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      Questions & answers.

Over the years, I have received many interesting questions about my work, and also about the spirit world, so I thought that it would be a nice idea to share some of the most common ones here.

Maybe, you too have a question that you have been wondering about and if so, please get in touch and if I know the answer, I can add it to this page.








How can you do a reading without the person being present?

I have come to realise that all people and all things are always touching, always connected and not bound by time or space, the same is true with knowledge. My ability recognizes that there is no wall or distance between you and any knowledge that is important to you, so as long as I have your name, your voice, your choice of words in a letter or an e-mail to focus on, I can see you.

You are then as close to me as if you were in the same room.

Where do we go when we die?

My guide suggests that we go to the spirit realm as it is just another dimension, not one that’s thousands of miles away like you might expect.

Spirit can be around us as much as they choose, as they are only a thought away.

 Do you always see spirits?

Yes I do. 

When I am in my home and relaxing I can control it and I will just see my guide. Yet when I am out and about it is a different matter, as wherever people are, spirit will be there too . I have had to learn how to turn my volume down a little as the noise of different voices all talking at once can affect me greatly.

I always try to acknowledge those that pass me by.

 Why can I not feel the presence of my Mother around me?

Losing a loved one leaves us overwhelmed by pain and sadness and grieving can be an emotionally and physically draining process.

At times these feelings can interfere and block our spiritual receptivity. 
Spirit beings can work in many subtle ways and unless you know what to look for, you may overlook the contact.

Sometimes, you may need a little help, that’s when you may consider me.

Will I meet up with the people I dislike in the spirit world?

In the spirit world you will come together with those you love most, the people who have troubled you in life will go their own way.

However when the purpose of your life is revealed to you, you may see that the negative people were in fact messengers sent to test you for a specific reason and to enable you to evolve and learn to flower spiritually.

I am scared of dying, what will happen?

The pain of death is not as bad as we think because the spirit separates from the body at an early stage. 

The main pain is separation from our loved ones- but that’s only for those of us who live on here.

    Do animals enter the spirit world when they die?

Yes they all do, their energies change into spirit in the same way as humans do. They can reunite with their owners in the afterlife, to be looked after once more by them.


I really don’t like spider's, will I find them in the Spirit world?

I am afraid so. I have been told that we will encounter them in the Spirit realm, but I have been shown that their appearance is slightly different.

My guide calls them astral spiders and the many that I have seen running across my floors and out of the walls in my house have been white in colour and have all been small but can run very fast. I too have an irrational fear of them, but know that I will have to overcome it one day.

   If life goes on can we still have sex in the spirit world?

Although our physical bodies have been left behind, our consciousness and our spirit still live on.

The love that we feel for another will still want to be expressed and can and does take place.

The guide suggests that it is a blending of the minds instead of the body and that you do become as one with each other.

It is a mental, emotional and a spiritual act that takes us into a state of bliss.


How does the law of attraction work?

As the Buddha quote suggests

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought"

In order to achieve a happy, purposeful and productive life, you have to try to think and visualise your desires. 

If you can believe that we live in a world of thought, then our thoughts could create our experiences, we experience what we think, so it is the quality of our thoughts that create the quality of our life.

Negativity, greed, anger or spitefulness will produce negative, not positive energies.

We must give to others the qualities we want for our own life.

If you want to succeed, then you need a “Can do” as opposed to a “What if?” approach.

When someone tells you “I’ll never find a decent guy” that’s precisely what happens.

The negative energies in that statement will have the opposite effect of attraction.

    What is cosmic consciousness?

We are made up of several levels of consciousness, your higher consciousness has access to the universe and the connection between everyone and everything.

The more you develop your higher self, the more insightful and understanding you become, as you transcend yourself and look beyond the self to the universe and the bigger picture.

       Do you predict death?

I have not as yet performed a reading where my guide predicted a death that would occur by accident, it’s always been related to a health condition, known or unknown to my client.

Accidents would be hard to predict since they are just that... accidents.


How do I know you are for real?

I have been doing this work for the majority of my adult life and I am lucky enough to have a strong repeat clientele who have given me feedback on how what I have seen for them has come to pass.

If you would like, please visit my Testimonials page and confirm this for yourself. But ultimately, the only way to truly know is to have a reading of your own to find out for yourself.  

     Do you think you are being fair in charging for your services?

This is the question that saddens me the most. 

I have to be honest and say that I have feelings of guilt that I have to charge for my time but I know that if I did not do so, my work would have remained a hobby.

I would never have been able to reach and make connections with you all and this website would not be here for you to read and the charities that I assist would not benefit from me.

You see, I have all the things that you have, a home, a family and bills to pay.

You may be surprised to learn that in the early days, I used to clean houses, buildings and schools, working very early or late into the night for my pay packet because I felt that I could not take a penny from this work.

It was a hard and exhausting time and I went on like that for years, trying desperately to juggle my readings around the work. This proved impossible as I began to get more and more people wanting readings from me.

It got to the point that I just had to ask my guide the one question I had never asked before, is it wrong to do this full time for a living?

His answer to me was “what took you so long!”

I do try very hard to keep fees as low as possible for you all.

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