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Psychic Phone Reading

There are many reasons that somebody would want to consult with me for a professional psychic reading. Some people get in touch because they know they are approaching an important event in their lives and want advice about how they should proceed.

Others may feel that they need to make a dramatic change in their life and are looking for guidance on these matters.

There are also those who would like to attempt to connect to a deceased friend or family member and there are some who simply want reassurance that they are taking the right path in life.

Even if you are not sure what you want from a psychic reading you can still feel comfortable approaching me for a general reading

What I Can Do

I aim to help provide intelligent, solid, grounded information from a range of sources in a number of areas of your life:

My aim is to help with all kinds of relationship issues: family, friends, lovers, children, who they are, what kind of person they are, and what their souls are like. I can “see” who a person really is, even when they themselves are not aware of whom they are or what their issues are. If this makes you a bit uneasy, relax! I make no judgments.

I will try to clear your energetic field and make available universal loving energies that can help you heal yourself on a spiritual level.

I can examine your early years in this life for information that might help you now.

I will attempt to access your other lifetimes, identifying core decisions you made in those lifetimes, with life-changing results.

I can contact the “dead”—people who have, from our perspective, “died.” Whether they have moved on or are lingering, I can help both them and you.

I am able to look at probable/possible futures to see what might result for you depending on your choices. For example, if you are considering two job offers, I will aim to psychically look at both to see what your experiences will be with each, depending on your choices.

What You Can Expect From Me

I will  work hard to give you the very best reading that I can, and I will quickly provide information to you that I have no way of knowing , in order to put your mind at rest so you can trust in me. I will not ask any questions other your name yet I will answer anything you ask of me.

My readings tend to cover all aspects of this lifetime, and sometimes other lifetimes come up.

Generally, when I am asked to begin our reading, I start with what is happening in your life at the present moment, and we’ll look at all the various choices, opportunities and paths that are available to you right now. We will look at where these paths and choices are likely to lead to in the future, and we will take an in-depth look at the options, possibilities and probabilities. We will also go on to address any issues from the past that are impacting your present and your future joy. We will discover what are the underlying causes and issues relating to any given situation, as well as what might be the best approach to healing and overcoming them.

We can explore any of the relationships in your life and how you can make the most of your gifts, talents and abilities so that you can achieve the highest success and fulfilment.

A psychic reading can also uncover what blockages or obstacles may be on your path, and how you can heal or overcome these obstacles, or at least work with or around them.

A reading with me will always be strong, honest and empowering and never confusing for you.

What I Will Not Do

First and foremost, I will not scare you! A Psychic should NEVER tell you bad stuff. That is not what it’s about at all. It’s meant to be a positive and empowering experience where you feel better and can move forwards having more of an idea of what to expect and the good things in store.

Obviously I will pick up what’s happened in your past which may be a little negative, but helping you through it should not involve telling you anything bad. What would be the point and how would that even help you?

However,  if there is a health issue that you may need to hear about my guide will alert us to it in order to try to prevent or even remedy it.

How To Get The Best From Our Reading

The interaction between yourself and I is important to me so please try to be as honest as possible. I am not here to judge you, and the more honest your answers, the more accurate the reading I can give you.

I note during many calls that when I get to the end and ask if you have questions I find they have already been answered during the reading, but  it’s always a good idea to write some down before our call just to be sure all things are covered.

Be sure that you are comfortable and have no distractions, so that you can get the full benefit of the reading. There are times when a reading will be needed urgently, but generally it is much better to be relaxed and have time to get the best from your reading.

Please be prepared for the fact that you may not always like what you hear. I try to be as honest as possible, and sometimes that means offering information that may not be what you want to hear. Most important is your confidentiality. Rest assured that only you and I will know what is said during your reading. Respect for your privacy will never be compromised.

Remember that you control the psychic phone reading. It is your call, I am happy to work in any way you want me to.