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Did You Know?

People often think that a psychic phone reading cannot possibly be as accurate as a face to face reading.

This assumption would be wrong as it is often even better.

The benefits of a phone reading are:

  • It can be more convenient for you to sit comfortably in your own home rather than travelling to mine. Some people (particularly when distressed) prefer the security of their own environment, and would feel awkward and uncomfortable coming to me for a face-to-face psychic reading
  • Readings can be done immediately when you want them – without having to make travel plans. Travelling can also be distressful, not to mention time consuming and expensive.
  • Many of my clients have said that they prefer phone readings as it gives them anonymity and they feel more confident and able to be much more open with me. It also offers clients some discretion and confidentiality for when they prefer their privacy form family and friends, when you would rather not share the knowledge of your reading.
  • During face to face readings, psychics are often thought to be cold reading clients. It is possible through power of observation, to glean information in this way. It is also very easy to pick up on body language and facial expressions, which could influence a reading. None of these distractions exist with a telephone reading, allowing me to rely totally on my clairvoyance. From the minute I first hear your voice my mind is clear and ready to focus totally on you, without any other influences.

Over the years I have developed many rewarding and personal relationships with clients who seek my advice on a regular basis, all from the comfort of their own home.

No matter where you are in the world our connection will be there.