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Victoria, I want to thank you for your fantastic reading. You had come highly recommended by a friend, but what I had not realised was just how truly gifted you are. The experience left me very intrigued by your talent and I am keen to know so much more. I will be calling again very soon.



I have never had a reading quite like yours before. I quickly realised how accurate you were, as there was not an area of my life you could not see. The things you knew gave me goose bumps. I will be calling you again.



Victoria, I want to thank you for your readings. Your accuracy and support is amazing, and I want to let people know what a wonderful person you are.



Dearest Victoria, your work is so pure and truthful. Your voice stills and comforts me and your visions are so vivid and accurate. You reach me like no other can, thank you so much for what you do.



Victoria, You are that rare breed of psychic whose readings do change life`s.



Victoria, I never really believed there was such a thing as a real psychic until a friend recommended you. I had phoned many other psychics and by the end and hundreds of pounds later I had just about enough of misguided information. I was determined not to give you any information, I wanted to see if you passed the test. You told me exactly how I was feeling, what had happened and why. I was completely stunned and numb for days. The next test was to see if your predictions came true. To my amazement they did. Thank you for you and what you have given me and I intend to call you again.



Victoria, it has taken me a while to fully absorb all that you told me during my reading and it has left me completely overwhelmed just how accurate you are. Not only did you reach so far into me and those around me but you told me of complete conversations I had made that day and who with. There is no way you could of known those details. I feel blessed to have had the experience that you gave me.



Victoria ,I approached you with scepticism however what you revealed to me was quite amazing. The detail you gave on my late father was incredible , you could never have known those specific details unless he had told you. I truly benefitted from that and intend to call you again.



Dearest Victoria, over our many readings I know you to be a person of absolute highest integrity and truth. Over time you have gently guided me towards a process of change, and helped me grow from taking that step. I am amazed at how you can tap into my life down to levels I never even consider. You are the most important advisor in my life and I thank god I have you.



Thank you so much for my insightful, empowering and reassuring reading. You have touched my soul.



Victoria, I am a reader myself, I thank you for your attention to detail, your integrity and the care and love that flows from you. You told me what I needed to hear, and it has set me free and changed my life.



I cannot emphasize enough what a gift you are to this world. Your visions and continued accuracy leave me speechless. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity of knowing you and gaining insight from you.



Victoria, Thank you so much for my reading. You gave so much more than I ever expected and I am amazed at how your information flows from you without me saying a word. I look forward to all you have predicted for me and also to many more future readings from you.



Dear Victoria, I have always been slightly sceptical of all things spiritual, until I found you online. I am so glad I did, I was very impressed just how powerful your gift is. I was shocked that you told me all that you did and we have never met or spoken before. You hit the nail on the head every time.



Victoria, nobody does it better, your gift is out of this world!



Hi Victoria, I just wanted to update you on your magnificent reading you gave me back in September .You had made some specific predictions to me that came to pass in exactly the way you saw. I have been shocked and surprised at how accurate you have been.



Victoria, thank you for your readings throughout the year which are always so detailed and accurate it astounds me. I want you to know how special you are and how proud and honoured I am to have found you. You are unique.



Dear Victoria, you have an amazing gift, and share it so well.



I have had many readings over the years but none come up to the level of the one you gave me this evening. Somehow you reached into the heart of who I am, giving me a greater understanding of who I want to be and the potential that is inside of me. You have changed my life and I can`t thank you enough.



Victoria, thank you for being you, the reading I had with you was NOT what I wanted to hear. However it was all so true and was the most accurate reading I have ever had.



Victoria, I just had to write and thank you for such an incredibly accurate reading. It was my first reading with you and I wasn`t sure what to expect. What I found was an extremely talented and gifted lady, with a wonderful humour who immediately put me at ease. You have cleared up all my doubt and answered all my questions without me having to say a word. I cannot thank you enough.



I was going through a bad time in my life and nothing and nobody could help me... until I found Victoria. A family member gave me the idea so I picked up the phone and gave Victoria a call. I am so happy that I did, because not only have I met an amazing psychic but I have also made a great friend. There have been times where my own family and friends have not wanted to listen to me but Victoria has always been there. Every reading is better than the last and what I love about our readings is her sheer and complete honesty. Victoria has believed in me when I have not believed in myself, she has helped me through relationship troubles and put things into perspective. I would recommend Victoria to anyone and everyone; she is so down to earth and friendly and has an amazing maternal nature. She has given me answers to questions that no one else could. Victoria, thank you so much for being you. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I truly believe I was meant to find you. You are a true blessing.



Dearest Victoria, I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for your lovely energy and readings. I am sure you hear this often, but I feel like you are a trusted and loving friend. You are very special and exceptionally sensitive. You do such extraordinary work and have extraordinary compassion for people. Thank you so much.



You are an exceptional psychic , I am stunned at the accuracy of your reading. You got to the heart of my situation straight away, and you did not ask me any questions. You provided so much information and the whole experience uplifted me beyond words. I will be definitely be calling you again.



Victoria, yet again you were spot on , you are the best.



Victoria, I have been having readings with you now for three months. The things you are telling me are actually happening in exactly the way you predict and in the time frame you are giving me every time .It is the most amazing thing, you have an incredible gift. Thank you so much.



Victoria, your readings always inspire , comfort and re-iterate the positives. When you phone it is like having a warming conversation with a best friend, who is always there for you, which is what keeps drawing me back.... plus your readings have been so accurate. I am looking forward to the life you have predicted is coming my way.



I have been having readings with Victoria now since December 2009 and my first reading was absolutely amazing. It was as though she had been with me and knew what was going on around me with my life. Victoria did not ask me any questions and tuned in straight away and gave me the answers I was looking for, even though I never hinted at what I was searching for. I believe we must all have faith, and our spirit friends tell us the truth even though at the time it may not seem like that. Victoria passes messages on to us from spirit and you need to believe what you are being told. Victoria has kept me feeling a lot calmer and better. Trust in Victoria and trust in spirit and you will not go wrong as how you sometimes see things may not be how they really are. Thank you Victoria, I am now looking forward and cannot wait for the final outcome.



Victoria, you are such a wonderful person with an incredible gift at seeing things so clearly and accurately. It is your unwavering support that keeps me sane. I am so glad I found you.



Victoria, I love your readings and what stands out the most for me is the way you see actual things around me and tell what I am looking at. That spooks me out, but in a good way. There is something very healing and special that you give that is priceless and you need to realize that you are out of this world.



Finally, a real psychic you were so specific and detailed in what you saw it blew me away.



Victoria, I waited a long time to have a reading with you and it was worth the wait. Your descriptions and insights into various areas of my life were so accurate. You are extremely gifted and powerful but very gentle in your approach. I will be calling you again.



I have had several reading in my life, but have never experienced a reading like yours. It was incredible and very profound. You told the story of my life in such a compassionate and honest way it has left me speechless. Thank you so much.



Victoria, I just wanted to say thank you very much for my reading yesterday, you really are fantastic at what you do.



Victoria I want to thank you so much for my reading it was literally unbelievable .You knew things that nobody knew about me and all was completely accurate. I am amazed.



Dearest Victoria, Thank you very much for your reading. You described so accurately many aspects of my life in such detail that it astonished me. I found it to be a very powerful and healing experience. You are a beautiful soul with a very special gift.



Hi Victoria, I want to thank you for bringing such light into my life, for showing me my purpose and for never failing to be there for me. With you in my life you have changed the way I see things. I feel blessed to know you.



Victoria, your reading has saved me again, you see things in my life so clearly and it comforts me to feel in control of what is happening to me and what will come. I am so glad I have you, and God has sent you to me I am sure.



A reading with Victoria is like talking to a down-to-earth friend who gives the most amazing advice. She is incredibly accurate, but always very sensitive to her clients feelings. As somebody who can be a first class worrier, given half the chance, I really appreciate both her clarity and her patience.



I have had several readings from other psychics and Victoria is by far the best. I have been having email readings from this kind, compassionate lady for quite a few months now. Her accuracy during that first reading instantly made me trust her. I have no hesitation whatsoever in contacting her for guidance for all major decisions in my life. Her readings are accurate and very truthful and to be honest very comforting. If it had not been for her I would of walked away from the situation that I am In. She gives me the strength and patience to hang in there and wait. Things are slowly unfolding in the way Victoria said they would. Please try this lady, you will not be disappointed.



Victoria, I just want to thank you so much for my reading. Words cannot express how happy I am to have found you again. The last reading I had with you was spot on and future events you had mentioned happened as you said they would. In your latest reading again, you were accurate about things going on in my life since we last spoke and what is going on now. I feel happier and more positive about things to come and I cannot wait to speak to you again for an update. I would just like to say to anyone who is thinking of having a reading with Victoria, do it and you will not be disappointed.



Thank you for your reading, it was an amazing experience. I was astounded at the accuracy of it. You dealt gently with situations in my past, as well as seeing into my current situation. I was stunned at the amount of information that you gave in the short time that I had with you. You are an outstandingly gifted lady who is very special.



Victoria, I have searched a long time for someone like you. You are not like any other psychic I have spoken with. Your gift is truly phenomenal and unique.



Victoria, you are simply the best.



My angel Victoria, I have been having readings with you for a year now. You are so giving, honest and gentle. Your readings are so detailed and your abilities astound me every time. You are a star and my inspiration.



Hi Victoria, I had a reading with you a few months ago and just had to update you. Your abilities are absolutely amazing. Every detail happened in the way you had said it would. I am stunned, thank you so much.



Victoria, I cannot thank you enough for your reading. The detail that you provided concerning my Mother was amazingly accurate. You have given me a reason to go on, and I am so glad that I found you.



Hi Victoria, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for such an uplifting reading this evening (and every time I have spoken to you)! When I first picked up the phone tonight my whole world seemed to be crashing down around me and by the time I had finished speaking to you I felt 100 times better! You never fail to pin point the root of my problems without any prompting and help me to see my problems from a different angle. You help enormously to put my issues in perspective! You describe people in my life with such accuracy, you are a truly amazing and gifted lady! I have had readings with you at least every four-six months for the last 3 years and the outcome you see for my life has always been the same you have never waivered, you are true to your word. You are such a caring and compassionate lady, I can't tell you what a pleasure it always is to speak to you and how much better you make me feel when perhaps the rest of my world isn't looking too rosy! I am very grateful to you and would like to encourage anyone who is thinking about having a reading to give this special lady a ring, trust me, you won't regret it!!! Love 'n' light,



"Victoria is one of the very best psychics I have personally worked with?

Astrologer Patrick Arundell


Thank you for your reading on Thursday I found it most interesting. I thought I would just say I find it most interesting just how close you were to how I feel life is at present and over a telephone. It is the first time I have ever had a telephone reading and found it most amazing. I also felt very comfortable and somehow as if the reading was something I was meant to do



I do not know how to thank you. I trust you as you are accurate and genuine. You are an angel.



Thank you very much for your email reading, it has been been strangely accurate; You tell me that my dog`s head turns sideways and then he looks you straight in the eyes, it was exactly the way he did look at me, because in general he ignored other people, You were correct when you told me that ***** did have kidney failure in the end, and on his last day on earth he was very dizzy and could hardly walk anymore, he even got lost because he tried to drink from a little pond with fish in my garden, but didn`t know where he was... his body was cremated together with his favourite blanket, you mentioned another dog which was his companion in his life with me; she was a little white one with brownish specks, ******* her name was, and to my sorrow she passed away 2 months ago, i am very happy they are obviously together now the little poem you attached about the Rainbow, represents very much the connection i had with ********,it says it all, As you said, there is a new dog in my life who ******** never met, together with a dog he did live with, and indeed the new one needs a lot of attention and care, his young life he lived in the streets but is now for ever safe with me... Thank you again for the accuracy of your reading, i am very happy to know he is happy and healthy and that he knows i loved him in a very special way, The special thing that you mentioned that we did indeed do in the early evening we would always go for a walk on the beach with the sunset, so it was like the highlight of the day, because he always loved that time during the day and me too. As well up to his second birthday he loved sleeping with his back pressed against me, like a little baby, then he thought himself too mature for that...

Rachel Animal Email


I would sincerely like to thank you for your time and a wonderful reading. You have given me such hope. I feel that you are a very genuine and warm person.



Dear Victoria Thank you very much for the reading, yes I have found it very insightful, and truthfully parts hard to read without a tear falling from my eye. You are very right about all, and yes your world has made me very anxious, but somehow, with you I feel an ease and not so anxious of the spirits around me. I would be keen to explore this slowly. You are amazing for sharing your gift to help people.

Sylvia Email reading


Thank you, Victoria, for your natural warmth and compassion and your remarkable divine intelligence. Your revelations are remarkable and validated. I would recommend you to anyone, as it is like an immersion into a profound, genuine reading, unlike readings that I have had before. Thank you for never tiring to answer questions and for being there.



Victoria, I have just had to write to update you on our reading. The money that you predicted that I would receive in the first week of February did indeed arrive as you said it would. Regarding the timing on a communication that I would receive at 13.30,the person actually made contact at 13.38-(just 8 minutes out) I cannot believe your accuracy regarding this and your other predictions. You truly are a gifted lady.



Hi Victoria, I am absolutely stunned by your Email reading! It is so very accurate. The name Susan does mean 'a lily'. What you have said about ***** is what I suspected, - as you said my intuition has always told me we are soulmates, and meant to be together, and yes, the relationship has been growing for more than 10 years as you said. I have known him since I was about 18. I was hoping you would say that, now I just have to be patient and wait for it to happen! Ian is someone who is a friend in my life, and yes, he and ***** have very different personalities, as you said. I look forward to the month of March, when you say things will begin to change. I will definitely come back for a further reading in the future. Thank you so much. Love and Light


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