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Light a Candle

A solitary candle brings light in the darkness
Like a beacon in the night, the flame will burn bright
And guide us on our way.

For centuries, people around the world have lit candles.
Lighting a candle can be a way of focusing on our thoughts intentions and prayers.
During times of challenge or sorrow.
As a way of healing the past.
Bringing hope for the future.
Or for our loved ones who we remember and wish to honour their lives.
Make a memory with me.
Here you can light a candle for a wish,
A Hope or a memory
That you want to keep alive


Happy Birthday Mike :))))))))) xxxxxx

Lyndsay & George


Happy Birthday Michael Enjoy you special day with family and loved ones. Don’t forget to make a wish.. Love Sharon X



Vic Was just thinking of you, as I do- just to let you know I think you are simply AMAZING X


I pray for physical and spiritual healing in my life that I may be able to go out into the world again to help those that need help wherever God directs me to go



To my darling little girl, Easter.. Free as the wind.. Healthy, beautiful.Thank you for giving me such joy, such love, devotion, protection and loyalty.. Rest.., till we meet and love again. Mummy



Vic xxx For all that you are and everything you do and stand for Lots of love Sharon X



For Michael Never forgotten. Forever loved. Always in my heart Thinking of you today and always Lots of love and Sharon X


Vic and MJ

To Vic & MJ Just to say I love you lots and sending you hugs X



For my dog Millie. I'm ok Millie.Its ok Millie to Run free. I will look for your signs when you are ready. I love you so so much xxxxx



For my mum x


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