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The following messages were given to me by some of my loyal clients that have read my story and listened to my EVP recordings before they were aware of the identity of my guide and who was providing the information to me for their readings.

Hi Vic Sky Lantern lit for you, love you lots


Wow Victoria, I am stunned. Michael Jackson was such a talented and gifted man, and genuinely wanted to heal the world. He could not of chosen a more suitable medium than you to help him continue his quest. Your gift is so pure, and to have Michael at your side as your guide, you have much still to do.

OH MY GOD, I have just been on the site Victoria and seen your message to the world about Michael, it made me cry to read your story and hear of the pain and challenges you have gone through. You have given so much of yourself to me and no doubt to others. To hold this in for so long must have been terrible for you. Please tell your prince to look after you and keep you safe.

Hi Victoria,
Wow what can I say, the time to move came and you did it. This is massive and you have my support in anyway whatsoever.
I stayed up last night to have a look at what MJ wanted to tell us. In fact I was up until 2am.I was totally gobsmacked at what I was reading and also hearing. Oh to hear what you hear and hear MJ’s messages. I had shivers running down my spine. The hair on the back of my neck was standing on end and I could feel someone with me. I did have tears in my eyes at one point. There was pride there too, pride that you had taken a huge step and did what you had to you. I applaud you xx.
I am so glad MJ is staying with you he is such a wonderful man. So misunderstood when he was alive, but in a way he was still alive. I listened to the voice clips and it is MJ. This has totally blown me away.
I would love to see the physical medium-ship at work. Stay strong Victoria. I am proud of you.

Hi Vic, this is phenomenal, he chose the best person to be with. Your words and video are just so nice I have listened several times now. I believe in you and him and trust you both. I am so happy that you have been able to share this with us all.

Victoria I am flabbergasted, I think that you are one of the most sincere and lovely person I have met and you have helped me so much. Michael does deserve validation and what a team you are.

Hi Vicky, I am finding it hard to find the words to describe how I felt when I read your story. You have been on an amazing but emotionally exhausting journey. I listened to the raw file but found them hard because of the white noise. But when I listened to the short ones I could hear much better. It is his voice and everybody will recognize it, as he is the most famous singer in the world.

Dear Victoria I have seen message on your site and I am totally gobsmacked! I too grew up with his music and I am incredibly touched by it, he was so unique and talented. Thank you for sharing this, I will pass this on to those who have faith in spirit as I now do. This is because of you and your ability to see so clearly to guide me through difficult times and your ability to know things that are so unique to me and my life. I was always very sceptical until I had my first reading with you 2.5 years ago now. Thank you for sharing your amazing message.

Well, you’ve really put it out there.
I love what you’ve written – it’s so personal, and it feels true.
I do find the EVPs hard to listen to, I heard other things, different words at times, but difficult to concentrate on – not my own skill, I guess.
I’ll keep listening, tuning in.
Hope M gets what he wanted by showing up in this way, and that now you’ve gone out there, there’s less strain on you.
Much love from one of your crazy ones,

Hi Victoria, I remember chatting to you at length during one of our early readings about spirit guides and you had said that your guide was very good looking and very clever. You did not tell me it was Michael Jackson, I love him so much and wow it is truly amazing. I can see why he chose you as you are beautiful inside and out. Can you tell your prince Michael from me that I love and thank him for all his guidance he has given me through you.

Hi Victoria, I got goose bumps when reading your story about you and your Prince It really does not surprise me that Michael found you. It just confirms to all just how special you really are.


I think you are amazing Victoria, you have had the king of pop with you for three years and during all our readings you never said a word about him. I cannot imagine how stressful this must have been for you. You are the most gifted and caring person I have ever met,  who has been through so much recently yet you still put others and your work first.

Victoria, I have just listened to EVP recordings of Michael I am so stunned his voice is unmistakable I cannot wait to see the physical medium ship you are working on with him. I love him and he will never be forgotten.  He was treated so badly in life but you will be a great friend to him.

We love you Miss oracle your message has gone all around school we are all so excited to read your story and hear his voice. You have been very brave and honest and true, it is obvious as to why he choose you. What a fantastic team you make.

Well done Vicky, I have reread your story several times now and listened intently to not only the short clips but also the raw file. It is incredible and so are you for sharing such wonderful news .He will be well looked after with you at his side. I know this first hand because since you came into my life I have never felt alone. I have resent your story and sound clips onwards to everybody that I know this message must be heard.

Hi Victoria, I have read your many words of support you are such an inspiration to many people and make such a difference to people`s lives. Sound familiar? That’s why Michael has chosen you, a kindred spirit. I am blessed to have been guided to you.

Victoria, your story about living with Michael sent shivers down my spine this is so fantastic. When I sit and think of you it makes complete sense to me why he found you. From the first moment I spoke to you I just knew you were special. Since reading and hearing your files Michael Jackson seems to be cropping up in my life all over the place. I am hearing his songs on my radio driving to and fro from work. I have recently sang  Kumbaya at my father` birthday party and had a bizarre conversation with a friend who bought up a recent television programme where an American judge on the show constantly talks of Michael. This has prompted me to send your link onwards to everybody that I know. Thank you for sharing this.

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