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   About me.


 ~Life is not measured

   by the breaths we take,

    But by the moments

      that take our breath away~


I have been psychic and able to see and hear things since early childhood, I kept blocking it out for it really wasn’t accepted and certainly not encouraged by my family. I hit my early twenties when I encountered a tragedy in my life that turned me upside down.

I needed answers and went on to pay for many different types of psychic readings, they all tried in their way to help me make sense of what had happened but none were able to take away my emptiness or make me understand in order to find any true peace.

So I decided I had to find my own way to steady myself and get my own answers on life and death.

In the early years whilst raising my children and working part time in schools and cleaning offices, I started to teach myself, I read all I could on so many different subjects such as psychology to parapsychology, then religion and philosophy.

I am a very logical and analytical person who constantly questions everything, it was when I got to spiritualism that everything made sense.

It saved me and provided me the truth, understanding and evidence that I needed to see what is real. I played and I experimented and I sharpened and controlled my own abilities. Somehow along the way I became a psychic by profession.

I am clairvoyant, an intuitive, can read the tarot cards and I am a medium who works closely with one guide. I practice remote viewing, telekinesis, and physical medium-ship. I am also able to tune into and communicate with animals.

I have experimented heavily with crystal ball gazing, crystals and stones, the chakra system, the auras as well as astral travel and trance medium-ship.

I love to interpret dreams for clients which have gone on to be so interesting and I am told are very helpful for them.

I have been known to clear spaces and people of negative energies and presences from photographs. I am currently working on writing a book and capturing images of spirit on film and recorders.
My aim is to continue to push the boundaries and myself to learn new things, to see how far I can reach and how much more is out there that I can find. I have been using my abilities for the service of others and have provided psychic readings in person and now over the telephone for many years now but 
I don’t pretend to have all the answers to every life question, I don’t know everything, I am still learning.

I don’t always know why certain things happen to us, but I will aim to guide you through difficult events towards better times and experiences.

Yet what I do know is that I have a very solid and strong connection with my spirit guide who will help me to give advice and guidance to you and I will use all of the tools and experience that I have in order to do my best to provide you with an authentic, accurate, helpful and honest reading.

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