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Vic i just want to thank you for reading for me. It must be 12 years now since i first contacted you. Ive always believed you were sent to me for a reason. When i was so desperate for answers you gave them me. Which in time all showed to be true. Thank you for the messages you pass on from my parent's they are the biggest comfort and reassurance i could wish for. Never stop doing what you do Vic. You have such a special gift that has helped me and others more than you know. 



Hi Victoria,  A huge thank you for my reading on Friday. I feel so relieved after talking to you, as always your readings give me so much clarity and reassurance, which is what I need when life gets a little overwhelming. Take care and thank you again, you are very gifted and a truly lovely lady. Kindest regards 



Hi Victoria, I just wanted to thank you so much for the session yesterday.

Not only were you able to accurately pinpoint so many details about my dear ****, you were able to give me much needed advice and reassurance about her and our upcoming move.I felt incredibly moved, almost to tears, hearing some of the things you said. I am so thankful to you for all the insight you have given me on **** and how I can be an even better fur parent to her. I am so grateful to have come across you and your gifts. I will definitely be booking your services again soon!

Thank you again so much!



Dear Victoria, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I enjoyed every word of your email reading and felt super connected with my visions and your reading. Thank you! All the best.



Hi Vic, Mum really wants me to emphasise to you how very positive she is feeling after speaking to you today. She feels so very positive and so very grateful to you, that 'thank you' is inadequate to express the magnitude of her gratitude! Speaking to you really has been like sunshine through what felt like a very dark cloud.



Hello Vicky, I just wish to thank you again for your support and guidance. It's so
comforting and reassuring to know, via your insight, that I'm on the right path in life and in my relationship.


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