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Animal Communication

“Until one has loved an animal,
A part of one`s soul remains un-awakened.”

 -Anatole France-

Animal communication is the ability to communicate with animals that are around us and also in the afterlife.

I became aware of this new skill when our two elderly cats passed to the spirit world within months of each-other. Since then, I have been slowly working with animals enabling this wonderful ability to grow stronger and sharper. I am now ready and so honoured to be able to offer my services to you now over the telephone.

This ability involves listening with your heart, and the sending and receiving of emotions, images, physical sensations and words.

There is a very special magic between humans and animals, a bond of unconditional love that lasts forever.

It is my goal to be able to bring you and your animal closer together, wherever they may be. My aim is to give you a greater sense of understanding about your pets, helping you to learn about how they feel, their likes, preferences and their needs.

Or maybe you wish to communicate with a beloved pet within the spirit world to ease your mind knowing they are safe and looked after.

I will provide you with accurate translation of all information, the questions you may have and all emotions that you and your animal wish to convey to each-other.

This is a very different kind of reading, offering full interaction by you and aiding you to have a conversation between you and your animal.

If you wish to book an animal communication, I will need a photograph of the animal and their name. Before our conversation takes place, I will attempt to connect with your pet to try to receive accurate information about them so that you are confident that we have established a clear link with them. To get the most out of our appointment time it might be helpful for you to think about what you would like from our communication.