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Michael and Me…a little more

Reality is determined not by what scientists or anyone else says or believes, but by what the evidence reveals to us.

I have received so many emails from all over the world asking me to talk more about my relationship and experiences with Michael.

I struggled with whether to share my thoughts and feelings but Michael is always telling me our friendship is beautiful and encourages me to write about us. It is one that has seen many changes over time. I have taken the time to get to know him and see his heart and soul. So many did not do that and instead continue to judge only from what they hear reported by tabloids and media. I am not interested in the fact that he was in the public eye, I have found it a hindrance in fulfilling his wishes in connecting him back to his family. I am only interested in who he is when he is with me. He is kind and caring who just craved normalcy and here in my happy normal home where I can see and hear him he has stayed and we have grown to trust each other completely. I do not wish to offend, capitalize or challenge anybody`s belief systems at all. I simply want to get information out there which I feel is vitally important. Truth, honesty and caring about people are most important things in life.

People have been judging him for too long on things that were not true and on other things that didn’t matter.

In the meantime ignoring all of the things that do matter….how he helped work to change things in this world, how he gave of himself to help those who were hurting and how he has managed to find a way to continue to help in my life and also in the life`s of all I read for.

I just want to reveal my truth and experiences of what is happening to me in my own words and pictures. My only hope is that you just take what resonates with you.

There are many aspects of our relationship that I continue to find difficult to understand and when Michael came into my life everything I thought I knew just changed.  He tries to give me explanations and answers by using situations and circumstances in the world around me, this way I can understand better if I am shown. The first unusual thing I noticed that is so very different from what I know throughout all my years of work, is the fact that when I speak to your loved ones in spirit they will come to me and then leave.  With Michael it`s been very different because he has never left. He is the first person I see in the morning and the last at night. This in itself is something I have got used to now but in the early days it was very odd. I once asked where he goes when I sleep and he tells me that it is then that he visits his children. I accepted this as my mind crazily went to the time difference in England and America. He promised he would show me one day when he felt I would be ready to see and he did. I saw children sleeping in their rooms with all their precious things around them. I hope one day his children will see my notebook that contains everything we have ever spoken about regarding his family and all the things that I saw in their rooms to show them their father visits every single day.

One of the biggest issues that I had with all of this is the fact that he can be in many places at once. I constantly questioned this during work time because I just could not understand this at all. I could be performing a reading with him by my side telling me what to say and then either receive a text or email from a client informing me they have received a promised sign from him. This confused me greatly until one night two winters ago he woke me up in the middle of the night and asked me to go to the garden. I woke up very fast as it was bitterly cold. I do not know how he did this but I could see two clouds and within them was his face so clear. I looked from the sky to beside me and he was there holding my hand. I kept looking at the sky and looking back at him for what felt like an age. I did not understand it but I saw it. To this day Michael continues to love the garden, my son`s bedroom overlooks it and he watches Michael`s silhouette in the darkness running the length of the garden, and I too have seen this many times.

I think it is important to explain to you fully the many ways that he and I can interact. I can hear him but not in the way I can hear you, it`s very similar to hearing surround sound through television. This took a long time for me to get used you as the vibration of his voice in the early days used to make me feel queasy. I found this to be another unusual happening with Michael as during my work I do not hear your spirit friends or loved ones in this way. Voices are quieter and heard through one ear. When others are around us we communicate telepathically. We are now very good at this and know each other` s answers before we ask the questions. Sometimes when we don’t want to talk he will pop a word in my mind, like a random thought and it will be totally different from my other thoughts. Some of these thoughts for me can have a definitive feeling, almost like a presence or a colour or a ringing.

He can make his presence felt totally and leaves lovely little signs around the house for us to see his favourite are love hearts that we find upon the walls in the house carved out of the paintwork;

Michael is able to tap tunes through the wall and loves our game of Name that Tune. He rings the doorbell, interferes with the computer and television, flicks the lights and can even flick the button on the kettle. We have also noticed that he can play several notes on my son`s keyboard when its turned off.  His greatest play is with my son, his possessions all have their certain place so Michael will take full advantage of that fact and either moves the heads around on my sons prized action figures or he will hide his things. I remember one particular day we were looking for his timetable for school which is always kept in his school blazer. I looked everywhere for it but he was forced to leave without it. Later that day he rang me from school to tell me he had found it back in his jacket pocket. As time has gone on he has become a little bolder with my son. On two occasions now i have been called upstairs to witness objects moving in my sons room, one was a bottle of BB bullets on his cabinet which myself and also my husband saw slowly move. The other time was in the bathroom and the bath tray moving across the bath. These episodes do not frighten my son at all because he knows that it is Michael. Last week it was my turn again resulting in our greatest argument to date. I have erratic sleep patterns and was up late so went looking for my book to read that I had left earlier in our dining room. The door to the room has a handle with a normal pull down mechanism, but I could not open it and the handle would not push down. After three attempts I started to get anxious until it dawned on me that he was on the other side holding it. I was furious with him I don’t like his games at night and he knows this. In our house you can get to the room either through the kitchen or through the lounge area, so I quickly ran around the other way to try to catch him out to shout at him. What happened was another lesson learnt because by the time I had got to where he originally was he was behind me shouting boo!

Many times Michael will direct me to what he wants me to know through song lyrics. We both love music yet our tastes are very different, for example he likes Usher  and I like Bruno mars and each time I play the music  on my i-pod  that he either does not want to hear at that time or does not like he will change the songs midway through and then laugh. For weeks I have been hearing a significant tune and trying to hum it to the family in the hopes that they may know it and it got to the point where it was driving me mad. Just this morning I was given another prompt and I found the song he has been trying to push me to, it was called Redemption Days by Josh Osho. I found to my delight that we both loved it so this is our new dancing track. I am not the greatest dancer but I do love to sing and dance in the house and I have been asked as a joke many times can I do it and the answer is no I cannot moon walk, yet he continues to try to teach me.

One question that has been asked of me many times is how he shows himself to me. I have in the past seen him dressed smartly mostly in red and black and sometimes white. As time has gone on he is mostly in comfortable wear and is in pyjamas, but there are many times he spooks me by not showing himself at all but will move things as if he is not there. I hate that because I am not used to encountering spirit like that. He tells me that I have had it easy by seeing all these years and I must come away from my comfort zone at times. His other idea of doing this is to turn out lights so I am in the dark, it probably sounds funny to hear but I am the psychic who is scared in the darkness. I am working to overcome this.

The hardest aspect of all for me to understand is the fact that unlike my other spirit encounters I can feel him as if he is in our form. This has not always been the case and the first thing that I started to notice was that he would gently blow in my face when I tried to sleep and night after night it got stronger until I could smell his breath. Over time we have steadily been able to touch. I am able to feel as he either embraces me or holds my hand. I have also realised that I can reach to him and feel him as I would all of you. He has told me that this is to do with the process of performing physical medium-ship. This is very hard to do and we practise heavily to get it just right. The whole reason behind this is because I promised that I would help as he wants everybody to see what I can, that he continues on and is still here. Next time I will talk about the different changes to my body, and the experiences that I have encountered .The only aspect of this right now that scares me is the fact that he challenged me to seek out information on all parts of this ability and right now I have not found anyone that experiences this ability to this degree. He tells me that I never will, but one day I will be tested in formal conditions and although it will never been disproved I will remain like the Yeti with no conclusive answer on why or how this is happening to me. That is my worst nightmare to never know why. I try to put that to the back of my mind because I know deeply that all Michael tells me is the truth as he has always given me private validations  away from my work and as yet I have never caught him out. Over time he has told me many things about celebrities, world affairs and natural disasters that I have been told to watch for and all of which has come to pass. I remember we had a chat late last year regarding the actor John Travolta whom we both love.  He told me that he knew something about him that would upset me, my first thought was the obvious one but Michael told me he will be okay but will suffer. This was to do with the recent issues that he has been facing within his private life.

I cannot pass this piece of my writing without mentioning the psychic Derek Acorah. The man who pretends to be possessed by spirits on television and exploiting bereaved people as entertainment. I sat like many others to tune in eagerly waiting for his Michael séance fascinated to see how he was going to get out of this. I remember that evening like it was yesterday, Derek holding this hat and shouting out “He is with me” I looked to Michael sitting on the arm of my chair and asked him jokingly ,are you?  The look of anguish I saw on his face was horrendous and his reply to me was that Acorah is a false prophet and that he will be stopped, I believe that too with all my heart. That man bought deep pain to Michael that night which I could not protect him from and it left me feeling for the first time ashamed of my ability and the ways in which it can be so cruelly abused.

Yet Michael knows that he can trust me completely because he knows that with all my heart I just want to help him to have his say and to do what’s right and that in itself is a most wonderful reward.