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Recently I was asked by a client what my beliefs were and what I have learnt at this point in my spirituality.

I believe that God is both male and female, because we have been created in their image. I believe that I have the right to follow my God, in a way that is true to my spirit.

I believe you have that right too, even if your God is different from mine. I believe that God and I have arranged a plan for my life, even if I do not consciously know that plan. I believe that God will place the people and situations into my life that I need to gain spiritual growth and that spiritual growth is always a part of God’s plan for me, even if that growth must come from a painful place.

I believe that we live several lives and that we do so willingly and happily because we know that each lifetime is a chance for our spirits to expand and grow. I believe in the laws of karma – whatever I place into the world will come back to me. If I put out negativity, I will attract negativity. If I put out love and light, I will receive love and light in return.

I believe that God gave each and every one of us spiritual gifts and that these were given to us so that we could share them with the world. I believe that my prayers are always heard, even if they are not answered, and that if prayers go unanswered it is simply because they were not in my best interest.

I believe that God is always loving and giving – he is never mean or vengeful and that God expects us to make mistakes and poor choices – how else would we learn the right choices? I believe that God will repeat certain lessons if they are not learned the first time around and feel that repeating these experiences is necessary, and that once we learn what is needed from them we will change the patterns in our lives.

I believe that as we grow spiritually, aspects of our lives will change, including our relationships with family and friends. Regardless of whether you are strengthening or breaking a relationship, be thankful for the lessons this person taught you, even if they were learned through negative dealings. The lessons we learn through our relationships are priceless, and they should always be appreciated.

I believe that we never take wrong turns in life, only scenic detours and that these detours are always placed in our lives to prepare us for what is coming. These detours always bring us back to our true spiritual path more enlightened and focused on our ultimate life goals. I believe that you are the best because God doesn’t design anything but the best, you have only to accept it in order to receive its benefits.

I Have Learned…..

To always question.

That life is a journey without end.

That two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different.

That just one person saying to me, “you’ve made my day!”  makes my day.

Sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.

It is not what you have in your life but who you have in your life that counts.

Time and health are far more precious than gold.

It is those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular.

That there is a lot more to learn.