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Uniting Two Worlds – Life and After…. Life

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Being a Psychic Medium – My World

As a psychic

I work with my world in a different way to others. Everything is energy which is in purposeful motion, I am ever watchful of the movement and I listen to all shifts in the energy around me, including subtle signs, fleeting images and inner knowledge.
To me it is as natural as breathing, I have learned to sense, see, feel, hear, smell and taste all the energies that are around me.

As a medium

I aim to give you proof of survival of your loved ones after death, and demonstrate that not only does the life essence continue, but that memory persists as well as self-awareness. I can provide comfort to you and help you to move forward.

Being a professional psychic medium is the best feeling in the world. A lot of hard work, energy and love goes into every day and every call.
I never ever forget that there is a huge difference between giving readings and giving good readings. There isn`t a moment that goes by that I am not aware that my words affect someone else’s life.

I have been blessed to meet so many incredible people through my work, and now have so many rewarding and special friendships with each and every one of you. Reading for you all is truly the best gift life has given me. I wish to thank all of you for our experiences together.