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Light a Candle

A solitary candle brings light in the darkness
Like a beacon in the night, the flame will burn bright
And guide us on our way.

For centuries, people around the world have lit candles.
Lighting a candle can be a way of focusing on our thoughts intentions and prayers.
During times of challenge or sorrow.
As a way of healing the past.
Bringing hope for the future.
Or for our loved ones who we remember and wish to honour their lives.
Make a memory with me.
Here you can light a candle for a wish,
A Hope or a memory
That you want to keep alive

I know you are both up there together and trying to help my family situation. Thank you xxx Elaine


For my life to be stirred in the right direction and for everything to settle. For me and my child to find a proper home, to find another job before my current notice period ends and to find love.



Wendy thinking of you everyday, miss you lots. Your are loved so much. The lights are all on for you to come and sit by them in your home xxxxx


It's been raining in my heart since the day we parted. May we find the courage to love each other, against all odds. May the rainbow appear again….


I pray that Stephen will apologise for his recent behaviour and bring me some closure – words can cripple me and I am struggling with the things that were said. I also hope he knows who is telling him the truth, who was on his side, and understands the betrayal he's caused in allowing too many people to falsely gossip about me. I don't deserve it



Hi Michael, this candle is for you! I've recently been on the receiving end of people thinking and saying things about me which are not true and it's really saddened me, I have no idea how you must have felt to be on the receiving end of such evil lies. I pray that your name is cleared one day and may everyone know the truth. RIP xxx



Happy Birthday Michael Always in our hearts xxx



To Pan , you are never alone, I love you. xx



MJ1 Happy 58th Mike … 1958 – Forever :)



Happy birthday Michael


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