that were in it. The whole experience was so emotional that you had to keep breaking off to cry with me, you helped me so much that day and there are no words to fully define how I feel about you Victoria. You have the most extraordinary talent and you are the gateway to the other side. When I think of you it really is with joy and wonder.



Thanks so much for the reading you recently did for me in February. Your psychic abilities are incredibly awesome, you told me that you did not always get names during your readings but that you were told I would meet a David and this time romance would work for me. You gave so much information around this even down to the fact you saw he had a front tooth that was twisted slightly. Two days after our reading things started to happen as I did meet a man called David through a seminar I attended. I must admit I was disappointed because I did not feel attracted to him at all, I came back to you a second time to tell you this. I did not get a chance to say anything; your first words to me were you have the wrong one and that the David that I had met is not the David you wanted. I was absolutely floored. You then went on to describe the man I had met in detail and finished by telling me that he did not even have a crooked tooth. I do not think I have ever laughed so much, you are just so funny. I am back to tell you that you really did see it all, You were shockingly accurate, I have met a David through work he has actually just started at the insurance company that I work for. We have only been out twice so far but I do feel hopeful about him. You described his manner perfectly, but the biggest jaw dropping, eye popping moment was when he smiled at me and I saw that crooked tooth you would not stop talking about. It sent shivers down my spine. You are very weird and magical all at the same time, when I can I want to tell him about you and how you saw him before I did. You are fantastic Victoria.



How can you make such an accurate connection via text? You are very gifted.



Dear Victoria, I had a reading with you back in October last year, and wanted to give you an update on some predictions that have already come to light. When I came to you I was in such a mess, you told me that you could see I was in huge debt after a business deal fell through and was facing losing everything. I could not sleep eat or even think straight and I was hiding it all from my wife. You told me I would be saved and that a man from the past was coming back to offer solutions. You gave so much specific details regarding this I knew exactly who you were talking about. You even said to expect him around Bonfire night you told me he did not want me but did want what was around me and I was to get over my ego, recognize I had more to learn and take his offer. These were brutal words to hear but you did deliver them with compassion, you said many things that I did not want to hear and during that hour there were many times I wanted to hang up on you. You knew that too because you kept telling me not to hang up that my Father needed to say all this because he loved me. By the end I was completely drained but respected you enormously, you gave it all with love and care and you helped me a great deal. It was just after Firework night he connected with me out the blue just like you said and in talking he offered that way forward and I was expecting it and went with it. The around me but not me comment that you gave made so much sense now. I had to sell my business, he wanted the building and not me but through you I dealt with it all and I believe I now am a better human being for this experience. You were totally right I was in over my head, life is calmer and easier now and I am starting slowly again. I have a lot to thank you for .



I use the text service often.... Some may say too often! After a very tough year, my confidence has been knocked like you wouldn't believe. I rely on Victoria`s text to keep me sane. The information in relation to my love life has yet to be revealed, but she has been so accurate with other events in my life and she replies within a very short time. I told her recently I needed a holiday but I'm on my own, she said I would away with a girl to a hot county. I am going to turkey with I girl I've met through work, I asked how I would get on in a new job , she told me I'd be fine cause I knew some people in the new job, she was right. She told me there would be extra money in my pay packet, already I'm doing overtime. She has been so accurate about everything else I have to trust there will be light at the end of the tunnel with my love life. If you have just little questions needing answered, I don't know how she does it but she never lets me down, Try it! You will be shocked x



Dear Victoria, thank you so much for my email reading you have been an enormous help here and you always shine a light in the darkness and I feel safe again.



Had a few readings with various so called psychics regarding my situation, and this is the first time I have ever left feedback. She knew what i was calling about, i never had to say a word and she was spot on. I left it a while before writing this, after all its the predictions that we are interested in. Two have happened already, indirectly related to my reason for calling this amazing lady so I am hopeful the major one will happen too 10/10.



Dear Victoria, your email readings are wonderful and I do look forward to receiving them. You provide me with pages of information that not only calms me but truly soothes my soul. I so enjoy the spiritual messages and truths given by your guide as well as your ability to completely tune in to situations around me so accurately and deeply it takes my breath away. You have such a power within your words that makes me feel you are very close almost as though you are here beside me. You keep me steady and keep me going and make me believe in miracles. I cannot wait for you to come out here in the summer so we can finally see each other.



Victoria I have to tell you I am so glad I found you and I think your psychic text service is fantastic. Your response to my question was just completely spot on of how my life is right now and not like anything I had received from other psychic sites. I love the fact that it`s just you answering instead of lots of different readers I cannot wait for my phone reading.



Victoria I came to you with many questions on my life and I was blown away by the amount of detail of my past, my present and future that you were able to acquire. You started our reading by talking about the main topic I had on my mind and what I mainly had the questions about without any prompting and without me even asking a question, you managed to show me why this was happening and how I could improve the situation. I was truly impressed by your kind and gentle manner of giving news to me that was not positive at all but you did suggest to me how I could improve things. You even managed to surprise and open my eyes to my own intuitive gifts in ways I had never thought imaginable. I have also found you to have a deep compassion and willingness to help me after our reading and have received emails from you on clarifying some things I had forgotten. I found you to be an exceptional, remarkable, sincere, talented, and inspirational person. I count myself blessed to have crossed paths with you.



I love psychics and over the years have read with so many and I pride myself on weeding out the good and the bad ones. My friend found you on Facebook and she told me about you, so I visited your website and looked through all your reviews. To be honest they all sounded a bit too good to be true I had to try you so I booked my reading with you. When I answered your call all was lovely as I felt very comfortable and found you to be very friendly. The reading was very on point and you were very accurate and able to provide information with very specific details. You spoke of my recent issues as though you were there and provided me with very positive solutions to them. At this point I was very impressed with you, felt great and already knew I was coming back and then you suddenly stopped. You said that you were being told that I had questions to ask and I did. I wanted to start with a simple one and expected the same answer that I had received from at least the last 20 psychics I had read with. So I asked you if my Nan ever visited me, I was expecting to hear the obvious yes, that she is always with me and that she loves me dearly. Your response left me absolutely floored as you went on to tell me that although her name was Florence everybody called her Fluff, that she had once used to look after children in her younger days and that she died of breast cancer when I was very young. You said she has an eye patch over her eye because she lost it through an accident when they she was a child. I was so shocked it was all true and I said to you how did you know that? You told me that she was standing by your side talking to you. You made it sound like it was the most obvious thing in the world. You went on to tell me so many things that you could never have known or even guessed at. It is crazy and you are the very very best psychic I have ever read with and I will now never go anywhere else.



When you get a Victoria reading, it is always much more than you could ever hope for, she touches all parts of life very deeply and accurately and I have always came away feeling so empowered and also very calm that everything is going to be okay. Whatever life throws at me I know she will find the answers and the direction forward for me. The moment I get on the phone she has all information ready and knows exactly why I am calling her. I stopped questioning how she does it a long time ago I am just so grateful I have her and I know she was sent to me. She is spiritual, compassionate, sincere and so unique.



Hi Victoria, I just wanted to say thank you ever so much for my reading. You astounded me with your accuracy on past events with me and my twin flame! I didn't say a word and it just rolled off your tongue. I must remember your words when doubt crosses my mind and know that as you have predicted he is on his way back to me! No more weak and watery readings from others that tell me to give up or he isn't worth it! I will refer back to my notes on your reading you gave me. You are a breath of fresh air you really are and tell it as it is! And that's why I truly believe your words without a shadow of a doubt. Today, I have had Heal the World by MJ in my mind. I will be in touch as soon as things start to unfold as you predict and will remain upbeat and strong.



Dear Victoria, I just wanted to drop you a line with an update following on from the telephone reading you gave me in December. So far I have had the contact that you had predicted I would receive from a certain lady that I love. You were also very incredibly right in the reason for her absence. She had indeed fallen in the snow and fractured her pelvis. The missing wallet you described that I lost on the bus was indeed returned to me and as you rightly predicted was empty of its contents but the photograph that you saw inside was rightly still there. The terrible smelling aftershave you bought up was rightly given to me by a female, it was Auntie as predicted for my birthday I did decide to take your advice and as suggested gave it to a needy person and you were right I did feel it was a lovely spiritual act. The funniest thing I have noticed since my reading is your name keeps cropping up in my life everywhere, I pass Victoria station every day to journey to work, Victoria biscuit tin are sitting close near the tea machine, my new pen friend is called Victoria and my friends new kitten she named Vicky. I think it is Gods way of telling me that you are watching me and I like this very much.



Victoria, as you may remember I was one of the people that won a reading with you from the charity night we attended. I have to say I have been a sceptic my whole life but I scheduled a reading with you anyway. I was not expecting anything to come out of it and thought it more for my entertainment only. I was so wrong! I barely said hello to you when you told me all about my Father and gave me messages from him. Seriously this was just spooky and all so very accurate, yet one thing that stands out above all other messages was the one about an event that had actually happened when I was in school. As you had mentioned I am now 44 years old and I had kept it within me all of these years and there is absolutely no way that you could have known about this time in my life, I did not tell a living soul what had happened to me. Yet with you I found it so natural to discuss this and I feel so uplifted by doing so. You took time to make me see that it had not been my fault and I could not have stopped it happening. A great weight lifted from me that day, I am now the biggest believer in you, you do such good work and I cannot help myself telling everybody I know that I think that you are absolutely amazing!



Dear Victoria, I have been trying to find my Dad who passed away twelve years ago now. I have had many nice readings with psychics but have always remained a little doubtful of a spirit world as nobody could reach that one person I needed to hear from. Then I found your beautiful website and felt such a feeling of peace that I wanted to try again. I am afraid I approached my reading with you in the wrong way and I was very rude to you I was just so scared I would be left disappointed again. I told you nothing and would not even speak to you. Yet you found him for me and confirmed to me that it was my Dad and that he was okay. You just knew it all and there is no explanation for you knowing the details of all the things that you did. You gave me goose bumps and I could not stop shaking. I know now this is real, and you are real and there really is a place for us to go. You made me believe and I cannot thank you enough.



Dear all, I have been reading with my psychic witch Vic for around three years now, she is a brilliant psychic and a beautiful person. I was a drug addict and I was killing myself, I was in such a bad place and just wanted to talk to somebody. Victoria never judged me but made me believe that anything is possible if we really want to make change to our life. She showed me that there is good in the world and she gave me strength to go find it. I would never be who I am or where I am without her help and her patience and her love.



Hi Victoria, I thought I should drop you a line and thank you for all your help and patience. For many years I have spent so much with other psychics, like shopping for the perfect shoe trying to look for the right fit. My life seemed to be falling apart right in front of my eyes and despite being an optimist, I needed an assurance that things will turn for the better. You are simply the nicest, most sincere, talented and helpful psychic out there and you've given me back my confidence! I know you're very busy with readings everyday but you still find the time to answer my texts and that I appreciate with all my heart. I'm so sorry for being impatient at times! Your predictions are starting to come true, bit by bit, and I am hopeful once again! Thanks again Victoria, you are an angel. X



The lovely Vicky gave me an update reading on 2nd Jan; she said that this month was the tying up of problems that I had been fighting for years. One issue has already been resolved and one is on track to be sorted in the near future, only two more to sort out after such a long time. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel that Vicky had seen so long ago for me. She also predicted that I would be shocked how easy I would settle things as in the past I have hit delays and problems and had to fight, the two issues I went on to sort recently hit no snags and I was thinking that it was exactly as Vicky had said wow thats easy. Vicky and MJ are the best around and they are very supportive to me and my family and i trust her 100%



Victoria, I am speechless, how did you know about the watch? I almost screamed at work today as I was reading your email reading. It is as if you are in the environment with us, I am still breathing heavy as this has really caught me off guard. Everything that you said was true and right on. Victoria, Victoria, Victoria, Where do you come from. I don't even know anyone who has ever even been this close to what has taken place, you are quite amazing. I am hoping that you can put this notation on your site, these words are from my heart and just after reading your email I am still shaking because I can't believe it. I will be in touch with you again shortly so you can keep me up to date. I love you Victoria, May god bless and keep you strong!!



My Dearest Victoria, I wanted to write to you to explain how you and your readings have changed my life. I feel that you have been such a positive influence and I have never met anybody like you before. I knew that you were special when I first text you before Christmas, I only wrote my name and help and you told me to get out of the rain because I will catch a cold. You knew I had missed the bus. We have had three readings now on the telephone and each one has uplifted me .You fill me with hope and tell me to follow my hearts, I am finding tiny hearts everywhere I go, they are on the ground, in my car , on my desk at work and I even found one at the foot of my bed. You are bringing such magic to my life. You have this uncanny way of emailing me just when I need you and you write such truth to get me through. I hear Michael Jackson songs constantly they seem to follow me. I do not know what is happening but I am so thankful that you are in my life. I love you and Michael so much.



I came across Victoria after I felt as though I could not take life anymore. Her text responses and how much she knew gave me hope that everything was going to be ok. She has made my days easier to bare, will think of you when times get hard your assurance means a lot. Thank you.



Hi Victoria, i just wanted to drop you a line to let you know you are pretty incredible. You read for me last February and told me about my job and the fact that you saw that everybody was leaving. At that time I said that was totally ridiculous how on earth 48 people could leave, I knew them all, we were all happy there and our jobs were stable. I honestly thought that you were mad and I put your reading down to yet another bad experience with a psychic, especially when you replied that I was wrong to think of 48 when it would actually be 49 people leaving because I was the 49th. It was a huge shock for me to learn in November we were merging companies, this was also something that you had briefly spoken of. On hearing this news I immediately thought of you, we have all gone just like you said we would and you were very right when you spoke of new faces for me to see. I just had to write to tell you this and I am sorry I doubted you and I will be using your services again.


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