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Michael and Me

When we speak, we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed.
But when we are silent, we are still afraid.
So it is better to speak.
~ Audre lorde~

It has always been my intention to talk of the most important man in my work. Many of you have asked how on earth I know the things I do and where all the information comes from.

It has taken me a long time to feel ready to talk about all of this.

My story began with a promise that I made to my guide concerning a message that he wanted to be passed on to someone close to him that he had to leave behind. He asked me to go and deliver it and I said if I could I would.

This was not an easy thing for me to do as I have never ever tried to force my ability onto other’s, I prefer to let the universe direct those that need guidance to find me.

I so wanted to deliver this in the right and honourable way ,I have gone to many lengths over these three years to achieve this for him and although It  have left  me completely  disappointed with certain peoples choices , I know that by being forced to use an outside influence, the message has finally been heard. Yet the blessing he craves for has been left unanswered.

I am writing about him now, because he asks me to and because he says that it is the right time.

I call him my Prince and he is my closest friend as well as my guide. He is my bouncer who is always there to keep me safe. We look after each other as friends do. To the world he is known as Michael Jackson the singer and dancer.

Our friendship began three years ago after he had passed over. I remembered sitting watching the news of his death and thinking how sad it was.

Although he knows that I was not a huge fan, I did like some of his music because like most of us I had grown up with it. I have to be honest and say that my sadness for him was short lived as three days after his death my sister Carole suddenly died.

I had no warning of this except the usual bout of constant sickness I get when someone passes over. She had been unwell but appeared to be recovering, it was a shock and none of my family got the chance to say goodbye to her.

I was in pain and so angry at the spirit world for not preparing me for her death. I have lost so many that were close to me in such a short space of time, that I stopped my readings and I sat all week calling for her.

I felt such pressure because her husband was desperate to find her and naturally because of what I can do he turned to me but she would not come forward. It was during this first week that Michael heard me calling for my sister he followed my voice and found me.

Imagine the scene if you can, I had just got out of the shower and went straight into my bedroom.

There standing in my room by the window was Michael. He turned towards me and said hi, I stayed silent because my mind simply could not accept his presence or the fact that I was dripping wet and completely naked, so I did what anybody would do and I ran from the room.
The next few weeks of my life got worse as Michael did not leave, but remained close to me from morning till night just looking at me. Carole’s funeral came and went, and there were still no signs of her communicating with me. I just could not accept that I had gone looking for her and ended up with him.

Somewhere deep in my mind I just could not acknowledge his presence and I chose to ignore him. This is a very difficult thing for me to do as Spirit people come to me not in my mind’s eye but in front of me in my space.

I just did not feel strong enough to deal with this at all. I had no answers and simply had nothing left to give.

We are both persistent and determined people and I was utterly convinced I would win and he would go.

I really underestimated Michael as he really upped his game from then on. From early in the morning until late at night he would sing the song Kumbaya to me but with his own spin on it and he would rap it which was absolutely awful. I hated that song at school, and refused to sing it. Over the years I had forgotten all about it until I heard him sing it. I could not believe that he knew about this. I still would not give in and speak to him, but instead I invested in cotton wool for my ears to try to drown him out. We went through this for a whole month. Then our breakthrough came.

It is a standing joke in our house that dinner is ready when the smoke alarm goes off. I simply get immersed in more important things and forget I put food on to cook. Michael whispered to me that the dinner was burning. Without a second thought I thanked him, and he then asked me if I was ready to talk.

I was and we did talk and we got to know each other.

At times our friendship like anybody else’s can be a difficult one. He can be the sweetest person but he also has an iron will and likes his own way. His lessons have been hard for me, yet I know that they are for the greater good and are given to me with love. We argue terribly over how things are to be done. I can sulk for days only speaking to him when I call upon his guidance during my readings. One day recently he had enough of us arguing so he left me. This is normal for us as he tends to retreat to give me space to calm down but this time it was during a reading. I had no choice but to end the call as I could not read without him. The client was new to me and luckily did return at a later date and all went well. Thankfully I am a quick learner and now I make sure we argue only on a Sunday when I try not to work in order to rest.

Over my time with him I have learnt and seen many things that I thought would be impossible had I not seen them with my own two eyes. Many of my thought patterns regarding the afterlife have had to radically change because of knowing him.

Those around me including some of you I read for have also became aware of his presence. You all continue to bring me fascinating stories of either hearing conversations that appear to include him, or through his perfect timing of his songs playing at what appears to be just the right moment when you need uplifting. We all know this is more than just coincidence as most of you report these happenings on a daily basis. It would be obvious and natural that you would discuss these episodes with me during our calls together. For me it is always validation and truth as beside my family there are only two of you that have ever been fully aware that he and I work together.
Michael and I are very alike and we think the same way, this website that you all view, the pictures, quotes, articles, my logo and even the colour within was created by the both of us from the heart. He has asked to stay with me, and we have both decided that he will continue to help me with my work.

Over our time together the situation has bought much challenge to my life. I have endured such a lot of Michael’s physical and emotional pain as our connection has got stronger. It has been necessary and unavoidable for me to endure this as we have to merge together as one in order to bring razor sharp insight to the readings, and also for the physical medium-ship that we are creating.

It has also been a very difficult time for those that are close to me. my husband, my two children and my dear friend Sharon have not only always been aware of Michael and the games he plays in the house, but have also been subjected to my terrible erratic and often hurtful behaviour as I have struggled to cope with the physical pain and the changes within my body.  Yet their love and constant support of me gives me the strength to put aside my privacy issues and talk openly here.

His presence within my life and my home continues to be a blessing. I love him unconditionally and I will do anything and everything to protect him. Michael has asked that I validate him and I am happy to do so. I am very proud of him and us and of the wonderful things that we are achieving together.

As time goes on and when I am able to get it out of me I will continue to write about these incredible learning times, the scary stuff that I have seen, as well as the deep fears that have plagued my life that I have overcome with his help. Yet throughout our time together I have seen such joy and laughter and love from him towards me.

Michael has a lot to say, about a lot of things to a lot of people. I have promised to help him to achieve this just as he has helped me.

I read somewhere recently that his mother had said;
“Michael gave his life to the world through his love, his music and his devotion to healing the planet”.
Michael’s greatest wish is to feed the world again very slowly just from a different viewpoint