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Hi Victoria, As we draw closer to the Christmas Season I would like to sincerely thank you for your presence and guidance throughout the years. Your readings have nurtured my inner being, when I reflect on myself in 2013 i see that I was bathed in egotistical ways, and as the years continue to progress I have become more and more humbled by lives experiences, and you have helped beyond words to bring awareness to those experiences and continue to do so even after the readings. To the stage where I feel selfish as our interactions are solely based on me, and many atimes I wish I could hold space for you and ask about you, so the beautiful spotlight is shared and shone primarily on you. Thank you for sharing your gift. Whilst I am and will remain student throughout this lifetime you have been and continue to be an amazing teacher. Thank you for all that you are.



Hi Victoria, I have just sat and read through your reading and before reading thought it was to late to give any feedback but I had to respond right away, WOW!! it was so detailed and questions answered with so much detail it amazed me, I will of course re-read it a couple of times so as I'm able to take it all in. I feel the lady you were referring to can only be my beloved Nan who passed when I was 16 but is always in my thoughts and often topic of conversation. The photo in which you describe her in her younger days is actually a picture of her aged 21 that sits on my kitchen window seal. it was very comforting to hear that she's still around. you were right in that I have recently gone through or am going through a period of change and growth that has taken some time but I can feel that I've grown immensely and learned so many lessons throughout it. The course, which I didn't find the confidence to apply for until May and didn't receive notification of a place on until August is in fact Social Work so it is looking after others wellbeing in a sense. It's a relief to hear of changes coming with regards to a house move and in my love life as they have been at a standstill for quite some time and I feel so ready to move forward and progress with both. Thank you very much for such a detailed informative reading it really was worth the wait!



Victoria, I love your email readings, I do love Michael's stories and the way you express yourself throughout the email,it just flows so beautifully.



You are so different from any other psychic I have spoken to, you gave more than I asked for. I told you to be brief in your reading due to your tight schedule but you gave more than the reply to my concern; and even advised me on my diet and crystals! Anyway, I can't thank you enough for all your advice. So glad that I've met you. I always have a sense of relief and enlightenment every time I receive an reading from you, yet scary at times as you appeared to be looking through a mirror and saw everything in my life, including my mind. I'll start eating healthier tomorrow! :)



Dear Vic I so hope all is well with you.I just wanted to update you after our last reading - I'd told you my house sale had fallen through and was worried we'd lose house we wanted. You told me we wouldn't lose house but we wouldn't move until September!! Well after a stressful few months I have moved into the house our first home together and at the beginning of September!! You were spot on as always! Thanks for always keeping me hanging in there. All our love to you



I'VE WON-Victoria, you wonderful wonderful woman.I cannot express my thanks to you, you kept me going and you never wavered.



Victoria, I have just had a look at your updated website and I can say that I couldn't stop reading and I wanted to learn more about you and Michael. I am truly proud of you that you have been able to speak about your experiences and Michael in public and I really look forward to reading your book. I still hear Michael's music from time to time at the most random times and places and it brings a smile to my face. You are both never forgotten and are loved so dearly. I loved reading your experiences about Michael and I love the way you express yourself so beautifully. You are such a wise woman with a beautiful heart and I'm glad to see that all your life experiences has made you the woman you are today. So many people look up to you and now, your special relationship with Michael. Please keep updating your website with more experiences! I really love the design of your website and every single content of it. I feel so lucky to have you as my psychic and friend and that I've had so many readings from you in the past which have helped me so much. You have always been there through my toughest times especially last year when I really thought I would break down. Without you I wouldn't be where I am today. You're a real blessing and I'm so grateful of all your work



Dear Victoria, Thank you so much for the detailed email reading which you sent to me on Monday. I was so very touched and heartened to receive it, firstly because I can see how much time you have taken to prepare it and how detailed and intensive it is and secondly because you have described so exactly my current situation and how I am feeling right now. There is much to digest within it and so far I keep reading it and then putting it down, coming back to read it again and again. It is amazing how many little twists and turns are already happening. I do feel a deep change occurring even now, a strength and a resolve that was lacking before. A feeling of contentment within which I didn`t have before. I will come back to you again at some point in the future but for now I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and guidance. With much love and affection.



I have been left utterly shocked as each and every thing that you have ever seen for me come to life exactly how you told me it would. I will never stop being amazed by you, it's so good to know you are there by my side.



I will never forget my first reading with Victoria, her compassion when talking to me and the accuracy and matter of fact way she told me what she saw blew me away. That was 3 1/2 years ago and now many years and readings later her predictions are still unfolding. She is an outcome reader and the way she describes what she sees made it seem very real and right from the first reading she has never wavered, She has always said timelines are difficult as we all have free will but when you give it time you watch her predictions unfold and that is exactly what is happening. I have plagued her, especially when she had the text messaging service, but Victoria has never wavered and continues to be a very special gracious lady with a very unique and genuine gift. Thank you again Vic, can't see a time when I won't want to share each and every thing you have foreseen.



Hi Victoria, from the first reading, I know whoever up there heard my crying and send you my angel....I know you have been working hard with me to release my pain, please do not let go of me. Promise....



Holy heavens Victoria! You guys should publish books, I mean this stuff is pure gold! (yes I'll need to read it a few times for it to sink in totally) but wow! At least on much of it, like law of attraction etc, I have understanding on all that, so am halfway there...Thank you SO much, I can imagine how much this must have taken out of you to put it down like this, and thanks to your guide alsoBut thank you so much, as said, pure gold, very delighted, so thank you both!



Hello Victoria, I just wanted to give you an update and thank you for giving me hope and courage. What you told me during my reading has actually come true in a matter of months. I feel blessed to have met such a talented reader and I am not sure you realise how much inspiration you give to your clients.



Dear Victoria. How are you? I hope you are well. Firstly, can I apologise for the delay in sending this email to you. I have been giving much thought to how/what words I can use to express my gratitude for the reading you gave me yesterday. Secondly may I whole heartedly thank you for my reading yesterday, I was completely mesmerised by it. More so you connecting with my mother and relaying my mother's wishes that was by far the most priceless gift one could ever give to me. My first reading will always remain very close to my heart.As stated no words can express fully what you and your Guide did for me yesterday but can only emphasise my appreciation. I will be in touch soon no doubt for another reading. Again thank you greatly. God bless you always. With love



Hi Vic I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely reading. Your readings are always filled with raw truth and a high level of clarity which is priceless and always welcomed. Thank you so much



Hi Vic Our reading this week was the saving grace that my soul was crying out for, I love the high frequency of truth that you bring, I was yearning for it and didn't realise. Today I am facing my truth. I want to thank you for an amazing reading it brought a high level of truth which I needed and had guided me back to myself, and stopped me from running.



Dear Victoria, Thank you very much for your time today. Thank you for being able to speak with me on such short notice. I am just very grateful that universe and spirit guides have brought you into my life. You are truly an exceptional individual and your gift is exceptional. May you always be blessed and may you never run out of good health, harmony, luck, love and prosperity. Big hug,



Hi Victoria, Thanks for the reading last Friday. It really liberates me to speak to you. And just to let you know how good you are, your prediction that the company will come back with all my agreed terms on Tuesday was spot on! Even the exact day. Thanks and wish you tenfold abundance for the gifts you bring.



Hi Victoria, Thank you for my email reading. I'm utterly and totally stunned! You're reading was amazing and very insightful. I look forward to my future now. Thank you again



Dear Victoria, I just wanted to reach out today and thank you for the reading you did today. You have given me alot to think about and reflect about and i feel like i can make some positive decisions about where my life is heading. Thank you very much i felt a great sense of relief and a really connection to you today. Hope to speak to you very soon and will update you on what we talked about very soon (all postive i hope)


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