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Lovely Victoria, thank you for all your amazing insight and guidance and for another wonderful reading. I love speaking to you and your guide and I always leave our readings so empowered and confident in the flow of things. Keep shining.




Dear Victoria, a huge thank you for my readings, it feels just like talking to a friend I have known all my life and always after, I am left very reassured and optimistic. I will continue to come back to you for readings because quite simply, you`re the best. You tell it like it is and don`t pass any judgement which is so reassuring. I trust your guidance and advice.




Thank you so much for everything this year Victoria, you have provided me with such enlightenment and wonderful advice without being judgemental at all. You are a wonderful person and a truly brilliant psychic, the best.




Beautiful Victoria, thank you very much for your readings, you always remain the person I most want when I don`t know what to do when I am facing struggles in my life. You always find the way to soothe me and you have always helped me to find solutions. You`ve empowered me and gave me the confidence to be who I want to be. I deeply appreciate the work that you do, I give thanks for your ability in seeing things so accurately and remain so very grateful to receive your patience and your love. 




Hi Victoria, I have had 5 phone readings with you know and they are all absolutely spot on. I wanted to share with you that your prediction regarding my private life took a funny turn for the worst and it looked as though what you said would happen couldn`t possibly find it`s way. I really went through many doubts about your ability especially as you were so sure in what you were seeing. But then all of a sudden, a big turn of events happened and everything that you had described what you saw of my prediction was there. I will never doubt you again! Please also send my thanks to your lovely guide, his signs brought me such a lot of comfort when I lost my way.




Thank you so much Victoria for such a wonderful and very accurate reading, you managed to tune in instantly to what I needed to know and I will be taking all your guidance on board. You have an amazing ability and please thank your wonderful guide too.




You have helped me so much and you have given me so much information to prove beyond doubt that you are speaking to my mother from spirit. It comforts me greatly and helps me to carry on.




It`s invaluable what you teach, I am so thankful you`re in this world.




Just want to thank you so much for your reading today, you were amazing! Everything that you said, I connected to and when you said that you saw my dog, I was so happy and relieved she was okay. I will go to bed less anxious tonight - the first time in a long time and I am so thankful for that.




Lovely Victoria, thank you so much for such a wonderful reading, honestly you are simply amazing. Please thank your wonderful guide.




Victoria, I just want to say thank you for my readings and giving me much understanding over all situations, you have helped me massively. It is very spooky as all you have said in the past has been mentioned or confirmed by what others around me say.




Victoria, as always thank you so much, in the absence of my own mum here on earth, I cannot speak to the impact and reassurance that you have had on me since my first reading.




Hi Victoria, I wanted to say thank you for my reading this evening, having never had one before it was an incredible first experience. I cannot believe how spot on about things you were and knowing my grandad was there was the most amazing thing ever. I have passed your details to many family members and friends and you have made me feel a lot more positive.



Victoria, thank you so much for the beautiful reading, I really appreciate all the effort you have gone to when you are clearly so very busy. You really do have an amazing talent.



Hi Victoria, Thank you ever so much for your amazing email reading and all your help and guidance. I found your spiritual and holistic advice so helpful and will be in touch again soon.



Dear Victoria, Thank you so much for the reading today! As always it was encouraging, precise and lifting for me! I wish you all the best and know that i always keep you in my heart and thoughts as a guiding light... Specially when I revisit my notes from our calls. Thank you again. Warm hugs.



Good evening Vicky, Just a quick E-Mail to thank you again for a lovely reading. It was spot on, as always! I'm also relieved to say that, due to your guidance, I found the document I was looking for this evening! As you said, I had inadvertently placed it in an unusual place. I'll no doubt be in touch again soon and already look forward to the next reading. All good wishes.



Dear victoria , Just would like to say how lovley the reading was today with you and just how it was when we first began our reading uplifting , insightful and very much eye opener and a lot of reassurance and comfort . It was so lovley how you explained about my life issues with work , health and of course my twin flame connection with **** . Not only that but im just so happy to have reconnected back with you and for you to help with my journey god bless you and hope to speak again soon with some positive news . Take care and god bless you. Kind regards



Hi Victoria How are you hope you and your family are keeping well x Just wanted to drop you a quick email with a mini update from when we last spoke x I got a new job yesterday which I’m soooo happy about *****  is doing really well  And my sister has had her letter from the hospital which you said would come in august Victoria wow you were spot on with my reading. I will arrange another reading With you to see what the next few months will bring. Keep up the amazing work you are one in a million keep up the good work and stay Blessed All the best



Thank you so much for your time Victoria and insights today. It was so lovely to speak with you. Thank you and your guides for reassurances, balance and calmness. Thank you for sharing a balanced perspective on the current nonsense in this world where every single soul is affected in some way. That is the reality. Thank you for the strength and positivity. Thank you for telling me what I need to hear and not what I want to hear. I only know how to function with straight talk. Please do take good care.  Sending you love and hugs in abundance!




Thank you so much for my email reading, as always, I am in awe of your gift. You are shockingly accurate. I would be so lost without your guidance. P.S. I have been getting so many signs in recent weeks about MJ, his songs, his name and your name have popped up loads. I wonder if he sending me signs. Please thank him for me.



Hi Victoria, Thank you for your beautiful writing. I’m so glad I have you in my life to share my deepest secrets. Meanwhile, I’ll try this ritual you suggested and see if I’m able to connect. Till we speak again, take care and keep safe! Best Regards




Dear Victoria, I received your email reading and was astonished at the accuracy of it. You have given me so much to think and ponder over and already I feel that you have made me so much more aware of things that have happened. I have so much more to ask and will be back again very soon.



Hi Vic, my baby was born yesterday, perfect and healthy. I wanted to thank you for all the guidance you have given me regarding her. Michael also came on the radio jut before she was delivered, how special.



Just want to say thank you for my email reading, it gave me so much hope for the future and I am glad to hear that my dad continues to be helpful to you from the spirit world, you describe him perfectly. Have to say, I found Michael`s Bad album, put it on and it energised me greatly. Thank you both for helping me through my difficult situation.



Chilling, accurate date and events.



Hello Victoria, I have to tell you that I had my meeting and it was exactly as you said it would be - to the letter! Those attending were in place as you suggested and their temperaments were exactly as you said they would be too.

Honestly, all your advice has been priceless in helping me prepare for all this unchartered territories. Thank you so much, you and your guide are phenomenal.



To a friend for being there in hard times that seem to have no end. Nothing beats the thoughtfulness of an extraordinary friend. Your kind heart and helping hand along with patient listening and ability to understand made a burden I thought impossible to bear fade into something conquerable because you were there.



Hi Victoria, thank you for our reading earlier today, I don`t know how you do it. It brought me a lot of comfort and happiness and I will definitely do it again. It meant the world to me. Thankyou for bringing all those messages through from my dad.



Dear Victoria And Michael, thank you for everything you do, you mean so much to me and I cannot express my appreciation and gratitude enough for all the help you have given me through the years, but in particular the last few months. I have remained grounded during this challenging time, and this is all due to the guidance you and Michael have so steadily provided to me. I want you to know that you are a huge part of my journey, I am so grateful to have someone as gifted as you to help me understand the lessons I must go through in order to grow. You have shown me that anything is possible if looked at and dealt with in the right way. Thank you for sharing your gift because I forever am blessed to have you guiding me. From the bottom of my heart thank you, love always.




If I didn`t know better, I would think  you worked for the council. People are shocked when I tell them that not only did you tell me I was moving to another home in the area before I knew but that your visions took me street to street by doing left and right turns and it was completely spot on! I was offered the exact home with the red bush outside the door that you saw six weeks previously. Now that is impressive.



I cannot believe how much you knew. I never said one word but you told me all about my situation at hand. I was very nervous approaching the reading but your voce is so calming and soothing that I felt very comfortable.



I love your readings Victoria, you are just so insightful. You are very special and gifted.



I just want to say a huge thank you for your email reading -- I will never go to anyone else because I trust you completely. I needed your honesty and insight in order to prepare the next best moves for me and my family, there is always a lot to consider. I love the way you can tap into another`s thoughts and feelings in order to give me the best advice. You reman as accurate and insightful as the first time I contacted you eight years ago now.



Thank you so much for my reading, it was incredible. I knew without a doubt that you were speaking to my dad, there was just so much evidence for me and you have helped me so much. I can now find my way to move forward because he is still with me. You are an amazing person and I thank God I found you.



Your reading for me on New Years Eve had a profound effect on me and possibly changed my life. I cannot thank you enough.



I love the way you put things and how you are always accurate, understanding and non judgemental about everything. If there is anything negative, you always put it in such a wonderful way to understand.


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